WIAW: Letting the Pictures Talk

Howdy, howdy happy hump day!  I woke up at 4AM today [for no reason] and have been go-go-go ever since so my brain is a bit fried and my belly is rumbling for dinner…  I’ll let the pictures do the talkin’ 😉

Charlie loves Chobani [licking the lid]

Breakfast: apple,  eggs + mozzarella + TJ’s Greek yogurt guacamole + salsa, and Van’s waffles + PB2 frosting + apple butter + raisins

Lunch: fresh veggie salad, pear, TJ’s frozen pizza, and a Semi-Homemade Cho Brownie

Snack: apple and a parfait with sweetened Cho + super spicy pumpkin seeds + kamut puffs

Pickles while prepping dinner [and a make-shift band aid]

Dinner: veggie packed spicy salad, TJ’s chicken veggie dumplings with a spicy peanut sauce, and rice cakes + hummus + TJ’s Greek yogurt guacamole

Dessert: a big bowl of mixed cereals + shredded unsweetened coconut + Silk Light Vanilla soymilk

Thanks Jenn for hosting another week of What I Ate Wednesday [WIAW]!

P.S.  Whatchall think of the new look?!  I’m definitely very happy with it and so far the transition has been pretty smooth, not too many glitches.  I did notice that some of the comments y’all wrote are missing- I receive a notification via email every time someone comments but when I check the site, they’re not there?  They’re not pending, nor in the spam folder, hm…  Sorry if your comment is missing, it wasn’t intentionally deleted!

Question:  What’s been the tastiest eat or treat you’ve had today?

Question:  What’s your go-to quick dinner?  It’s 8PM and I have nooo clue what I want!

— Allison


Whatcha Think?

  1. Love the new look, girl! The color scheme is great 😀 And I can completely relate to waking up super early for no apparent reason. I don’t usually get up at 4 anymore, but 5 has been pretty common lately. I usually don’t mind because I love the early mornings, but I really wish my body would sleep in on the days where I don’t get into bed until 1 or so… lack of sleep tends to catch up with me pretty quick and I become a zombie.

    • Thanks! My two fave colors, definitely bright but totally me 😛 And I completely agree about sleeping in the days I get to bed later- I am a morning person but I also don’t function well without sleep!

  2. Love the new look girl. It looks great!! I may be getting sleep every night, but don’t think for a second I haven’t been waking up early. I actually woke up at 4 yesterday morning as well and just couldn’t seem to stop myself from feeling the need to get a million and one things accomplished.

    Anyways, as always your meals look mighty good (haha did I really just say “mighty”??). I always think that we eat very similar. When I visit the states can we please make a ridiculous amount of pancakes,.. maybe eat them for oh you know breakfast, lunch & dinner?? :)

    • Early to bed, early to rise! That’s totally fine with me but sometimes it catches up to me when I get to bed later than I’d like… I don’t function well without sleep 😛 Haha I’ll definitely take you up on that MIGHTY fine offer!

  3. as I said, I will be stalking your eats this break to get some inspiration. delicious to say the least

  4. I think you love Trader Joe’s as much as I do!! I’m obsessed with that reduced guilt greek yogurt guac! I’m telling you…no lie…I could probably down the whole container in one sitting!

    • I heart TJ’s hardcore! I don’t think that I’ve tried anything that I’m not a fan of and love that there are so many more things to try, they’re always getting new products!

Whatcha Think?