Weekend Happenings: Naked & Skyfall


cinnamon raisin pancakes topped with Chobani + peanut butter frosting + shredded unsweetened coconut

discovered the office gym during lunch

pink pedi

first time trying Naked Pizza = YUM!

artichokes + jalapenos + mushrooms + olives + roasted red peppers + spinach

snap, crackle, pop


turkey bacon, mushroom + spinach scramble topped with salsa, & Van’s waffles topped with banana + feta + pistachios + shredded unsweetened coconut

45 minutes spinning & 45 minutes TNT training

 kamut cereal + Banana Choco Chip VitaTop + banana + shredded unsweetened coconut + Silk Light Vanilla soymilk


cinnamon pancakes topped with cinnamon Chobani + peanut butter frosting + apple butter + fresh sweetened cranberries

ruby red grapefruit

Jame Bond Skyfall [it. was. awesome!]

such a sweepy buddy

Unpictured weekend happenings: watching Life As We Know It, a piping hot bowl of chocolate chip peanut butter banana oats for breakfast, a massage, a new iPhone, apartment cleaning, and grocery shopping…


…and tomorrow is a holiday [in honor of Veteran’s Day today].  In the morning I’m meeting a girlfriend for a walk but I’m not sure what Ryan and I will do in the afternoon.  Peanut Butter Cereal Brownies sound enticing 😉  Hip, hip, hooray for 3-day weekends!



Question:  Do you have a 3-day weekend?

Question:  Are you a Bond fan?  I am all about chicky flicky movies but I also enjoy a good action movie [with cute actors] now and then!

— Life's a Bowl


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  1. anna christina says:

    I wish I had a 3 day weekend! I’ve heard that is the best Bond movie yet. My husband and I saw Flight last weekend. It was good but not as good as I expected.

  2. This looks like such a great weekend, both foodwise and otherwise :) I’m a huge fan of pancakes and waffles, so that’s a win in my book! I love that movie Life as We Know it, too- so good. Wish I had a 3-day weekend but tomorrow is back to the grind for me.

  3. Dang girl, look at those guns! 😉 And all your breakfasts look delicious!

  4. Looks like such an awesome weekend! And is that your puppy?! Omigosh cutest face ever! I really want to see Skyfall, so it’s great to hear that it was a good one. Hope you enjoy your day off tomorrow 😀

  5. I mean really girl.. can your meals look anymore delicious???!!! Glad to hear your having such a great weekend :)

  6. That pizza looks amazing! I have never heard of Naked Pizza..is it a chain restaurant??

  7. that pizza looks so good, i need to get me some naked pizza asap. want to join? i’m jealous you have today off – enjoy it on my behalf please!

  8. I saw that feta waffle combo on IG and couldn’t decide if that sounded amazing or not… I think I’ve landed on amazing. How can you go wrong with a sweet/salty combo?! Strange but good for sure!

    • Definitely strange but good, I love sweet + salty! Strawberries + feta is a good combo, I bet that would be tasty with a drizzle of honey and some Greek yogurt on top of waffles 😉

  9. I love the savory waffles. I have a recipe on my blog for that exact combo and it is def one of my favorites. Greek yogurt is also one of my favorites-Have you tried smoked salmon? I think you’d really enjoy that on the waffles too! (I had it for dinner last night LOL)

    • Sweet + savory is one of my favorite combos! It was a split-decision between Greek yogurt or feta… I’ve never tried smoked salmon on waffles, I’ll have to keep it in mind!

  10. There is a Naked Pizza spitting distance (aka across the street) from where I live in Chicago! I haven’t tried it yet but have really wanted to!! Glad you liked it!


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