Crushing on Teddie

Let me preface this post by saying that I’ve been awake since 2:30AM and I’m already on coffee numรฉro three so I’m not responsible for any of my rambles today.ย  Buttt, just because I hardly slept last night doesn’t mean that I’ll be a sourpuss today, I may just be a bit delusional and loopy come the afternoon.

While searching for “coffee” on Someecards I stumbled upon this gem…


Hm, I’m sure Magic Mike did have to drink a gallon of coffee after his “busy” nights – ah ha, now I see the connection ๐Ÿ˜‰

By the way, what did y’all think of yesterday’s food themed post?ย  Too much?ย  Would y’all like more “recap” style posts?ย  I have been oh so kindly repeatedly reminded that I still need to recap our honeymoon – I will, soon, I promise.ย  Perhaps this weekend in honor of our 6-month wedding anniversary on Sunday?!ย  Holy moly, time has flown…ย  We still need to sort through our wedding pictures and create our album.ย  We will, soon, I promise!

Moving on to today’s focus: food, specifically Tuesday’s eats.

Thanks Jenn from Peas & Crayons for hosting another tasty link-up!ย  Pssst, did you hear about her s-pea-tacular news?

Hot Grain Cereal

I picked these up last week at TJ’s – definitely a different texture than straight up oats, but they’re still tasty & work well in my oatcakes


silky morning coffee [X a few] is a must


I’ve been hardcore crushing on Super Chunky Teddie PB.ย  I’ve refused to share it with Ryan – he’s gotten ham sandwiches for 2 weeks straight. reason for my selfishness – because I’m running out & have heard that it can be hard to find so I’m keep my fingers [& toes] crossed that our local Whole Foods has it…


cinnamon hazelnut oatcakes [similar to this recipe but swap hazelnut for salted caramel, half the flour, & add ยผ cup oats] were tasty, but all I really wanted were the toppingsย 


finally found a bag big enough for my lunch.ย  no judgement, I get hangry when I don’t eat, don’t you?

2:27:13 Lunch

yellow bell pepper strips + snap peas, an orange, string cheese, turkey + avocado roll-ups, Glenny’s Soy Crisps [ my fave but hard to find], & a mini chocolate VitaCake

2:27:13 Snack

afternoon pick me up


found these waiting on my doorstep – I’ve heard nothing but raving reviews about them, hope y’all are right!

2:27:13 Dinner

semi-homemade status, pales in comparison to this girl’s secret homemade meat sauce

2:27:13 Dinner 2

veggie-filled salad & pasta + meatballs


Joe’s O’s + Raspberry with Dark Chocolate Chips Chobani Bite + dark chocolate chips [because the more dark chocolate the merrier]

Question:ย  What food do you love but have a hard time finding?

Question:ย  Love or loath veggies?ย  What’s your favorite and least favorite?

— Allison


Whatcha Think?

  1. I haven’t had breakfast yet….errhhh…must…go…eat…now…FOOD LOOKS SO GOOD!

    Haha, I can’t make it through three cups. I tried 3 one morning, and 2 hours later almost thought I was having a heart attack! 2 is definitely my limit for the day!

  2. I love that trader joe’s pasta and I still really need to try vita cakes. Oh, and I will be reading your blog on Sunday for evidence of these pictures… facebook is always another option ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. i want to live a day in the life of your eats. and i have a huge lunch bag also. i got a lululemon bag as a joke from my dad for christmas because we have this family joke about women who carry their “lulu lunchbags” – long story, not funny – and i’d love to carry much lunch in it to be hip but it’s too small for all my food. so instead i use a reusable grocery bag from harris teeter. sometimes that’s not even big enough and i have to put my snacks in a separate bag. no shame in my game. i really need some torani…

    • I use an insulated WF bag sometimes – no shame! I used to use Lulu bags too but none of our containers fit in them so most of the time my food gets smooshed…

  4. I will never say no to more food-themes posts :-p

    Veggies that I love: baby carrots; green beans; bell peppers
    Veggies that I hate: raw mushrooms, broccoli and cauliflower (I can handle all of these cooked, but raw, can’t do it), eggplant in any shape or form.

    • When I was younger I used to hateee all of those too – the thought of them grossed me out – nowadays I can’t get enough of them! Raw or cooked, I don’t discriminate ๐Ÿ˜‰ Although, I’ve yet to try eggplant other than in a ratatouille dish…

  5. Glennys are the BEEESSSSTTTT
    I l.o.v.e veggies. And a new fave way to eat them that I’ve recently discovered ismtomput zucchini slices in a sandwich (if you’re toasted the sandwich ala panini, they can be raw, otherwise pan heat them or grill them). You don’t really taste them but the texture is amazing.

  6. Also, I am a new reader to your blog, and I have Crohn’s Disease (basically lupus of the digestive system) and am also a runner, so I know all to well the frustration you are currently experiencing. Hang in there girl. Let me know if you need any help or support, k?
    Also randomly, my fiancรฉ had the EXACT same surgery as your husband. I will say not to expect it to be the pure and simple fix, it will take a while for everything to come back together again. Tell him to be patient and to do the rehab as indicated-this makes the biggest difference.
    Have a grand day!!

    • Susie, thanks so much for your sincerely sweet comments! I’m so sorry to hear about your health complications :( My younger brother was diagnosed with Crohn’s when he was 6-years-old so I’ve seen how difficult of a disease it can be to manage… I hope that everything is under control – feel free to email me anytime if you’d like to chat!

      P.S. I’ll remind my hubby ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Love veggies! Tomatoes are my die hard favorite!! Especially cherry/grape tomatoes. I eat them until my stomach hurts every.single.time. I can’t say there are really any veggies I hate – maybe olives? But sometimes I gnaw on them at restaurants when I’m hungry, ha.

  8. Oh my lanta, you were up early. Oh well…the more coffee the better right? Hope you are able to crash and nap sometime in the near future. I’ve heard the Chobani bites are awesome, are they more expensive-I haven’t actually looked that far into it.

    • I haven’t actually paid attention to their price because they’ve been on sale at our local grocery store for the past few weeks – 2 for $5!

  9. LOVE veggies! Favorites: brussels sprouts and kabocha squash! Least: lima beans. Yuck. And I”m not a huge fan of water chestnuts either. But that’s really about it. I love all the rest.

    I’ve never tried Teddie PB . . . but have heard only great things about it! If I ever do see it, I’ll be sure to buy it just to know what everyone’s been talking about.

    • I haven’t had either of those in ages, lima beans or water chestnuts – I always think of Chinese food when I think of water chestnuts…

      I’m not picky when it comes to PB – a shorter ingredient list the better – but I’d def recommend getting your hands on a jar of crunchy Teddie PB ๐Ÿ˜€ There are so many bits of peanut pieces throughout!

  10. i LOVE LOVE LOVE fresh halibut but now that I have moved out of Alaska no one has it down here except the special fish markets and stuff. I never realized that because it was EVERYwhere and easy to get in Alaska.
    and i LOVE veggies. my favorite is def broccoli and asparagus!

  11. I love-hate veggies…I generally don’t like them raw and plain too much, but with the right salad dressing or the right seasonings sauteed up, they can be delicious! I always feel good after eating them too :)

  12. there is so much yumminess in this post + charlie, i don’t even know where to begin! but how about the quest bars?!?! i want a text message asap if you’ve tried one yet!

  13. Girl, you eat some delicious looking stuff. That’s an earllllly morning! Nothing coffee can’t fix :)

  14. Between yesterday and today, I’ve decided that we’re foodie soulmates. We love all of the same things!! The only difference — the intricate dinners you cook? Yeah, I’m definitely not enough of a kitchen whiz to toss those together. So kudos to you in that respect.
    Oh. And chocolate + cheerios? THE best way to end your day. Love it.

  15. oh yummmm! look at all those Quest bars; safe to stay im jealous.
    I loveee veggies – fave has probably gotta be cauliflower or broccoli..the only one i dont like is celery; have never been able to eat it, it actually makes me gag ughhh!

    • I used to eat broccoli and cauliflower all the time but my tummy lately can’t handle it – too much “roughage”… Enjoy some for me ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. Now that is my kind of lunch bag! I’m an absolute monster when I’m hungry, so you’ll pretty much never find me leaving the house without a good amount of food accompanying me. I don’t want to subject innocent people to the horror that is a hungry me. And when it comes to veggies, I do honestly enjoy them, but my stomach doesn’t always share my enthusiasm so I tend to keep them pretty limited in an effort to keep the peace between us.

  17. before i jump in, when you first said crushing on teddie .. confession my mind went to the new 90210 show and the character Teddie, who is gay but gorgeous. Back to your food. We have like the same taste buds. I could eat your noms all day long. If i actually took time to make decent meals. one day.

  18. Spaghetti squash!!!! I can’t find that stuff anywhere :( and i like most veggies…not a huge fan of lima beans (or any beans besides chick peas) or mushrooms in large doses. Good luck with today girlie! I always enjoy hitting the loopy part of exhaustion…makes things so much more entertaining ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Haha fortunately [or unfortunately?] the loopiness didn’t truly kick-in until the next day but when it did, oye… I swear I sat at my desk just starring at the computer screen for most of the day ๐Ÿ˜›

  19. I woke up at 5 am today and I thought that was bad. Yikes! I hope you get an awesome sleep tonight!

    I have that multigrain hot cereal too and it’s pretty good! I prefer the plainer taste of oatmeal though.

    A food that I love but have a hard time finding are kabocha squash! Also Barney Butter – I’ve never been able to find it here in Canada! :(

  20. Ugh I still haven’t seen Magic Mike! What a sade excuse for a 25 year old girl, huh? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    All of that food looks delicious!!

  21. Veggies are for sure my favorite, and I even think Brussels sprouts are one of my all time fave foods!

  22. I need to try some of these quest bars I’ve been seeing all over the place!

  23. The toppings on that breakfast do look like the best part! And that cho bowl looks great, too :) I LOOOOVE Quest bars!! And veggies – it’s hard to choose just one favorite, but winter squash and carrots roasted brussel sprouts and broccoli and cauliflower and green beans (sweet style) and kale chips and okra chips and beet chips are definitely all up there!!

  24. Favorite veggie- I can’t pick. Seriously. Winter squash, or peas maybe.

    Least favorite- radishes. YUK.

    Love your last snack. So pink! :)

  25. It makes me cry that I can’t find any teddie pb near me :(

  26. Up since 230 am?! Holy cow, woman! I would literally be a zombie if I did that. Like unable to speak to anyone to asks me a question and fall asleep standing up! haha!

  27. L<3VE veggies! My favorites are carrots, cabbage, peppers, and broccoli. I have been told that the palms of my hands are turning orange because of the amount of carrots I consume :)

  28. I SO want to find some of that Teddie PB. You’ll have to let us all know where you end up finding some!

    LOVE veggies :). My favorites are carrots, peas, sweet potatoes, and brussel sprouts. I pretty much like ALL vegetables, though!

  29. Love that dessert :) And I have grown to be a fan of veggies. Love eggplant, squash, brussels sprouts.

  30. I think I could live off of fruits and vegetables. My current favorite veggie is sweet potatoes but it changes weekly! :)

    I’ve also found some great recipes with brussel sprouts in them. Who would’ve EVER thought I’d say that?!

    • I only recently tried Brussels sprouts – my momma never cooked them when I was a child and my hubby doesn’t like them so I didn’t have much reason to buy them… But I’ve become a fan, especially roasted!

  31. Wait, I have never heard of this Teddie business before!!! How is it different from regular chunky PB??

  32. I don’t know how people loathe veggies, I really just don’t get it! I love em. My not so favorite would be mushrooms though…blech!

  33. Annnnnnnd now I’m starving!!! Hope you had a fabulous WIAW darling! Xo

  34. I should be receiving the sample pack of quest bars soon as well…… can’t wait!

  35. It’s so funny because when I saw you post your Teddy PB on IG it brought me straight back to my childhood. That’s the brand my grandmother would buy when I was a kid because it was “healthier” and all I wanted was skippy! haha Those oat cakes are 100% drool worthy right now and your chobani and cereal has just inspired me to have the same thing before my workout today! YUMMY!! :) Have a great weekend girl! :)

    • Haha ๐Ÿ˜› We were a Peter Pan PB house – my mom *refused* to buy any other brand… So when it was recalled due to salmonella a few years ago she had a slight panic attack!

  36. I have never tried Teddy PB. My favorite is whole foods brand!
    Veggies I’m loving right now are long green beans, roasted anything, and mushrooms (are they a veggie??)

    • I’ve never tried WFs brand PB, usually we get TJ’s – I’ll have to give it a taste ๐Ÿ˜‰ And as far as I know, mushrooms are veggies?!

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