Weekend Happenings 11.18.12

Registering for races.  Couch sitting.  Sweaty workouts.  Tasty food.  Spending time with my boys.  Ryan’s birthday.  Champagne flights.  Laughing with friends.  Shopping for clothes and new reads.

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Question:  What’s your favorite seafood?  Shrimp cocktail is always a fave but I also love most anything grilled!  I’m not too big on clams, muscles, or oysters but I’ll also admit I haven’t given them a fair chance…

Question:  Red, sparkly, or white wine?

— Allison


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  1. sounds like a lot of fun! I can’t wait for my break home because I miss seafood so much, I haven’t had it in ages because it is so darn expensive for just me. I need to get my hands on some shrimp!

  2. I love steamed crabs! It’s something I try to get at least once a year.

  3. Perfect, perfect, perfect weekend. And have I told you before that you seriously have the cutest puppy ever? I’m allergic to most seafood so I kinda, sorta tend to avoid it, but when it comes to wine, I definitely won’t say no to a glass of red 😀

    Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday evening!

    • Aw thanks! He’s a pistol sometimes but I’m a sucker for sweetness so I usually give in 😛 Eek, I’d stay away from seafood if I were you too! Sparkling wine or champagne is my fave, but red is a close second!

  4. I love all seafood! I requested sushi for my birthday dinner on Friday. So good! Lobster, shrimp cocktail, crab legs, mussels, clams, salmon, …. I could go on and on. I love it! Definitely give it all a chance!

    For wine, my favorite is red. Big, fruit forward, and full bodied. Yum. :)

    • Mmm, we haven’t had sushi in so long, need to get some soon! I’m not too wild with the raw stuff but I love shrimp or crab rolls! And I love red too- something about it feels so cozy and soothing :)

  5. LOVEEE IT. Love that I can stalk you on instagram and then get a full recap here LOL. 😉

  6. Your weekend sounds like such a great one girl! I cannot get enough pictures of your little one. I love that you signed up for the marathon (which I am too, but unfortunately no longer able to run)… BUT I will be in the states & visiting d.c that weekend!! Please tell me I can meet you?? :)

  7. that looks like an awesome weekend to me! i’m pretty pumped that you registered for the rnr. i really hope we get to meet up for the race (and if not then – we should meet up before then anyway!)

    • I’m psyched and keeping my fingers crossed I don’t have any health issues that pop-up! I’d love to do some long runs together [with Alex] 😀 And seriously, we have to wait until March for a meet-up, nahhh let’s do something sooner?!

  8. This looks like such a fun weekend! Your “I heart TJs” photo totally jumped out at me :)

    I’m actually not a huge wine drinker (weird, right?), but I do prefer white over red or sparkling.

  9. Sounds like the perfect weekend to me!

    I am a vegetarian so I do not eat seafood, but before my vegetarian lifestyle began I was not much of a seafood eater. The closest I would come to eating fish was either tuna and noodles or fish sticks…not sure that counts?? 😉

    The only kind of wine I normally like to drink is a good, sweet red wine.

    • Understandable! I love tuna fish out of a can, that’s primarily the only fish that I ate growing up because my momma isn’t a big fish fan but we did have a lot of shrimp and crab!

  10. snapshots!!! yea, glad you did it. I love seeing bits and peices of people’s lives. and yours looks good! seafood fav? all! love salmon lobster, shrimp, scallops!


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