Two Words Tuesday: Glad It’s July

June was an absolute whirlwind month.  Looking back through my files, I just realized that I only posted 9 times – cats have 9 lives.  I don’t know where I was going with that but it popped into my mind…  Moving on.

Between being sick, trying new-to-me products, hosting two giveaways, developing an addiction to candy crush, packing and moving, attending my cousin’s bridal shower in Richmond, attending my other cousin’s wedding at The Ritz in Key Biscayne, taking a minute to remember that life is a gift, and patching up our old place…  I’m over the moon glad that it’s July.

Looking at my July calendar, things should be much more low-key thankfully!  I have grand plans of sitting out by the pool [while wearing SPF of course], going to a few Nats games, catching up with friends, running a 5K [the start line is less than 100 feet from our front door, score], and continue to make our new place feel like home.


creamiest sandwich


snackers beware


banana butta


great girlfriend


royal dreamer


always playtime


underrated toast

7-2 Nails

neon nails


Sunday Funday


very… interesting?


pink planker


all gone


office attire   


when’s dinner?

Question:  What’s your favorite adult beverage?  I’m definitely more of a wine-r and love me some bubbly!

Question:  Two words for today: _____ _____.

— Allison


Whatcha Think?

  1. Love me a glass of red wine! Also, I’m trying to try every single gluten-free beer on the market to find my favorite one. :)

    Two words for today? Happy Tuesday!


  2. LOVE the neon nails AND the plank picture! My two words for today are: coffee please. :) Didn’t sleep well last night!

  3. With all that going on, nine times is incredibly impressive, girl!! I’m glad July looks easier for you and expect lots of instagram pics of you lounging by the pool 😉

  4. I love wine, too. But if my husband makes a margarita, then I’m totally in. They are the best (and only margs I’ll drink!).

  5. Sunday Fundays are the best!! And that sandwich…anything with avocado pretty much always makes me drool! 😉

  6. I love the neon nails!
    My favorite “adult drink” is definitely sangria or any red or white wine :)

  7. Favourite adult beverage?! That’s a tough one…I do like my white and rose wines, but lately I’ve been really liking gin-based drinks.

  8. I love so many drinks: pinot noir, cosmopolitans, original mojitos, grapefruit basil mojitos, margaritas, jack & diet cokes, lemon drops. I could go on and on and on.

    And on.

    Two words for today? Couch day. It’s about all I’m good for.

  9. No need to be sorry for living your life! Totally understandable – you had a ton going on this past month! Let me just agree with you on your last comment on my blog…YES we could eat all the same food and live happily ever after. I’ve just discovered the amazing-ness that is a simple avocado sandwich. Oh! And I love that skirt :)

  10. I’m a wine girl too. Although over the weekend at my friend’s party I had Bailey’s mixed with a carton of creamy iced coffee and it was SO good!

  11. Favorite adult beverage is red wine all the way! Actually going to get myself a glass now! Even though it’s 110 degrees outside!
    I totally stock up on organic grapes when their on sale and freeze them. Seriously the perfect cool treat!

  12. Glad you’ve started this month not feeling sick :) I’m actually not a wine person whatsoever, give me a beer or pineapple juice mixed with malibu rum and I’m good to go.

    p.s. You writing me on fb yesterday brightened my whole day. Thanks!

Whatcha Think?