Two Words Tuesday: Memorial Weekend

5-27 Memorial Day thank you

5-27 Rental Car

Georgian Captiva


be epic


bedtime delight


crunchy waterfall


class completed


piping hot

5-27 Georgetown

beautiful Georgetown


he’s wonderful


coconut newbie


tough life


local tri

5-27 Nats Game

baseball date


live life

5-27 World Market

bacon galore


strange location

5-27 Ikea

table & chairs

Bachelorette crazies

5-27 Bestowed Giveaway

drawing tonight

Question:  Did you have a 3-day weekend?  Whatcha do?

Question:  Your 2 words today?

— Allison


Whatcha Think?

  1. I think it looks like you had an awesome weekend! Great pics! The tri looks like a blast, and I love that epic tank.

    • I didn’t participate in the tri, just happened to pass by it on my run – regardless, it looked like there was a great turnout!

  2. Your baseball date must have been an absolute blast!! Ever since I first saw your sugar free torani caramel syrup, I’ve been on the hunt. I can’t find it ANYWHERE!

    • I’ve only purchased it at World Market [best price IMO] but I’ve also seen it at our local grocery stores… Hope you can find a bottle soon!

  3. Love your workout shirt!!!! I also could really go for a giant Starbucks right now…haha

  4. Sorry about your car, girl! I’ve definitely done that before (with my old car… not my new one thank goodness haha). I hope the damage isn’t too bad!

    Bacon syrup?! I seriously hope that isn’t meant to be put in lattes. I love bacon, but I definitely don’t think I’d love drinking it haha.

    My two words today: rainy weather!

  5. A baseball game sounds so fun. Is it weird that I’ve been dying to go to one? Who am i?! 😉

  6. Superb weekend if I do say so myself! Although I don’t think I’d be a huge fan of the bacon-flavored syrup… Weren’t those bachelors nuts? My mom and I were getting embarrassed for them!

  7. So jealous of your baseball double date! Looks like a great weekend. I need to buy some of that coconut spray!

  8. I wouldn’t mind taking a visit to a crunchy waterfall myself. And I feel so bad for how hard Charlie has it, so I’d definitely take his place for a couple of days to make it easier on him 😉

    Today: craving cookies. I think a baking session is in order.

  9. Looks like your weekend was fabulous :) I love these posts! And may have had to steal your idea (giving you credit, of course) for my weekend recap today. My 2 words for today? Absolutely exhausted.

  10. I really need to hit up TJs. With the whole 30 quickly approaching that spray is going to be a necessity for cooking. Dogs do have the life, tell Charlie Zoe is currently living it up right now

  11. Love your Be Epic top! I could use that in the gym. 😀 My words for today “Be present.”

  12. My two words for today are: blessed life.

  13. Love that quote!
    My two words for today are “catching up.”

  14. I always love your pictures!! Looks like such a fun weekend!! Love the gym selfie! You are so beautiful!

  15. I’m actually really intrigued by that bacon syrup. I had a drink once that had hazelnut liquor, bacon-infused vodka and banana liquor in it…and it was weird. Weirdly good, but definitely weird. Bacon salt sounds pretty amazing though!

  16. LOVE these posts–they’re such a fun way to capture a bunch of thoughts/ideas with minimal words!

    I’m so sorry about your car! The parking garages in DC have definitely abused my Beetle, too. They’re so tight! I can’t count the number of times it’s been knicked over the past few years. :( I hope the repair isn’t too expensive!

    Okay, please do share where you found the bacon syrup! I’m so intrigued! I’ll try anything once–and I’m a huge fan of bacon being used in unique ways–but I’m 99.99% certain this won’t be one of them. Ha!

    Happy Tuesday, Allison! <3

    • Haha I didn’t purchase the bacon syrup but I wonder if it would be tasty in pancakes? I can’t really imagine it being used any other way…

  17. Looks like it was a marvelous memorial day weekend for you! Love the flower picture! Absolutely gorgeous! I missed the Bachelorette last night but hope to catch up tonight or tomorrow!

  18. I love that “Be Epic” shirt..I need that!! Congrats on completing your class! And finally…seriously how many creepers are on the Bachelorette this season?? It’s ridiculous!

  19. My 2-words for today are to do with you “Be Epic” shirt: I NEED :)!

  20. I absolutely love everything about this post.. with an exception of you guys wearing National’s Jerseys instead of Phillies :)


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