Happy for a Repeat Soon

This morning I woke up to something unexpected…  SNOW!


I saw on the news that there was a chance of snow but the weatherman didn’t think that there would be any accumulation, predicting mostly rain.  Er, he was slightly right – we got about an inch out in the ‘burbs where we live and nada downtown where I work.  It’s mid-March, I thought spring had sprung?!

I’ll try my best to recap the race tomorrow, but I’ve never done a race recap before so I’m so sure how it’ll turn out – bear with me.  Today I’m gonna let the pictures do the talking…  It was definitely a marvelous weekend and I’d be happy for a repeat soon :)

Thanks Katie for hosting another marvelous link-up!


IMG_4539   IMG_4548   IMG_4559












Question:  What was marvelous about your weekend?

Question:  If you could go anywhere for the weekend, where would you go?

— Allison


Whatcha Think?

  1. I love your alarm! So glad you had a marvelous weekend!

  2. Same thing as yours girl! Getting to run with some of my fav people and try out a new city for a weekend…doesn’t get much better in my opinion :)

  3. Eh who needs race recaps, as long as you remember how much you loved it that is all that matters. I am sending a side note to Charlie to please forgive me, the stick looks like quite a play fest for him.

  4. Love the ring and the nail polish color! It sounds like you all had a great time at the race :)

  5. Looks like a very early, but pretty great weekend you had! I love the pic of Charlie w/the huge stick, lol! 😛
    If I could go anywhere this weekend I’d go back to FL. HATE this snow!!!

  6. So many awesome things going on in this post. That stick is bigger than charlie is!

  7. Chelsie S says:

    Life might not always be all smiles, but this post elicited a HUGE grin from me.
    For some reason, lyrics from the song “Hard Road” by Sam Roberts are going through my mind — “Life is how you live it”. You’re bringing a fabulous attitude and optimism to your times, but you’re also not afraid of dancing in the rain.
    Live it up, chicka.

  8. I am so excited for you! The rush when you cross that finish line is unlike anything else! :) Congrats, girly! You earned that medal and pedicure (hehe)! Can’t wait to read your review tomorrow.

    • Haha it was a HUGE rush – as in I can hardly remember it 😛 As soon as I crossed I grabbed my medal and tried to find everyone else 😛

  9. Your alarm is awesome!
    And I’m wearing that essie nail polish now…I love it!

  10. Congrats again girl! 😀 I hope you’re not feeling too sore in the aftermath.

    Are those Marc by Marc Jacobs purses I spy? So gorgeous. I’ve been wanting one for like 7 years, but I just can’t justify forking over $500 for a purse right now.

  11. I love posts like this! Also, I need those pink purses. All of them. And that bread bowl.

  12. Ooo…soup in a bread bowl! Yum :).

    Aww Charlie looks so cute! That stick looks massive compared to him! 😉

    Can’t wait to hear about your race!

  13. What a positive post! I love posts like this that just make me happy :) I don’t blame you for having such a Marvelous Monday….Starbucks would make me happy too!

  14. That snowy scene you see when you look outside? I’m currently enjoying that x101 :roll: I’m actually having a really hard time believing that the first day of spring is only a few days away because it’s sure not looking like it around here! It’s making me miss Hawaii like crazy, so I’d definitely go there for the weekend if I could :)

    PS – Charlie. I just die <3
    PPS – Congrats again on your half!!

  15. CONGRATS on the big 13.1, Allison!! Crossing that finish line must have been one of the best feelings in the world! Nothing beats a hot coffee and pedicure after a long run–you deserved both…x’s a zillion! I love the Essie color you chose, too. So pretty and sparkly! 😀

    We didn’t have any snow in the city; just rain rain rain! I would have loved to see a little white! And YES, let’s definitely get together soon! I’ll shoot you an email this week, and we can figure out a good time/day! xoxo <3

  16. A huge congrats of your half marathon – love your alarm and awesome medal! Your ring is super cute too, I love jewellry like that, simple but oh so sweet. We have had a little snow here on the UK which I can’t believe, it is nearly April!

  17. everything about my weekend was marvelous. i love photo recaps. sometimes race recaps get a little overwhelming for me but i can’t wait to read yours so i can see if you have as many choice words for that hill as i do!

    • That hill was awful… But we should start running down that-a-way and add that hill to our weekly runs – just imagine, all other hills would be puny compared to it!

  18. Congrats on the race! I would go home to Colorado and go skiing!! My weekend was marvelous, though, because we got a new puppy (he’s our second dog) and I got a huge PR at the R&R Half. Can’t wait to read your race recap and see what you thought!

    • All of that definitely is marvelous! I loveee skiing in Colorado – we used to go to Beaver Creek every winter and spring break, my parents were obsessed!

  19. Hi love!!

    Congrats on your race!! Very proud of you and seems like it was a fun one to do!!

    Oh those marc jacob purses, so pretty! I love marc by marc jacobs <3

    Happy Tuesday!

  20. Those spin bikes are high tech! So cool! Looks like such a great time 😀

  21. Congrats on your race-can’t wait to hear more about it! The whole weekend looked amazing with the pictures you posted. A pedicure sounds pretty spectacular :)

  22. Looks like a marvelous weekend! Congrats on your half! Such a huge accomplishment!

  23. Can’t wait to read the race recap! CONGRATS on finishing the half marathon!!

  24. Congrats on the race babe!

  25. You sure did have a great weekend!! Isn’t putting that 13.1 sticker/magnet on your car LIBERATING!!?! I was so jazzed to put mine on there!! Again, congrats on this race and I LOVE your wake up alarm text.

    • Yes, so fun! And it’s also fun noticing all of the other drivers on the road that has one too – feel like I should honk and give them a thumbs up or something 😛

  26. Nice job on the race!!!

  27. Love the alarm…too cute with the little emoticons! And that Essie color is one of my favorites!

    Hmm, if I could go anywhere for the weekend….ANYWHERE? Take me to HAWAII!! After seeing Amanda’s recaps from her visit a couple of weeks ago, I’m soooo jealous and SO tired of this gloomy nasty weather we’re having around here…no snow, but no sun either! C’mon Mother Nature! Get with the program!


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