Sleep, Eat, Work, Repeat

My life lately has been very routine: sleep, eat, teach, workout [if there’s time], meet with wedding vendors, and REPEAT.


I didn’t sleep very well last night [IDK why] and woke up at 4AM.  Unable to fall back asleep, I decided to start my day a couple of hours earlier than usual and make the most of the extra time.  I hopped into the shower, got dressed, packed lunch for Ryan and I, made tasty breakfast, caught up on emails, and tidied up the apartment.

On my way out the door I made a cup of coffee to-go but ended up wearing most of it not drinking it [FAIL].  Luckily, I had a few minutes to spare and made a second cup…


The past couple of weeks I’ve been stressing out because I have to begin collecting evidence.  No, not criminal evidence, rather evidence in the form of work samples from my students for the state assessment.  My students do not participate in the general state assessments, rather they complete an alternative assessment that portrays their work in a portfolio format…  So over the next month I have about 40 mini projects to collect, complete, and submit!

My lunches the past two days have looked pretty similar, the main difference being the protein on top of my salad [ham yesterday, tuna today]…

After school I swung by the gym for a quick sweat session before Ryan and I drove up to Maryland to meet with another potential wedding vendor.  How else do future married couples spend their evenings?  On the way home we stopped by the Teet to pick up a few groceries [specifically, Fresca] so we didn’t get home until after 8PM which meant dinner needed to be simple, yet satisfying…

I’ve been awake for over 17 hours and I’m pooped.  It’s time to end my day on a sweet note with a bowl of ice cream + cereal [tastes just like a crushed up waffle cone!] and call it a day…  Good night!

“The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.”

~ Anna Quindlen

Daily Memorable Moment February 28:  I found out that 2 of my students will be transferring to a new school within the next 2 weeks…

Question:  What’s the tastiest breakfast you’ve enjoyed lately?

Question:  Do you typically pack your lunch or go out?

— Life's a Bowl


Successes Sunday {Week 8}

Goood eveninggg!  Sorry I’ve been MIA the past week but between having the procedure done on Monday, work, and wedding planning, my free time has been limited and the few spare moments I have had, I goofed around with Ryan, caught up with friends, or squeezed in a quick sweat session in at the gym…


BUT it’s a new week and I have a few exciting wedding updates to share!

-We booked a DJ…  Chris Laich

-I found THE DRESS…  Liancarlo

***This is not THE DRESS but it is an example of Liancarlo’s beautiful dresses***


-We met with a florist and chose our colors…  Pinks and orange


-Ryan chose his tux


-We met with a few photographers and were impressed by their backgrounds and portfolios

-We chose and ordered our save the date cards and wedding invitations… Tag & Company

To say that the past 7 days have been busy would be an understatement…  The past 7 days have been PACKED yet very PRODUCTIVE 😀  In sum…  Wedding planning = hard work!  We have a few more consultations this week and weekend with florists and photographers and have decided to hold off on meeting with bakers and the caterer until after we choose the other vendors.  


Successes Sunday

1.  Listen to my body.

My body has been in a complete funk since the liquid diet on Sunday and the procedure on Monday.  I have had little energy and nothing sounded better than relaxing on the couch and getting caught up in trashy reality shows.  I didn’t make it to the gym as often as I usually do but relaxation was what my body needed…

2.  Save money.

I didn’t do much shopping this week other than for groceries [and for the wedding].  I have been consistently cutting coupons from the circular on Saturday’s and keeping track of sales at our local grocery stores…  If I were to guess, I’ve saved about $15 or more each grocery trip!

3.  Train Charlie.

Everyday Ryan and I are laughing at something Charlie does!  For example, one of his favorite games is to “get dressed.”  When Ryan and I went to NYC, Charlie stayed at the PetsHotel.  We were advised to send in a couple of his favorite toys, as well as something that smelled like us so we sent him with one of Ryan’s undershirts.  Much to our surprise the shirt was returned in it’s original condition- we were convinced that it would get completely shredded!  Well since returning home, Ryan has been “dressing” Charlie in the shirt!  He has a great time rolling around and trying to get himself untangled…  It’s quite the sight!

P.S.  How does a food related post sound for tomorrow?  Sounds good to me!

Daily Memorable Moments

February 26:  Ryan ordering his tux and choosing and ordering our save the date cards and wedding invitations!

February 27:  It was my first day collecting evidence from my students for VAAP’s [Virginia Alternative Assessment Program]…

Question:  Enough about me, what have YOU been up to?!

Question:  What are your two favorite colors?  Would you choose them for your wedding?  Pink and lime green are my two faves…

— Life's a Bowl