WIAW: “Little bitty stingin’ rain… and big ol’ fat rain.”

First, the Bestowed giveaway winner is…

5-29 Bestowed Winner

Wahoo congrats Debbie!  Please send me an email at lifesabowlblog@gmail.com with your shipping address and I’ll pass it along so you can get your box.  And for the rest of y’all, you’re in luck because Bestowed kindly has offered you $5 off of your first box using code 5OFFBESTOWED01 – so really everybody’s a winner 😉

Secondly, I should clarify a few things from yesterday’s Two Words Tuesday post

  • I’m picking my car up after work today.  I really am a good driver – the only ticket I’ve gotten was for a trash violation when I was living in Boston and I disputed it.  The ticket was eventually revoked…  But that’s a whole other story.
  • The “BE EPIC” tank was free when I originally signed up for pv.body.  I ultimately unsubscribed from their monthly when they switched over to Ellie.
  • It would be really cool to complete a tri one day but that one day was not over the weekend, I just happened to pass by it on my run.
  • I didn’t purchase any of the bacon products from World Market, but your suggestions of adding the syrup to a cappuccino or into pancakes are quite intriguing.  Maybe I should have bought a bottle?

Anddd thirdly, moving onto Wednesday’s traditional theme: my Tuesday eats…

Thanks Jenn for hosting another tasty link-up!



frozen berries, turkey bacon, & Kodiak Cakes topped with cottage cheese + strawberry preserves + crunchy almond butter


Saturday’s race forecast is looking super hot & super humid so I’m focusing on staying hydrated this week

5-29 Lunch

veggies, a grapefruit, pretzels, & turkey wraps with TJ’s Greek Yogurt Guac + broccoli slaw [repeat offender]


Chobani Strawberry Sunrise Flip – unfortunately I wasn’t flippin’ in love with this flavor


an apple & cottage cheese + Silk Vanilla Soymilk mixed with Kashi Go Lean + Joe’s O’s


last night we went to our 2nd baseball game in 3 days – the game got delayed due to thunderstorms so we grabbed drinks with friends at a local restaurant & waited for it to pass over


the calm after the storm is always beautiful

5-29 Dinner

Whole Foods salad bar, a ham + cheese sandwich, & salt + pepper potato chips



cereal topped with shredded unsweetened coconut + Silk Vanilla Soymilk

Question:  How do you make sure to stay hydrated?

Question:  What has the weather been like lately in your part of the world?

— Allison


Whatcha Think?

  1. Great with the staying hydrated thing..I pretty much keep a full water bottle permanently attached to my hand!

    • I need to be better about carrying water with me – I have a cup that I use while I’m at work but I usually don’t have anything while I’m out and about doing errands…

  2. I always love your snapchats. As a matter of fact, my phone just lit up with another one. Hopefully it’s a face as cute as that one. Oh, and our lunches are pretty much identical. Just swap the turkey for chicken. Twinssssss

  3. Your Trader Joe’s has COCONUT OIL SPRAY!?!? I am so jealous. How long have they had it for????

  4. I’m pretty good about staying hydrated, I always have a big bottle of water with me. I know it’s strange but I kind of love thunderstorms, especially the calm before. I just with my goldendoodle wasn’t so horribly scared of them.

    • I like the sound of rain and thunder when I’m sleeping but I hate when it interferes with my plans during the day… Thankfully Charlie isn’t scared of storms.

  5. SooOoO I must ask, is that new shopping area across from Nats Park open yet?! We’re avid game goers as well and that shopping center could be a total game changer for me!

  6. Cottage cheese with cereal and a dash of almond milk has been my afternoon snack of choice for the past few weeks! Can’t get enough of it :) The weather here has been all over the place! It’s 86 right now, but over the weekend the high was in the 60s (I was much happier this weekend). Hydration wise, I’ve been alternating between coconut water and regular water bottles…can’t get enough of either today and I think that will be the case for the rest of the week!

  7. I need to try some of that greek yogurt guac since you and Molly both rave about it. I love cottage cheese with milk lately. Some tasty eats girlfriend

  8. We’re finally getting some warmer temperatures around the Chicagoland area! Yay! :)

  9. I love the key lime flips the best!!

  10. Are you loving the coconut oil spray? I know that I am!! I love spraying it on my air-popped popcorn and then topping it with nutritional yeast. It is SO good!

  11. It’s been cool, cloudy, and rainy here for a full week now. I’m really really missing the sun!!

  12. I’m terrible at staying hydrated – I really need to work on that! But in the summers I like to make big jugs of iced tea and keep them in the fridge. It makes staying hydrated a lot more tasty than just drinking water.

  13. Nats games are so fun! I love the Presidents :)

  14. Your food posts always make me so hungry, haha! :)

    Did you get anything from Ellie after they switched over from PV Body? They sent me some free outfits recently, which appear to be of really good quality (although on the small side), but I’ve heard some pretty bad things about the company’s history. Did you have a good experience with them?

    • We were away on our honeymoon when the transition occurred and was unaware of it until I saw an unknown charge on my credit card… I ultimately unsubscribed and haven’t tried any of their outfits.

  15. Good luck with your race– im doing one sunday but the weather looks really good… FOR now :)

  16. Given my love for all-things-breakfast, are you surprised that I’m all over your pancakes and cereal bowl? YUM! The weather has gotten crazy hot here so my water consumption has also multiplied! I find having a bottle of water next to me at all times makes sure I stay hydrated…it really is an “outta sight outta mind” scenario for me with water sometimes!

    • I’m the same way… I’m good about drinking water when I’m at home or when I’m at work, but I almost always forget to bring a bottle with me when I’m out and about running errands.

  17. OMG that chicken on the salad bar… I am drooling – good thing I am not there or I would drool INTO the pan! lol!! Uh, Gross!

  18. Ha Ha, I’m not sure why but I totally thought the grapefruit photo was a spaghetti squash before I read the caption. I was even thinking to myself, hmm… strange add in @ lunch in w/ the rest of her meal, Ha Ha!

  19. My area has been SO grey and rainy lately. Like the past two weeks at least. IT’s been crazy. I drink water..all day erryday!!

  20. I definitely need to learn to hydrate DAYS before a race! My last race (last week) was SO hot and humid, that my entire day of hydrating could have never prepared me enough…especially when the water stations were out of water! Seriously, could have never accounted for there only being 4 water buckets and 4 people passing out cups for over a thousand runners! Over two miles mid race without water was absolutely killer! Keep on preppin’ :)

    • Oh no, that does not sound like a good situation. I’ve read a bunch of race recaps lately that talk about water stations – either there isn’t enough of them throughout the course or the stations have run out of water…

  21. Dt.Coke and crystal light
    Wonky is the only word I can think of to describe our weather the last few weeks

  22. That salad bar looks amazing!!! To make sure I stay hydrated I take in a bit of extra salt to help retain the water and then make sure to drink plenty every day starting the wednesday before!!

  23. Yummm whole foods salad bar! It has officially been way too long since I’ve splurged at whole foods, I’m thinking this weekend will be perfect timing for it!

    • A WF trip has become a weekly occurrence since it’s right across the street from my office, but I’ve tried to keep my spending to a minimum by filling my box with light items and bringing additions from home 😛

  24. That picture of the Whole Foods salad bar should be on an advertisement 😉 It captures exactly how I feel when I go there. SO much food. Just an expanse of everything good. Lol.

    I now live really close to a Trader Joe’s (well, for the summer at least), and haven’t been there yet. Not much I can buy for myself, but my dear old mother has been reminding me that they have 1. coconut oil spray 2. basically a gazillion other things that I could be “nice” and pick up for them :)

  25. I love you Natitude!! I’ve only been to a few games, but hope to go to more this summer, once I’m back in the city. Speaking of which, I’ll be back in July and would looooove to meet up!

    DC weather is crazy, but I agree – the calm after the storm is gorgeous. The only way I’m able to stay hydrated in the humidity is by carrying a water bottle in my bag. When I have it on hand, I nurse it all day long. :)

    Happy almost-Friday, my dear! <3

  26. I really want that coconut spray in the WORST way!!! Trader Joe’s is an hour & a half drive away though, boo!! I’ve been seeing it floating around the blog world & I’m a major coconut oil lover, so I NEED it. lol

    Love the look fo the pancakes, girl! 😉
    As for staying hydrated… I make myself drink at least 2-3 glasses of cold water right before I eat my breakfast each morning… & then I always try to make sure I get up to 8 or more by the end of the day.
    Thanks for the heads-up on that Chobani Flip! I’d been eyeing it, but wasn’t sure. 😉

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