Seven Things Saturday 5.4.13

I feel like I’ve been saying it a lot recently, but this week totally flew by!  I think it’s a combination of work being busier than usual and my weekends lately have been full of fun times.  Either way it’s the weekend and that is wonderful 😀

Thing #1:  I’ve had a hard time sleeping much past 4:30AM all week.  It sounds atrociously early but I’ve been going to sleep earlier [read: 8:30PM] – my grandma status is at an all-time high…  The other night Ryan said that we were mid-conversation and after a long pause, he looked over and I was out.  A couple of perks of a confused internal clock: more time to read blogs and respond to comments, there are no lines at Starbucks, there are tons of open parking spots, and the grocery store is like a desert town.

5-3 Groceries

all good eats, all on sale

Thing #2:  Yesterday was the first time I tried sweet potato popchips and they are seriously the crack of all chips.  I packed a handful for lunch and polished off the bag for dinner – they paired perfectly with an egg + arugula + bell pepper scramble topped avo + roasted veggie tomato sauce.

I’d brush my teeth with this if it was sweet potato flavored

Thing #3:  On Thursday I shared this status on Facebook.  I checked my time Sunday afternoon but I honestly was just so happy that my stomach didn’t bother me that it never really clicked.


Thing #4:  I ordered this shirt from City Sports yesterday morning – I looked for a Boston Strong shirt last weekend to wear to the race, but surprisingly didn’t have much luck.

link to shirt

Thing #5:  Charlie got groomed on Thursday and came home looking naked – they cut off all of his curly and fluffy cuteness.  Ryan said that when he first saw him he looked like a schnauzer because the groomer left the hair around his face a little longer.  He’s currently having an identity crisis, be kind.


Thing #6:  It’s supposed to be another beautiful weekend in DC and I’m looking forward to a few fun plans.  Friday: I got in a run after work and caught-up on The Real Housewives of OC while Ryan went to the movie with his friends.  Saturday: I’m attending the LFA Lupus Summit and hoping to swing by Micheal’s afterwards to pick out a few craft supplies.  Sunday: I’ve got a long-ish run on the agenda, lunch with friends, and playing disc golf on a new course.


Thing #7:  Has anyone seen this movie?  I haven’t been to the theater in what feels like ages and am itching for a good chick flick…  Something to look forward to: the theater in the town center where we’re moving offers $5 movies every day before noon and all day on Wednesday’s – that’s a steal compared to the prices of other local theaters!  Take note Megan.


Question: Toothpaste – fruity or minty?

Question:  What are you most looking forward to this weekend?

— Allison


Whatcha Think?

  1. Woah, that’s awesome in regards to your new half marathon PR girl! If you weren’t already awesome, you’re just 10x more awesome!! =) I haven’t seen the big wedding, however I have heard it’s pretty good! Enjoy your weekend girl!

    Toothpaste.. Minty!

  2. Careful with the grandma status! I was at the 8:30 mark a few months ago but was always waking up EXHAUSTED only to realize I was getting TOO much sleep…who knew? My grandma status is under a little more control now. I may be in bed at 9 but I’m not going to sleep until 10ish. 😉

    • I know whatcha mean – sometimes I feel even more groggy the day after too much sleep… Exactly why I don’t nap, I’m not pleasant to be around after.

  3. I need to go see that movie! It looks awesome! Wow- that sleep thing would drive me crazy. Have you tried forcing yourself to stay awake later so that you sleep later? I’ve had to do that before to readjust my clock. I’m usually up by 7 without an alarm but I don’t go to bed until 11 most nights. Have a wonderful weekend! It sounds like you’ve got some really great things planned!

  4. It’s such a great deal. I used to take the kids I summer nanny for there all the time on rainy days. They also looove playing in the fountain. You are in such an ideal location (10 mins from me, 2 mins from Wegmans, about 5 from the mall…:))

  5. I prefer minty toothpaste, but for whatever reason I prefer fruity gum. Fruity toothpaste just tastes really, really weird to me.

    And I’m looking forward to going home and seeing my family in a couple of hours!

  6. So 1) sweet potato is definitely my favorite flavor of popchips, hands down. 2) i just tried that apple cinnamon fage yogurt last week and LOVED it. 3) my maltese just went to the groomers too and they cut off all of his cute curls as well! WTF! He looks so odd haha

  7. I’m sure Charlie is still very handsome! Bentley got a haircut on Friday and is now a naked doodle. He looks like he lost about 20 lbs after he lost all that hair. I haven’t tried the sweet potato pop chips yet but yum, they sound amazing!

  8. hahahahha omg poor charlie! Congrats on your pr & getting over your stomach bug :)

  9. Such yummy snacks you got there! I love popchips, the sweet potato are yummy, I also love the barbeque!

    Hope you enjoy the weekend love, sounds like you are already! <3

  10. Pop Chips are just amazing, aren’t they? I have not tried the sweet potato flavor yet, though :(. Have you heard that they are making ketchup flavored ones in Canada? I am SUPER jealous!!

    • I was shocked when I stumbled upon these, I never had seen them before… Ehhh, hate to say it but I’m not that big of a ketchup fan – dijon mustard though, I would totally love those!

  11. YAY, so glad to hear about your PR – awesome!!!

    Poor little Charlie, but he’ll probably better be able to enjoy the cool breeze blowing through his fur on walks. As the summer gets warmer, he’ll be glad for that! :)

    • Thanks Kristina! Haha well he didn’t have too much hair to being with, but now he definitely won’t be too hot with the approaching summer weather 😛

  12. If you do go to that movie you should let us know what you think! I was debating about it too…I feel like it’ll either be a big hit or miss :)

    • I don’t think that we’re gonna make it this weekend but definitely hope to see it soon – I’ve heard good things about it!

  13. I saw that movie – it’s really funny! It’s kind of short, though. I hate long movies, but I wouldn’t have minded if this one were a bit longer.

  14. Toothpaste has GOT to be minty! The fruity stuff weirds me out. Congrats on the official half-marathon time! Way to go!!

  15. I don’t think I’ve used fruity toothpaste since I was a kid, so I’ll go with minty! Also, congrats on the half PR! Awesome. :)

  16. Sweet potato pop chips are the BOMB. They have them in single-serving packs at the checkout at my grocery store and I always get one to treat me for an effort well done, ha.

    I’m a minty toothpaste person all the way. And gel…I don’t like paste.

  17. I don’t know if popchip toothpaste would be good or not. I love popchips, but I like to use cinnamon toothpaste in the morning since it wakes me up. I need to find that apple raisin fage yogurt! My grocery store only sells the basic flavors. Obviously they have been cheating me, how rude.

    • I loveee popchips but I don’t think that I’d love it in toothpaste form. Chips should definitely crunchy and crispy, not creamy… And that picture was their April Fool’s joke 😉

  18. You rocked that half marathon!! Amazing job!! I have to admit that toothpaste idea made me cringe haha I am a minty fan for sure!

  19. Congrats on the race girl!! :) I’m proud of you! I can’t wait to hear what you learned at the lupus summit!

  20. Congrats on the PR, woman!! The fact that you persevered, despite feeling under the weather, is a testament to the fact that our bodies are capable of much more than we realize. I bet it felt AMAZING crossing that finish line.

    I got a kick out of the cheddar potato Pop Chips April Fools prank because I used to love squirting that bottled Cheeze Whiz stuff straight into my mouth. My friends called it my cheese toothpaste. Haha. I cringe thinking about it now! I agree, though–sweet potato would taste pretty good. Until that hits the market, I’ll stick with mint. :)

    I can’t wait to see The Big Wedding! The cast alone is enough to get me to the theater!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend! <3 xoxo

    • Thanks Sara! Oh my goodness, I totally forgot about spray cheese – my friends and I definitely used to spray it directly into our mouths… And make “stars” on our tongues 😛

  21. The idea of fruity toothpaste seriously skeeves me out. Mint all the way!

    Congrats again on your wonderful half time. You should be so proud!!!

  22. Minty toothpaste and I’m sorry you’ve had a hard time sleeping very late. There’s nothing worse than not getting enough sleep. :(

    • Thankfully I’ve been going to bed earlier than usual too, so I’m making up for it… Otherwise I’d definitely be a zombie!

  23. I love sweet potato chips! So good and a little healthier too! Congrats on your run!

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