Two LAB Newbies

Our apartment is clean, we spent time with our friends, groceries were purchased, Ryan skated, I went to the gym, laundry got washed and dried, food for the week has been prepped, we slept in, and we’ve enjoyed a fire every night…Β  It definitely has been a productive and relaxing weekend!

Rather than sharing a post, I’ll save my weekend eats, treats, and adventures for tomorrow and direct y’all to check out 2 new pages that were added today:

Faces of LAB

23 While 23

P.S.Β  Charlie was a pooped puppy Friday night after a long day at camp…Β  Probably from too many games of tag πŸ˜‰



Question:Β  Has the winter-like weather arrived in your town?

Question:Β  What’s one thing you do on the weekend to prep for the upcoming week?

— Allison