Favorite Finds 12.22.12 // Cookie Coma

Holy sweetness, I think I’ve been in a sugar coma since 9 AM 😛 Not from breakfast…


a pear, cranberry eggs, & toast slathered with peanut butter + apple butter
But from cookies, lots and lots of cookies.

double chocolate cookies rolled in shredded coconut or slivered almonds

peanut butter cookies with Kisses
Our apartment smells like chocolate and peanut butter, pure sugar, it’s heavenly and I love it- I wish I could bottle it up and save it for later, that would be magical. Ryan and I did a quality check to be sure the cookies were crisp around the edges and soft in the center and they definitely got the stamp of approval. I think Ryan said it best, “these are REALLY good, like REALLY good!” I hope all of the recipients agree!
Links Above: My Pinterest Boards // Links Below: Picture Source
Good Food: 25 Creative Christmas Appetizers by Living Locurto

My Style: Christmas Red Sweater

Sweet Treats: Peppermint Crunch Puppy Chow by Sally’s Baking Addiction

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DIY Projects: Tacky Christmas Tree Sweater

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Wedding Attire: Christmas Wedding

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing about the stars in my life and hosting a festive holiday *giveaway*! I was hoping to squeeze it all into today’s post it would have been miles long… Too long!
This Weekend… #elf4Health 12/22-23 Day 27-28: Going to a holiday party? Have a healthy snack before you go, choose water, and split dessert! We don’t have any holiday parties on the calendar this weekend, had a few earlier this month and a couple next weekend, but I’m making sure to drink plenty of water and to share my cookies!
Question: Do you prefer running outside or inside on the treadmill? Call me a pansy, but I postponed today’s 6-mile run until tomorrow because it’s bitter and windy and tomorrow’s forecast looks much better. Today I opted for an hour on the elliptical…
Question: What’s your favorite chocolate combo? Chocolate + peanut butter? Chocolate + coconut? Chocolate + peppermint? Chocolate + berries?

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