Sleepy Momma, Perky Puppy

Happy hump day!  We’re already halfway through the week…  I think we should have 3-day weekends more often :)

Daily Memorable Moments

May 29:  Despite the buckets of water that fell from the sky, I enjoyed a night downtown wining, dining, and meeting new people!

May 30:  Today we had our last IEP meeting of the school year- woohoo!

Question:  What do you pack for lunch?  Salad?  Sandwich?  Snacks?  I’m in need of some inspiration…

Question:  What’s your weirdest habit?

— Life's a Bowl


Whatcha Think?

  1. Marcee .... ILLINOIS says:

    You and Charlie are adorable! He looks so happy.

    Garbage salads (whatever you love) are great for lunch. Very filling. Salad must be kept very cold though.

    Sweetened up a bit with sliced beets, and a few raisins is delicious. Nuts too if you can eat those. When making garbage salads at home, green (with avacado + lotsa green stuff …. puree in blender) goddess dressing is just plain good. Make the meal extra special w/a slice of rye or honey wheat bread from Great Harvest!

    A weird (+bad) habit is eating out of the fridge @ 2 or 3:00 a.m. in the morn after I let our poochie out in the backyard for a you-know-what. It does not have to be a lot …. justalittlebit. For comfort.

    Sooo, this week it was sweet pickles + a slice of american cheese + a few purple grapes. One night I ate a bit of mashed potatoes w/ketchup! Ha.

    Also, if I have leftover oatmeal, I will warm that up, top with a few blueberries or any fresh fruit + a splash of real maple syrup. There is always something yummy to eat. That is the problem! Even a few bites of leftover (homemade!) cheesecake will keep me happy until breakfast!

    • Life's a Bowl says:

      Thanks! I love garbage salads- that’s been my go-to dinner lately [lots of veggies + some type of protein + a side of carbs such as crackers and hummus] :) Luckily Charlie sleeps through the night and I’m not much of a middle of the night eater, but I sure do love pickles so if I were, I bet those would be a go-to staple for me too 😛

Whatcha Think?