No Excuse Good Enough

It’s far too easy to make an excuse.


I forgot a sports bra.  I forgot socks.  I forgot bobby pins.

My feet hurt.  My legs hurt.  My arms hurt.

My quads ache.  My knees ache.  My shoulders ache.

I have too much to do.  I don’t have time.  I don’t want to.


Yesterday was one of those days.  I woke up at the crack of dawn, worked straight through the day, and nothing sounded better than crashing on the couch immediately after I left work.  While driving home I was brainstorming every possible excuse why I couldn’t workout.


I forgot a sports bra.  I was sore from TNT on Tuesday.  Ryan was stuck at work late and Charlie was home alone.  And once I got to the gym I busted my knee pretty badly [on the bathroom door- yup, I tried to open the door for someone and failed. miserably. failed] but no excuse was good enough.


After 60 minutes on the treadmill + the spin bike + abs I felt better than I had all day…  It was like I had sweat out the excuses.


Now if only I could remember how good I felt last night every day I start rambling off excuses 😉

Question:  How do you get yourself to workout on an excuse-filled day?

Question:  What’s your favorite motivational quote?

— Allison