Favorite Finds Friday 11.23.12

The past 48 hours have been non-stop between caring for a hurting husband, prepping for Thanksgiving, and cleaning up after a pooping and puking puppy. I guess you could say I’m just dutifully fulfilling my roles of wife and mother.
Both Ryan and I would like to thank everyone for the positive thoughts and well wishes Y’all left for us on Wednesday. I am continuously amazed at the overwhelming support from the blog community- it’s absolutely awesome!
Ryan’s surgery went as well as it could have. The doctor successfully reconnected the ligaments and removed the “floater.” What we originally thought was a piece of bone was actually cartilage. The cartilage around Ryan’s ankle had completely separated from the bone so it had to be removed. Once removed, the doctor drilled a few holes in his bone to stimulate the marrow to start regrowing. He has a follow-up appointment scheduled the first week in December… Until then he has a soft cast and is spending 99% of his time laying on the couch with his foot above his head.
Thanksgiving was a delightful and tasty success! We celebrated at my momma’s house with my brother and a few family friends. We enjoyed a popping fire, appetizers while watching football, shared stories about recent happenings, feasted on traditional Thanksgiving dishes, and celebrated birthdays! I’m planning to share more this weekend…
I was hoping to put together a Thanksgiving-themed Favorite Finds Friday post this afternoon but sometimes plans don’t go as planned, especially when you have a husband and a puppy who need help. Ohhh the life of a wife 😛
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Good Food: Roasted Pears with Goat Cheese and Pine Nuts by Chicho’s Kitchen

Sweet Treats: Crockpot Apple Butter Yeast Rolls by A Spicy Perspective

Words of Wisdom: Smile, Sequins, and Champagne

Cuties: T.Swift “Sparks Fly”

Flowers: Creams + Blushes Bouquet

DIY Projects: S’mores in a Jar by The Paper Mama

Education & Learning: Veggie Cooking Cheat Sheet

Wedding Attire: Crystal Encrusted Pumps

Question: What have the past 48 hours been like for you?
Question: Have you ever watched the TV show “Friday Night Lights”? Ryan and I are watching it now… I’d give it a thumbs up so far!

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