It’s Humpday Already

I’m hoping that it’s gonna be a good, good, day…

Waiting for the sun to wake up too...

The BEST Muffins :D

Look at that muffin top! Ooey, gooey, berry pockets... Mmm!

New Combo, Just Do It ;)

Beautiful Peach

Oh yeah, now that's a power breakfast= fiber + protein!

Perfect Summer Weather B-)


I’m headed out to another training this morning…  Don’t worry, I made sure to get all the correct details this time so driving time should be minimal [unlike yesterday] 😉

I ♥ Labs!


Question:  What are your plans for today?

Question:  What’s your favorite muffin?

— Life's a Bowl


Whatcha Think?

  1. Those peaches look great! I’m also so glad it’s Wednesday – vacation next week!

    • Life's a Bowl says:

      They’re perfectly ripe! So glad I got a case from Costco :) Ah, jealous about vacation… I go back to school on Tuesday [first year teaching], gah!

  2. OMG THAT PUPPY. so cute. My favorite muffin is the one I’m currently stuffing my face, zucchini chocolate!

    • Life's a Bowl says:

      Isn’t it a doll?! I want one really bad! But we’re gonna wait till we get a bigger place- for the time being, I’m scoping out smaller, fluffy puppies :) Mmm, those sound delicious! I’ve never made zucchini muffins but I love the vegetable and anything with chocolate is hard to turn down 😉

Whatcha Think?