Thankful Thursday: Ryan

One more day of November.  That’s crazy talk!  I thought September sped by, being the month we got married and my birthday, but I think November takes the cake in speediness…  Which is totally fine because I’m happily embracing the holiday spirit and cannot wait for this weekend to start decorating!  Bring on the merriment and mistletoe 😉


The past week has been busy with Ryan’s surgery, celebrating Thanksgiving, and balancing everything else in between…  And my body is definitely feeling it, mentally and physically.  Evidence: the stress sore that’s growing on my bottom lip.  It is naht pretty.  But, I’m a mother [of a furry son] and I’m a wife, it’s my duty to care for my boys and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  With that being said, it’s Thankful Thursday- thank you Jessie for hosting another wonderful week!

This week I am thankful for Ryan [*cue the sappy music*].  Not once has he complained, whined, or pitied himself since his surgery.

He’s asked for help and I’ve quickly lended a hand… In sickness and in health, until death do us part.

He makes me smile.

He makes me laugh.

He makes me feel appreciated.

He makes me feel loved.

He consoles me when I’m upset.

He comforts me when I feel sick.

He celebrates my accomplishments.

He joins me in my happiness.

He helps me when I’m in need.

He listens when I speak.

He supports me in my endeavors.

He makes me feel beautiful.

He works hard at his career.

He always gives it his best effort.

He thinks of others before himself.

He is a great daddy to his [furry] son.

He is a great husband.

For all that he does for me, for both of our families, and for our future, I am so very thankful.  Always and forever

Yesterday…  #elf4Health 11/28 Day 3:  Try a new workout today!  Since I was feeling crummy yesterday, I took a rest day.  My body and mind both needed a break and I’m thankful for it today.  Sticking with the challenge, check out Lindsay’s [from The Lean Green Bean] All-time Favorite Workouts!

Today…  #elf4Health 11/29 Day 4:  Get up 15 minutes early to meditate and reflect.  I’m not one to meditate so this was new to me, but I it was nice to reflect and relax this morning while eating breakfast without the news playing in the background.  Check out this NY Times article about meditation, How Meditation May Change the Brain.

Tomorrow…  #elf4Health 11/30 Day 5:  How many colors can you eat today? Challenge yourself!  This one should be easy-peasy, I love me some fruits and veggies!

Question:  Who are you thankful for?

Question:  Do you meditate?  If you do, share some tips for us beginners!

— Allison


Whatcha Think?

  1. You guys are adorable and I am so happy to hear he is recovering well. You are very lucky to have each other and you so deserve this happiness. This post just makes me smile and I hope I have this one day

  2. I need meditation tips myself….I don’t do it regularly and could really use some guidance. Way to be a supportive, caring and loving wife! It’s one of the best and most rewarding things to do in life. :)

    • You and me both! My biggest problem is my lack of focus and the need to be doing something all the time, sitting around I feel like I’m “wasting” time…

  3. this post was so sweet! you and ryan are super adorable. i’m hoping that both of your boys feel a lot better and your stress levels go down soon. the holidays are already stressful enough! i don’t meditate but i like the idea of it. i was just thinking the other day how i sort of like my commute because i feel like even though traffic can be frustrating, it’s kind of nice to just be by myself and i can get lost in my own thoughts (while maintaining safe attention to the road, obvi) so maybe i’ll turn off the news/podcasts and try using that time to faux meditate a little.

    • Thank youuu :) And more power to you to think of meditating in the car, I certainly could not do it while driving around the beltway… Too many crazies out there trying to cut me off 😛

  4. you’re rockin’ this challenge girl!

  5. Great post. I’m so glad to hear that Ryan is feeling much better since his surgery. You two are just PERFECT for one another <3.

  6. I love that “Keep Calm and Kiss On” cute! :)

    I do not meditate, but I really should. It would be especially helpful for me during the more stressful times of the year…aka right now!

  7. Gush. The hopeless romantic in me kind of loves this post. You and Ryan… gah! My heart is melted. So happy for you, Allison :) I’m thankful for my new guy, and hoping I can have something like this one day too :)

  8. This is sweet. Will he not even complain that you put his surgery pic on your blog? 😉 I think my husband would have something to say about that ! LOL

  9. AH! So much adorableness!!!! :) I love this!

  10. hahahah that picture of your hubbie is so cute and funny!

  11. Ah, what a sweet post! I hope his foot is doing better after is his surgery! Speedy recovery!

  12. So freaking cute. Seriously. So lucky to have each other :)

  13. I love this post! And great job on the challenges!

  14. This is so sweet!! You two are adorable! I’m thankful for my hubby also!

  15. Awww… So sweet! You’re poor hubby looks so sad in that picture! I love fruits and veggies so eating lots of colors isn’t much of a problem either. I think meditating would be hard for me to do in the mornings if at all. I always feel like I have so much to do but really should take just a few minutes to sit and reflect. Maybe I’ll give it a try tomorrow :-)

  16. so glad he is doing better. What a great guy, you two have something special. Hold onto that!

  17. You certainly have a keeper, Allison! You two are adorable; the immense love you have in your heart for Ryan is so apparent and so beautiful. Your devotion and enthusiasm fill me with joy! 😀

    Today I’m thankful for my incredibly loyal and and loving group of friends, several with whom I was able to dinner party tonight. Laughter and hugs make life pretty wonderful!

    Happy weekend! <3

    • Sara thank you so much for the sweet comments, they always put a smile on my face and make my heart happy :) I bet your friends are just as thankful [if not more] for having you in their lives!

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