Two Words Tuesday: Fitch, Please

Good morning y’all!  In the blink of an eye, my unplanned schedule went to an over-planned schedule – live and love life.  Right?

Since I’ve got 4 days worth of pictures and y’all seemed to have enjoyed my Three Words Thursday post a couple of weeks ago, how about a Two Words Tuesday post?  One less word…  I’m up for the challenge.  And if worst comes to worst, I’ll clarify the confusion or try to redeem myself tomorrow 😉

Ready, set, photo dump!


neighborhood flowers


undercover silliness


Springtime Expo


savory & sweet

5-21 Mall Shopping

mall must-haves

5-21 Thrift Store

thrift shop


workout jam


sweatin’ & cheesin’


avocado burgers


dumpster dinner


duck shoes

5-21 GW Graduation

girlfriends commencement


drizzly morning

5-21 GW Graduation 2

congrats girly!


Teet lunch


Orioles vs. Rays

5-21 Baseball Game

family love


hurry up


peaceful sunset

Fitch, Please

Question:  Your two words?

Question:  Do you enjoy going to baseball games?  Yup – Ryan and I have a busy baseball schedule this spring which is great because it means that we get to spend time with some of our favorite friends!  So far we’ve been to a Nats, Sox, and an Orioles game…  We’re going to 2 Nats games this weekend and I bet we’ll go to a handful more throughout the summer!

— Allison


Whatcha Think?

  1. Oh my God, I miss duck shoes! It’s been years. My two words are “pancake tuesday” haha. Enjoy your day!

  2. i’m not quite sure i think using the & sign gets you out of cheating on your two words goal but i’ll give you a little “wiggle room” (those are my two words) because that undercover picture is so damn cute. i actually don’t love baseball games that much but tex does so alas, i suppose i’ll spend a hefty portion of my life at them. good news is one of them gets to be with you this weekend! can’t wait!

    • Oookay Miss Molly, the teacher within is coming out… Sorry I’m such a rule breaker 😛 I’m psyched to meet Tex and go to the game with y’all!

  3. Sooo much fun going on in these pictures! I’m not a big baseball fan, but I love going to the games still. It’s about the experience more than anything! I’m really loving that trench coat of yours in your undercover picture. I hope the squirrel found something good to eat after going to all that trouble…

    • I don’t care to watch the games on TV but there’s something about being at the stadium and watching the game live that’s so much fun 😀

  4. I think I’ve only ever been to one or two baseball games in my life…I enjoy them live, but I can’t stand to watch on TV!

  5. I have never been to a baseball game, it’s not my favorite to watch on tv so I don’t know if I would like it more at the game. I would like hanging out with friends and family if that’s part of the games.

  6. I love your trench coat! I’ve been wanting to buy one this season.

    I’m not a big sports fan, but I do like going to baseball games with friends. Being so close to the action actually makes it kind of exciting to watch!

  7. I worked in DC one summer and my sister lives around there, so we always end up going to a Nats game or two! Love them!!!

    My two words for today: State testing. Gosh, I am so ready for it to be over!

  8. Love the Lulu skirt – I have it in black. :)

    My two words: Iced Coffee

  9. I LOVE Selena’s “Come and Get it”. It annoys the crap outta me that I’m so addicted to it. :)
    I LOVE baseball, but I’ve never been to a single game! That’s horrible! Definitely need to make that happen!

  10. That breakfast looks awesome! Sweet and savory is the best :).

    I love going to MLB games. The atmosphere is just awesome. I am a Sox fan..but for a different color: the white sox not the red sox! 😉

  11. Hahaha omg dumpster dinner and undercover silliness are cracking me up!

  12. My two words: Friday, yet?? :)

    Looks like a lovely weekend. Have a great week!

  13. My two words: sore jaw. Isn’t Ellen fantastic? I’ve been with her since the very beginning. I absolutely love summer baseball games – especially at Camden Yards! My dad shares a couple Nats tickets with his coworkers, so I hope to be able to go to a game sometime this summer!

  14. I ADORE ELLEN! She is seriously amazing and I want to be her best friend. I loved this clip hahaha. I neeeed to go to a baseball game this year!! I love them! Great photos!

  15. Love Ellen. She’s amazing. I have to admit that I’m not the biggest baseball fan, but I blame that on being Canadian. We’re kind of raised on hockey around these parts, so while I’ve visited the rink for countless games, I’ve yet to go to the field. It sounds like something I have to look into, though… just to see what all the fuss is about. And order a hot dog 😉

  16. I love that trench so much. You seriously look fab in it. Also super stealthy!

  17. Mmm! Avocado burgers! I love summer because it brings me avocados… and watermelon. How do you always manage not to look nasty when working out?!

  18. I don’t get the chance to watch Ellen because I don’t have a tv, so THANK YOU for posting that video :) That’s the best response that I’ve seen so far to the whole Fitch debacle. Humor is one of the best ways to respond. Being angry and rude right back won’t do any good. Show them how ridiculous it all is will however :)

    The dumpster dinner squirrel is so cute! Great shot.

    And I love thrift stores too!

  19. Actually don’t go to many baseball games because I don’t genuinely like the sport but I always have fun when I do go with friends! Love the breakfast – all about the savory and sweet

  20. Great pictures! Love the stadium shot, going to a baseball game this time of year is one of my favorite things!

  21. Your wedding ring set is beautiful! Ryan did a good job =) I love baseball games. Joshua and I actually already booked tickets to see a Phillies game when were home in September! Can hardly wait!!

  22. My two words: Post love. As in, I love these posts! I also love your sweet n’ savory breakfast. A cheese omelet with avocado, pancakes, and melon is perfection on a plate. Yum!

    The pink Lulu skirt you picked up at the mall is super cute, and so are those thrift store pizza plates!

    I’ll attend ANY sporting event at the drop of a dime! Bring on the baseball! I like going to games with friends, though, because there’s so much “down time” in between pitches and innings. (Aka a perfect opportunity to chat 😉 ) However, even though I enjoy baseball, my favorite sports to watch are definitely basketball and football because they’re a bit more fast-paced and exciting. :)

    I hope you’re having a great week, my dear! xoxo <3

  23. You are too cute!! I have never been to a baseball game. Can you believe that?

  24. what a fun time! i haven’t been to a baseball game in YEARS. And family time, that’s the best, isn’t it? You look so cute.

  25. Heeeell yeah to avocado burgers…any chance of a recipe? Great pictures especially the baseball field. Although I’m yet to understand baseball rules, I would love to go to a game- it looks like such a blast! One thing’s for sure- it’s so scenic!

  26. I LOVE that clip from Ellen.


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