22 While 22

LAB has a new [page] addition…  22 While 22!

P.S.  D.C.’ers, what’s up with all of this crazy weather?!  Earlier this morning the sky was pink, around noon it started raining cats and dogs, later afternoon it was sunny, and tonight it’s raining cats and dogs AGAIN!


Rain, rain, go away, PLEASE don’t come back another day!

— Life's a Bowl


Whatcha Think?

  1. I agree–what IS up with this weather?! I got caught in the thunderstorm tonight, but the funny thing is that it didn’t phase me because it’s happened multiple times during the past month! Haha

    I love your 22 While 22 page! You have a lot of fun adventures awaiting! xoxo

    • Life's a Bowl says:

      Ahhh no fun… I got stuck in the downpour this morning! My [suede] flats were drenched and were soggy all day… Lovely :S

      Thanks- let’s hope I can follow through with them all!

Whatcha Think?