No Excuse Good Enough

It’s far too easy to make an excuse.


I forgot a sports bra.  I forgot socks.  I forgot bobby pins.

My feet hurt.  My legs hurt.  My arms hurt.

My quads ache.  My knees ache.  My shoulders ache.

I have too much to do.  I don’t have time.  I don’t want to.


Yesterday was one of those days.  I woke up at the crack of dawn, worked straight through the day, and nothing sounded better than crashing on the couch immediately after I left work.  While driving home I was brainstorming every possible excuse why I couldn’t workout.


I forgot a sports bra.  I was sore from TNT on Tuesday.  Ryan was stuck at work late and Charlie was home alone.  And once I got to the gym I busted my knee pretty badly [on the bathroom door- yup, I tried to open the door for someone and failed. miserably. failed] but no excuse was good enough.


After 60 minutes on the treadmill + the spin bike + abs I felt better than I had all day…  It was like I had sweat out the excuses.


Now if only I could remember how good I felt last night every day I start rambling off excuses 😉

Question:  How do you get yourself to workout on an excuse-filled day?

Question:  What’s your favorite motivational quote?

— Allison


Whatcha Think?

  1. Story of my life everyday. Somehow, I find a way to get out of exercising, even though I know how much better I feel after that fact. I always remind myself how much better I’ll feel afterwards, but sometimes, it just doesn’t work! Ugh! So…I don’t have an inspiring quote, other than seeing what kind of other exercises other have been doing, and thinking about how exercise will get me what I want in the long long run. haha!

  2. I first try to figure out if I’m coming up with excuses because my body needs a rest day, or if I’m just being lazy. If it’s the latter, I tell myself I’ll just put on gym clothes and go walk/do something super easy. By the time I’m dressed and in the gym, I rarely on do that easy workout–I’m ready to go all out!

    • True! Rest days are just as important… It definitely helps if I’m already in my workout clothes to get myself to the gym and most days that’s what I’m wearing, it’s either work clothes or comfy gym clothes 😛

  3. thats why i am a fitness instructor. To get paid to get my butt out of bed and in a good mood lickety split! hehe

  4. I think the best part is that you can just do 10 minutes and that can lift the mood. I think it is something where you need to find that balance of what part of you really needs rest and what part of you needs a quick kick in the rear.

    • That’s true! I think people oftentimes get caught up in thinking they need to do a certain amount each day or week… Rest days and easy days are just as important for our bodies [and minds]!

  5. Love this. I am definitely bookmarking this post for the days when I need a little extra motivation!

  6. i think my favorite quote is, “you only regret the runs you don’t go on” or something to that effect but i also love the one you have above about being one workout away from a good mood. i seriously always walk out of the gym feeling about a bajillion (that’s a legit number – i’m a math teacher so i should know) times better than i did when i walked in. especially when i have a really good strength session…something about lifting leaves me feeling like a badass.

    • I’ve heard a quote like that before, I like! And I always feel a gazillion times better after a sweat session too- I wonder, is gazillion bigger than bajillion? I’ll challenge you on that 😉

  7. Without a doubt, my favorite inspirational quote is:

    Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure… than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat. ” -Teddy Roosevelt

  8. The ‘whether you think you’re wrong or right’ quote is actually one of my favorite ones. I usually find that the most difficult part of any workout is winning the mental battle… and that’s especially true when you’re trying to do some kind of steady state cardio. If my motivation is feeling all wonky, I usually try to figure out if it’s because I’m feeling lazy, or if it’s because my body legitimately needs a rest. If it’s all in my head then I tell myself to just go get moving for 5 or 10 minutes… something easy… and then I usually find that once I start, I want to keep going.

    • I completely agree, rest days are definitely important and needed! Most of the time I have no trouble getting to the gym, but those few days that I do, once I get over the mental battle I’m good to go :)

  9. Love the “You’re only one workout away from a good mood” quote. So true!

  10. Huge props to you for busting through the self doubt and jumping on that treadmill! I question going to the gym nearly every day, but always remind myself that moving for even just 5 minutes is 5 minutes more movement than the person sitting on the couch. Every little bit counts! When I set a moderate goal, my workout suddenly seems less daunting, and I’m able to get myself out the door. Once I’m at the gym, I almost *always* stay for great sweat-inducing and stress-relieving workout!

    • I couldn’t agree more! It’s getting out the door that’s the hardest part sometimes… That’s why I usually will go right after work or while I’m out running errands so I don’t get too comfy on the couch and never want to get up! And wearing athletic clothes helps, no need to change outfits 😉

  11. I absolutely love this post! Glad you motivated yourself enough to get to the gym & kick butt!!

  12. Hey Girl! I just wanted to stop by and say hi! I LOVE the new look of your website! It is gorgeous! The color scheme is amazing! I hope you have a great day and find a way to turn those pancakes into some yummy muffins! :)

    • Eek, I am so happy you commented and thank you! I was thinking about checking out all of your recent recipes for some inspiration over the holiday season :) They always look amazing on IG, I’m envious!

  13. Thank you this motivation. I’m sitting here needing some to get out the door LOL. You are awesome!

  14. This whole week was “one of those days” for me. This morning, though, my boyfriend literally dragged me out of bed and made me go to the gym. I’ve felt better today than I have all week. My motivation for all of next week will be remember the way I felt today.

  15. To motivate myself to work out I always think about how good I will feel afterward and how proud I will be of any new accomplishments I may see like increasing weights or a new StepMill speed. That almost always works! Usually days I take off are days I already planned to take off because I literally don’t have time or I have plans during my normal work out time that are too good to miss out on. In that case I have to motivate myself to NOT pass up on the plans and live life!

    • Truth! Rest days are definitely important and should be enjoyed :) I think it’s key to find a balance between the two and listen to whatever works best for your body [and mind]- not what someone else suggests! The StepMill *always* kicks my butt!

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