A Day Late But Still Sweet

Happy Valentine’s Day


Yesterday’s happy hour lasted much more than an hour so my plans of posting were postponed.  Sorry y’all, this girl just wanted to have fun 😉

This WIAW post may be a day late and a dollar short, but just roll with it…

Thanks for hosting another tasty link-up Jenn!


sadly all of these goodies were quickly gone but in the wise words of Ryan, “Good golly Miss Molly, these sure are delicious!”


frozen Very Cherry Berry Blend, turkey bacon, & salted caramel pancakes with a boatload of toppings


kiwi & cooked green beans + carrots


butternut squash bisque


rice cakes topped with tuna [forgot the brie wedge at home #fail]


emergency chocolate drawer [I highly suggest making one if you don’t already have one]


apple & raspberry chocolate chip Chobani Bite + pretzel sticks


stir-fried veggies


veggie packed salad topped with a runny egg + salsa & a side of turkey bacon


whole wheat pita + crunchy almond butter


cereal + Deep Chocolate VitaTop + Silk

Tonight should be full of romance at our casa.  Sitting on the couch, cuddling with Charlie [err, Ryan], and watching cliche chick flicks.  Smooches to all, ΧΟΧΟ


happy first Valentine’s Day as a married couple to you too dear, lots of love!

Question:  Dark, milk, or white chocolate?

Question:  What’s your favorite [cliche] chick flick?

— Allison


Whatcha Think?

  1. I like dark chocolate but I also really like milk chocolate. Those pancakes look like the bomb.com. Oh, and whatever is in the bag that looks like cookies from Molly? I could use some baked goods right about now. Luckily, my mom just sent me a package full of valentines day goodies so my chocolate drawer is about to get replenished.

  2. Love the emergency chocolate drawer. Completely necessary. Happy Valentine’s day!

  3. happy first valentine’s to my very favorite married bowls! my parents are worse than you guys – they got almost all of the batch of cookies and i was informed they already need a restock. problem is that i’ve used almost all of the cinnamon raisin swirl pb in my oats this week so i need to refresh my peanut butter before i make them again. all i know is i shouldn’t have given away as many as i did because i want some. i’m still working on loving almond butter half as much as pb but it looks pretty good on that pita…

    • PB > AB… It’s a fact. But I am definitely warming up to the stuff – it’s a bit easier to spread and a bit drippier than PB which makes it the ideal pancake topping 😉

  4. i like super super dark chocolate, not really a fan of any other chocolate unless it is dark. hope you two have a great v day, lots of fun and love.

  5. Love all the color in your meals! And definitely milk chocolate is my favorite although I’m trying to switch over to dark since it’s healthier. For now, milk all the way! 😀

  6. Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you have a wonderful evening watching chick flicks :-) Sounds fun! We were going to have a nice fondue dinner with wine but… I’m still sick :-( So I’ll be visiting the Doc this afternoon then probably hitting the sack early. Luckily Valentine’s can be celebrated on another day! Have a good one!

    • Oh no, I hope you’ve started to feel better! I can totally relate to feeling icky – our out to dinner plans were postponed and we kept it low-key… Still lovely though!

  7. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Ryan, and Charlie! I actually think that your night sounds pretty fabulous, and when it comes to chick flicks, my top choices would have to be: Devil Wears Prada, Mean Girls, or anything SATC. Chocolate I’m a little less picky about… Dark is my favorite and I’m not crazy about white, but I’m not one to turn away a piece of chocolate 😀

    • Ooo I haven’t seen DWP in so long – I own it so I should watch it again soon! And Mean Girls seems to alwaysss be on TV so I’ve seen that wayyy too many times 😛

  8. Happy 1st Valentine’s Day as a married couple <3 I hope you two had the most wonderful evening together.

    p.s. can I come live with you for a day, or two, or let's just say week so I can eat all those yummy meals???

  9. I love your emergency chocolate drawer. You are one smart girl! 😉

    Happy Valentine’s day to you and your hubby! :)

  10. Happy Valentine’s Day, Allison! Oh gosh girl, I’m glad you chose to kick back at happy hour in favor of writing a blog post! Spending time with friends is much more fun than spending time with your computer screen! 😉

    I’m a huge fan of your chocolate drawer, and sure wish I could get my hands on that TCHO bar! I actually have several “secret” stashes of my own: one in my bedroom; another in a kitchen drawer; and another at my part-time office. I’ll definitely be re-stocking all three tomorrow, since chocolate will be on sale. :)

    I hope you, Ryan, and Charlie had a wonderful night at home! My favorite chick flicks include How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Love Actually, The Holiday, and The Proposal! xoxo

    • I definitely agree about spending time with friends > time in front of the computer… Girls should have fun, especially at happy hour 😉 I’m impressed with all of your “secret” stashes – I probably should make one at home too, although we’ve already got a whole shelf full of chocolates… Whoops!

  11. So many great eats and I love the idea of a secret choc drawer – very needed at home and in the office!

  12. Of course, I have a chocolate drawer…although I can’t really call it a drawer, considering that some of it is on my coffee table and the rest is in a cupboard :-p And umm…all chocolate? I definitely don’t discriminate between white, milk and dark. It’s all delicious 😀

  13. Your tuna topped rice cake should be on my post today :)

    Fully understandable to post a day late… hope ya had fun!

    Happy Friday!

  14. Dark chocolate all the way. And after seeing it last night, Safe Haven is my new favorite movie. I totally love that you posted this on Friday…a good surprise!

  15. Oh my goodness! All of your food looks so delicious! I especially love the sald with runny egg. Yum!

  16. Favorite chick flick…I have lots but I’m gonna go with Crazy, Stupid, Love. Such a good movie! And loving your emergency chocolate drawer, I need one of those!

  17. oh you’re SUCH a breakfast queen. those pancakes with berries & bacon look to die for.
    i’m so glad to hear your happy hour turned into happy HOURS. way to work it girl, live it up!

  18. Hope you had a fab first valentines day as a married couple!

    Lots of love to ya girl! Happy weekend!

  19. Mmmmmmmm, I love your food. Seriously. It always makes me happy…and hungry 😉 I’m going to have to go with all chocolate is amazing and I don’t discriminate 😀 And my fav cliche chick flick? I <3 Pride and Prejudice :)

  20. My chococlate emergency stash is alllll dark. :)

    I love your chocolate muffin and cereal bowl! Best of both worlds!

  21. How sweet this is your first married Valentine’s Day!! Your food looks so good….always! I am drooling over that almond butter. It is my favorite!

  22. I have a chocolate drawer too. 😀 My favourite kind of chocolate is any of the 3! I’m not picky when it comes to chocolate haha.

    What chick flick did you end up watching? My favourites are Never Been Kissed, The Devil Wears Prada, 10 Things I Hate About You, and You’ve Got Mail!

  23. I hope I didn’t miss your recipe for the salty caramel!! I love pancakes I could dig right into those!

  24. Seriously drooling over every single one of those meals right now!! YUMMY YUMMY!!! Very Cherry Blend is awesome! I am a white chocolate kind of girl…..especially when they are coating salty pretzels! :) Hope you have a better day today than yesterday girl! Have an awesome weekend! :)

    • I’ve never tried white chocolate pretzels but yum, those sound delic! I think I’ve seen them at TJ’s before though, I’ll have to keep an eye out 😉

  25. what a sweet vday gift!!

    and all of the eats look delicious!!!
    I need to get kiwi back in my life as well! I havent had it in months!

    • I go in phases with kiwi – sometimes I can’t get enough and since we bought a big box from Costco, I guess I’ll be eating it for a while to come 😛


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