MIMM: Comfort & Joy

Nope, I totally didn’t plan on titling this post after a Christmas song but it’s the first Marvelous Monday of December so I think it’s kinda suiting, don’t you?  Thank you Katie for hosting another marvelous link-up!

99% of the time I’m go-go-go but since Ryan’s surgery I’ve taken it down a notch and surprisingly I’ve been enjoying the slower pace…  I guess you could say that I’m living more in the moment and less thinking about the past and planning the future.  It’s different and it’s new but I like it, evidenced by this weekend’s marvelous happenings :)

 a crackling fire & chicken veggie dumplings for dinner #simpleyetsatisfying

chauffeuring while sipping a Starbucks #illdoanythingforyou

my momma’s birthday book #illagreewiththat

an afternoon snack while watching our latest addiction, Friday Night Lights #sorryimnotsorry

ceriously, I think we’ve got a cerious cereal problem here #cerealpartymyplace

I’m proud new purchaser of Earth Balance’s Soy Nog #justbuyit

Sunday morning buckwheat eggnog pancakes #pancakepuddle

a so-so sweat session Saturday & a successful sweat session Sunday #runningitchisback

some quick fuel before catching an afternoon movie #timetounwind

it beeped when it backed up, sorry to embarass you Ry #couldnotstoplaughing

all toys must be in biting distance #theyaremineallmine

 my love for pumpkin is still going strong, eggnog coffee & pumpkin pie pancakes #pumpkinobsessed

 my surprise delivery on Friday is blooming beautifully #imarriedakeeper

P.S.  I loved this slide show of quotes, 15 Reasons to Accept [and Love!] Exactly Who You Are


Today…  #elf4Health 12/3 Day 8:  Track your fiber intake today!  Shoot for 25-30 grams and show us your favorite high-fiber foods.  I ate 17.5 grams of fiber for breakfast, holy cow!  I haven’t kept track of exact numbers this afternoon, but I imagine that I’ve already exceeded 30 grams with my lunch and snack…  An apple, a pear, snap peas, yellow squash, bombay potatoes, a bit of dark chocolate, and a yogurt + cereal + walnut mixture.

Tomorrow…  #elf4Health 12/4 Day 9:  Have a salad today and make your own dressing.  I eat at least 1 salad a day, gotta feed the veggie monster in me!

Question:  Eggnog- yay or nay?  My momma used to make homemade eggnog for all of the winter parties my parents would host.  This was my first time buying a boxed variety but I say yay!

Question:  What do you think about when you run?  Running is the one time when I can completely tune out from the world around me…

— Allison


Whatcha Think?

  1. I just love all your pictures, they make me jealous of everything you have been doing lately. you seriously are the pancake queen, I can’t remember the last time I have had any sort of pancake. I am a huge rice cake fan myself so love seeing that little gem for a snack. and dare i say #can’twaitforsunday #happydance

    • I hadn’t had pancakes in agesss, they were always the “special” weekend breakfast my dad would make us when growing up… I’m happy to have brought them back and cannot get enough of them lately 😛 And rice cakes are a fave, especially with cottage cheese or PB!

  2. I love the flavor of eggnog, but I don’t like the really thick and rich varieties. In fact, I’d love to find a healthier alternative for it! They had low fat eggnog froyo at our local frozen yogurt place recently–that was really good!!!

    • I’m not a fan of the thick stuff either, mostly because I don’t do well with dairy, but I’m thoroughly enjoying the Soy Nog! And eggnog fro-yo sounds divine, perfect for the holidays :) I need to find some near me… Did you go to a chain store like Pinkberry or Red Mango by chance?!

  3. Aw, poor Ryan! My friends made fun of me a lot last year when I had surgery and was on crutches for all of two days. They loved embarrassing me to no end, so I can sympathize with him. But it is pretty funny 😉
    We need to be real life friends so we can eat pancakes together all the time. For every meal. With a side of cereal, please and thank you!

    • Haha, I feel bad for him on the crutches but can’t help but laugh when he’s trying to push around an electric wheelchair that beeps 😛 I remember how sore my armpits were when I was on crutches, we ended up wrapping them with washcloths for extra padding!

      P.S. Blends are ze bestest! And I cannot wait to start planning a trip up to Bmore soon and you have to come down this-a-way!

  4. Cereal party at your place? I’ll bring the milk! That definitely doesn’t look like a cereal problem to me, though – it just looks like a properly stocked pantry 😉 I’m honestly crushing on cereal right about now, and have no problem sometimes eating it for all 3 meals. Shhh. Someday I’ll start eating like a normal person… maybe 😀 Eggnog and running… eeee… can we still be friends if I admit to not liking either? Eggnog makes me feel skeevy, and the only thing I can think of while I’m running is “why does it hurt so bad?!”… but I still love you? :)

    • Haha, name the time and I’ll be sure that we’re still properly stocked! And maybe I’ll ask Ryan to make us a fire so we can stay warm and watch some chicky flickies… Yesss, I *suppose* we can still be friends 😛 Totally kidding of course, XO

  5. Yum! Eggnog pancakes sound delish! I used to really like eggnog but haven’t had it in years! I did see an almond milk egg nog that I might have to get and try…

    • Ooo, let me know whatcha think if you do! I tried almond milk a while back [cannot remember the brand?] and wasn’t a big fan, but I’ve heard lots of great things about it lately… I’m thinking I should give it a second shot :)

  6. Such a great MIMM! I’m obsessed with the rice cake+PB+apple combo:) And those cereals sound so good- I just won a giveaway for them so I’m excited! Have a great week!

  7. It is so nice to relax and not be in such a hurry isn’t it?? I have been making a point to do that. Looks like the perfect weekend girl!!
    Running is when I zone out too. I miss it so much!

  8. seriously – i cannot live much longer without some pancakes made by you. they always look so amazing. my pancakes never look that good! i’m jealous ryan has access to these pancakes all the time.

  9. Girl, the flowers & note from Ryan are beautiful. I may or may not of started tearing up =)

  10. If it makes you feel any better I think I have about 8-10 boxes of cereal in my pantry right now. Whenever I see my favorite kinds on sale I always stock up!! You can never have too much cereal 😉 .

    • That’s true! And I love experimenting with new ones- enjoying them straight up, mixing them with others, or adding them to yogurt bowls or baked goods [aka pancakes] 😉 What’s your favorite?!

  11. Can you please follow-up and tell us if that soy nog is good?? Haha, I actually did a post about my search for the perfect non-dairy eggnog (http://healthinequilibrium.blogspot.ca/2012/11/my-prayers-finally-answered.html) because I love eggnog so much but usually find soy-based ones icky. Glad to find a fellow nog-lover :)

    • Thanks for sharing! I definitely wouldn’t consider myself an “nog expert” by any means, but I think EB’s Soy Nog is tasty and have been enjoying in my coffee this week :)

  12. Eeee! Eggnog! You already knew I was going to squeal about that first, didn’t you? 😉 I’d love to know what you think! Last year I wrote a post about a self-conducted taste test comparing the coconut milk nog and the soy nog. I had others weigh in as well, and coconut won in a landslide. I love the soy stuff too, though, and actually think it tastes more like real light eggnog than the much thicker and creamier coconut version. That said, If you haven’t tried the So Delicious stuff, get on it, girl!

    To continue with the eggnog theme (I admit my obsession), those pancakes look amazing! Please share the recipe! I’m sure I’d LOVE them!

    I agree with you about running–it’s the only form of exercise that allows me to completely detach from the world. I enter this zone. It’s me, my music and my thoughts…And it’s pretty wonderful. :)

    • Ooo, I think I remember that actually, I’ll have to go back and check it out! I’ve been enjoying the EB Soy Nog all week in my coffee :) I’m not a big dairy person [doesn’t agree with me] so I don’t mind lighter versions. I’ve never tried any type of coconut milk but now I’m intrigued… Especially a holiday variety!

  13. I’ve had spiked eggnog (yay) but have never liked it enough to drink it alcohol free haha (nay). But I’d love to try a soy version! Very cool. LOL at Ryan’s fuzzy sock. Real men wear fuzzy socks on motorized wheelchairs! WAit… 😉

    • I think it’s worth a try! Definitely not the same, but it’s a tasty addition to my morning coffee! Haha you’re the only one who caught that, fabulousness… I read him your comment and he busted out laughing 😛

  14. You should never apologize for watching Friday Night Lights. I LOVE that show. <3 Tim Riggins. <3 Coach Taylor. <3 Mrs. Coach Taylor (half the reason I'm currently watching Nashville).

    • Oh em gee… Riggins and Coach. Swoon! And Mrs. Taylor is pretty awesome too 😛 I’ve heard about Nashville but haven’t watched it- I’m assuming you’d recommend it? When’s it on?!

  15. I’m still excited about this upcoming eggnog pancake recipe :) I bought some silk-brand soy nog–I’m a huge eggnog fan, but I’ve never had homemade. I have a feeling I’d love it. And I’d totally show up for a cereal party.

    • Eggnog pancakes followed-up with cereal? Count me in 😉 Whatcha think of the Silk nog variety?!

      • I love it! It’s definitely thick & sweet, so I can see that it wouldn’t be everyone’s favorite, but I think it gets really close to the texture & taste of the real thing (well, the real grocery store thing, probably not the real homemade thing).

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