WIAW: Wonky Tummy & Plain Jane Eats

It’s that time of the week again and I wasn’t planning to do a WIAW post today because as I mentioned yesterday, my tummy has been a bit wonky since we got back from our honeymoon and my eats have been pretty Plain Jane.  My doctor and I decided last week that I’d try an elimination diet to identify foods that my body can and cannot tolerate [more details later] so I’ve been avoiding too much “roughage.”  But yesterday had some honorable mentions…

Thank you Jenn from Peas & Crayons for hosting another tasty link-up!  And for matching this month’s badge to LAB’s color scheme 😉


coffee, kiwi slices, & Salted Caramel Oatcakes topped with PB frosting + almond butter + maple syrup + raisins


a Garden Lites Roasted Veggie Souffle plus some other snacks such as grapefruit, animal crackers, & popchips that are hiding in my lunch tote


a Chobani Bite & pretzels [sweet + salty = awesome combo]


chicken sausage + lentil scramble


mashed avocado + parm cheese tortillas


cereal + a Deep Chocolate VitaTop + Silk [I let it sit for a few minutes & love how the VitaTop gets all crumbly in the milk]

P.S.  Just for shits and giggles, Charlie the day we brought him home [January 2012] and last weekend 😛

Charlie Sweater

Question:  What are your go-to sick tummy foods?

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— Allison


Whatcha Think?

  1. man that is one cute dog. look at that haircut, stud central. garden lites are delicious but why are they so darn expensive? for real, can’t buy them.

    • He has a pretty sweet afro going on… Agreed about Garden, but we went to Costco over the weekend and I couldn’t resist- they’re a *little* cheaper there at least.

  2. not that this is super different from my normal everyday eats but when i’m sick ALL i want is cereal. bowls and bowls and bowls of the stuff. and that’s basically what i do. that and toast with butter and jam. i am hoping your stomach feels better without having to eliminate too much…i promise i won’t put any roughage into cookies :)

    • Mmm toast with butter + jam was my favorite “sick breakfast” as a child… Along with tomato soup + grilled cheese or noodles with butter + parm cheese for lunch and dinner!

  3. Pancakes. Yum. Salted caramel oatcakes. Yummier! I hope you still get to eat all the good stuff when you start eliminating! Not being allowed to eat bakery type stuff would be the end of me.

  4. Sorry to hear about the stomach issues, hun :( I’m no stranger to stomach woes myself, so I can definitely relate to the frustration of not knowing what the heck is causing problems. Hopefully you get it figured out soon! I have to say that, sick or not, your eats definitely look better than mine do when my stomach is acting up – I tend to stick to things like dry cereal, dry toast, crackers, smoothies, and plain bananas. Simplicity at it’s finest 😀

    • Thanks girl! I’ve definitely been focusing on more carby foods as the week has progressed and the carb-a-holic in me is totally a-ok with it 😉

  5. Banana oatmeal…or just plain oatmeal in general! Anything carbolicious is what I crave when I’m not feeling well, either in body or in my head.

    I don’t know what is “Plain Jane” about ANY of that. I’ll take it any day. :)

    • Thanks! I’ve definitely been focusing on more carby foods as the week has progressed. I was craving nothing but oats [and bread and cereal] yesterday!

  6. Everything looks yummy! When I’m sick I love whole wheat saltines and oranges for some reason…not together haha. Feel better; hope they can find out what is bothering you :)

    • I loved adding saltine crackers to my tomato soup when I was younger [and oyster crackers]! I haven’t seen the whole wheat variety before, I’ll have to look for those!

  7. Hope your stomach is back to normal soon and you find out the culprit! I love the avocado/parm tortillas, sounds delicious and what a cute dog!!
    I’m on Instagram and 100% addicted: getfitwithjen12

  8. I love charlie haha :) i’m sorry your tummy is wonky but i have to say, your eats still look great haha. All i want when my tummy hurts is toast and pasta…simple but feel good haha

  9. I hope your stomach feels better soon and you figure out what you are reacting to. That’s great that you have your doctor on your side. My doctors just try prescribing me medicine when I had my stomach problems.

    Your pancake looks awesome! :)

    • Thanks so much! I like my doctors but they still have the typical doctor office frustrations. I actually am on medication and just switched to a new one, but the “cure” evidently is more than just popping a pill…

  10. mmmmm the mashed avo and tortilla looks simple and delicious. Just my type of food.

  11. my go-to tummy friendly food is roasted kabocha squash. It’s like a comfort meal, fills me up and never seems to cause any tummy issues for me. Good idea with the vitatop in some milk! Yum!

  12. I loveee that picture of Charlie! So handsome! Yummy looking eats, I especially want that breakfast!

  13. When I was in my preliminary search of what was making me sick (ie trying to figure out diabetes) we did a lot of elimination dietary stuff. It was really hard (but not as hard as when I found out I was diabetic and actually eliminating sugars). Anyways all your food looks really good and I totally agree about vitatops. I like the texture a lot…

    • Thankfully, I haven’t had to eliminate too many things and it’s nothing too drastic… And hopefully Monday’s procedure will shed some light on whatever is causing the troubles. I always forget that you’re diabetic, sorry girl- you’re still so strong and a great inspiration!

  14. I am absolutely on Instagram – and yes, I follow you already :-p

    I’m sorry that your stomach is giving you so many issues, I’ve been having my fair share lately too. Hopefully, the elimination diet will help you figure out what’s causing it!

  15. Sorry your having tummy troubles! I think your eats look great still! I can’t wait to try the new Chobani bites. The avocado and parm tortillas look really tasty!

  16. Peanut butter + bananas + an english muffin is such a solid go to for me! :)

  17. That avocado and parm cheese tortilla looks and sounds amazing. You really must post how you make this! 😉

    I hope your tummy troubles get better ASAP! :)

    • It’s super simple: mash the avo, spread it onto the tortillas, sprinkle with parm cheese, and pop them under the broiler until they’re light brown!

  18. Aww your dog looks so adorable! Some great eats here – I’ve just bought the veggie souffle but haven’t tried it yet, looks yummy! Love your breakfast too. In fact, can I please just have all your eats today? They all look incredible at 8am

    • I think the souffles are delic! I haven’t tried any of the other flavors though since I get them at Costco and they only carry the roasted veggie variety… And thanks girl 😀

  19. The mashed avocado tortilla is genius, I have a million avocados that I’m trying to eat right now and you just gave me a great idea! Awwww your puppy is too cute! I’m on insta: @alishasappetite I’ll follow ya!

  20. Yogurt and pretzels?? Why have I never tried that fabulous-sounding combo before? I’m such a sucker for sweet and salty, I know I’d love it–thanks for the idea! And I hope your tum gets sorted out soon–feel better!

  21. WHY have I not put a vitatop in my cereal before?!?! And now I’m thinking I might try it crumbled over greek yogurt… hmm…

  22. I simply love this post because of the word “wonky.” Nice choice =)

  23. I hope your belly is better asap! I know that is no fun. I typically stick to rice and soups when my belly is acting up. Things with as little ingredients as possible!

  24. What is PB frosting? It sounds intriguing!


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