Working Hard

Working hard is hard work.


Daily Memorable Moment April 17:  Amid all the chaos, great things are happening 😀

Question:  What’s your biggest motivator?

Question:  Complete the sentence: eating a/an __________ a day keeps the doctor away!

— Life's a Bowl


Whatcha Think?

  1. Well, I guess eating an APPLE a day keeps the doctor away…but eating a piece of chocolate a day keeps the therapist away :) Glad to hear things are going wonderfully! You sound so happy!

  2. disneyscooterrentals says:

    My family is my greatest motivator I need to share this in FB! So cool! People tend to forgot this important things when everything is in order.

  3. disneyscooterrentals says:

    I need to bookmark this! To remind me of things that are important and that is my family.

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  4. Eating a SALAD a day keep the doctor away! :)

Whatcha Think?