WIAW: Cinnamon Vanilla French Toast {Recipe}

The trend has continued – a WIAW[ednesday] posted a day late.  My intentions are there but my follow-through is…  Missing.  Whomp, whomp.  Nevertheless, my eats recently have been tasty thanks to a few new products and combos :)

Thanks Jenn for hosting another tasty link-up!



Cinnamon Vanilla French Toast


  • 2 egg whites
  • 1/4 cup Silk Light Vanilla Soymilk
  • stevia *to taste*
  • cinnamon


Whisk all of the ingredients in a medium bowl.  Dip individual slices of bread into the batter to coat each side.  Cook for approximately 2 minutes and flip to cook the second side for another 1-2 minutes or until light brown.  Stack and serve with your favorite toppings!  Makes about 3 slices.


topped with cottage cheese + TJs High Fiber Cereal + Earth Balance Crunchy Coconut & Peanut Spread + TJs Super Fruit Spread

served with green grapes

7-3 Lunch Veggies

a very green salad & a ruby red grapefruit

7-3 Lunch

Avocado Chipotle Wrap

whole grain wrap stuffed with spinach + bell pepper strips + TJs Chipotle Pepper Hummus + sliced avocado

served with TJs Inner Peas + TJs Ginger Cats

7-3 Snack

3-Ingredient PB&J Trail Mix

TJs Joe’s O’s + lightly salted peanuts + raisins

*you could substitute any favorite cereal, I just used what we had in the pantry*

served with apple slices



quick cooking tip: nuke the sweet potatoes in the microwave until tender before tossing them into a greased skillet

7-3 Dinner

The Fluffiest Scrambled Eggs

1 whole egg + 1 egg white + 1/4 cup cottage cheese + a dash of salt & pepper

Whisk all of the ingredients in a medium bowl.  Pour the batter into a greased pan and cover with a lid so the eggs can cook through.  When the eggs appear to be set on the bottom, fold in half like an omelet and cook for another minute on each side.  Serve as is or top with a shot of hot sauce + salsa [added after the picture].

served with a salad, sweet potatoes, & avocado toast

P.S.  I hope that y’all have a fabulously fun, safe, and tasty 4th of July!


Question:  Whatcha doing today to celebrate the 4th?  Going to the beach?  Staying local?  BBQing?

Question:  What’s your favorite red, white, and blue recipe?

— Allison


Whatcha Think?

  1. We are on the same wavelength right now girl with the french toast. Joe made the most amazing challah french toast on saturday, and it’s all i can think about food wise haha. He said he’d make it again this weekend, so big kid, peanut and i will be hitting the bread store tomorrow 😉 happy 4th love!!

  2. My Canadian-ness means that I will be working today :-p hope you have a great one!

  3. Happy July 4th! I hope you’re enjoying the holiday. :) It’s just a normal day for me up here in Canada.

    My favourite red, white and blue recipe would probably be cheesecake with raspberries and blueberries!

  4. Better late than never!! I love all your TJ’s foods, I can always count on you to share some good ones!! Today I am working, but I am more than OK with that! Then I have tomorrow off to…relax! YAY! Happy 4th!

  5. Is it sad that I had no idea that making french toast was that easy?? haha…I’ll definitely be trying that out!

  6. Mmmm…. I don’t mind your day late eats as it gives me another chance to drool over your food!
    We are keeping it pretty mellow today. Already went to a parade and now just lounging around the house. Feels good!

  7. HA! I do the same thing. Every Tuesday morning I wonder if I am actually going to snap pics of all my meals AND upload them on my computer. For some reason, I have been seriously slacking on both those account :) Nevertheless, you meals look amazing (per usual) but I am going to need to try that frech toast recipe!

  8. Cereal on french toast sounds awesome!

  9. what is your favorite bread to eat for your sandwiches, etc? It’s probably a healthy one,, which I am looking for!

    What are your usual TJ buys? I love TJs

    • Beth, we typically buy our bread from Trader Joe’s because that’s where we shop the most. The 100% Whole Grain Whole Wheat Fiber Bread is what we buy most often, but we also like the various sprouted grain breads like the Ezekiel line. There are way too many things that we like at TJ’s to list, we’ve maybe tried one or two that we haven’t purchased again, and since the prices are fair I suggest that you purchase anything that catches your eye and try it!


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