Sunshine Award

Thank you (on behalf of Charlie) for all of the birthday wishes yesterday!  I’m pretty sure that he had no clue that it was his birthday, since we spoil him on a daily basis, but he definitely enjoyed his eggs for breakfast and a pumpkin muffin (recipe coming soon!) for “dessert” :)


Another thank you is in order, this time to Molly at Heart, Sole, & Cereal for nominating me for the Sunshine Award back in August!  I always enjoy reading surveys (which sounds kinda nosy?) and thought that it would be an easy way to get back into the blogging groove…  Remember, I’ve committed myself to blogging consistently throughout the month of October thanks to the Octoblog Challenge!


First, Molly’s 10 questions…

1.  What’s your favorite back to school memory?  I don’t remember any of my first days of school, but I do remember the first day that my best friend and I drove to school without our parents. We felt so cool!

Funny flashback: my best friend was (and still is) notorious for diving with her gas light on.  One morning we were driving to school with the light on – she didn’t remember how long it had been on, but she thought that we could make it to the gas station in the next town over where we got our daily bagel + coffee.  Whelp, we didn’t make it.  All of a sudden her car started puttering and broke down in front of a creepy house (read: a rusty swinging gate, dark windows, a black cat) and we had to wait for her nanny to bring us a gallon of gas.   That said, we still went to the bagel bakery for breakfast…  All’s well that ends well!


2.  Do you still stalk your first crush on Facebook?  Nope, I don’t think we’re friends on Facebook?

3.  What’s your favorite way to get physical?  Woah, getting personal!  Kidding…  I love to run (even if I get into ruts) and recently I’ve started doing more strength training and I’m liking the results (even if my guns are itty-bitty)!


4.  If you had to pick one genre of music to listen to for life, what would it be?  Country.  I love me some Blake Shelton,Gloriana, Hunter Hayes, Lady Antebellum, Taylor Swift, The Band Perry, Tim McGraw, and Zac Brown Band.

5.  What’s one thing you’ll spend ridiculous amounts of money on besides running/exercise gear?  Getting my nails done – it doesn’t costs THAT much each visit, but it definitely adds up.  And traveling – I love visiting my family + friends, going to the beach, taking a weekend trip up to Boston.


6.  ‘N Sync, Backstreet Boys, 98*, or O-Town?  ‘N Sync all.the.way.  I’m proud to say that I went to their first concert in DC and soon after I developed a soft spot for Lance Bass that lasted through elementary school.  Then I moved onto Enrique Iglesias in middle school (true story).

7.  If your life were a soap opera, what would it be called?  This is a tough one.  Ryan jokes and likes to call those types of shows “stories” so maybe “Allison’s Stories”?  I think the plot would focus on my family, my health, and my everyday shenanigans…  So many a sitcom would be better?

8.  Name one small thing that brightens your day no matter what your mood is.  Charlie.  Immediately as I walk through our front door he’s there, wagging his tail, begging for attention, and offering oodles of kisses.  Unconditional love is something that’s so special.


9.  Have you ever dyed your hair?  Do you regret it or was it the best choice ever?  Yup, I have a few times but I’ve never done color all over, just highlights.  It took me a while to convince my momma but eventually she budged.  Two things that I’ve learned: bleach blonde streaks do not look good on me whatsoever and color dries out my hair.


10.  Do, date, or dump – the men of Dawson’s Creek: Dawson, Pacey, Jack.  Confession: I’ve probably watched 2-3 episodes of Dawson’s Creek?  So I don’t know much about the men, but I’d say…  Date Dawson, do Pacey, and since I have no clue who Jack is, that’s an automatic dump.

Now, my 10 questions…

1.  If you could trade places with anyone, who would it be?

2.  What are your favorite sundae toppings?

3.  Favorite fall flavor – apple or pumpkin?

4.  What’s your favorite season?  Favorite holiday?

5.  Would you rather get a massage or a facial?

6.  Who’s your favorite celebrity?

7.  Salty or sweet?

8.  Where’s your dream vacation?  If you’ve already been, would you go back?

9.  What’s your current favorite TV show/series?

10.  What’s one thing that you recommend that I have to do before I turn 30?

And the 10 nominees…

1.  Alysia @ Slim Sanity

2.  Bess @ Bess Be Fit

3.  Brittany @ Blissful Britt

4.  Cait @ Cait’s Plate

5.  Christina @ Hungry Meets Healthy

6.  Cori @ Olive To Run

7.  Elle @ nutritonella

8.  Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli

9.  Katie @ Healthy Diva Eats

10.  Robyn @ the Real Life RD

Question:  Answer any of the questions that I answered or asked!

Question:  If your life were a soap opera, what would it be called?

— Allison


Whatcha Think?

  1. That picture of Charlie with the muffin seriously cracks me up!!

  2. Thanks Allison!! :)

    I can’t get over the picture of Charlie. It’s so cute!

  3. Woo hoo for baby muscles! I’ve got a pair of them too! 😉 And omg, I haven’t thought of Dawson’s Creek in FOREVER! Good that you “dumped” Jack because he was the gay one! But yeah right there with ya…Dawson was much more of the dating type but Pacey was soooo cute…do him in a heartbeat! Haha! The soap opera one is hard…hmm, maybe MISGuiding Light…Days of our Crazy? haha! Thanks for the nomination love! I’ve already done this once, but I got nominated again the other day two so I may do it again! Can’t help it…total sucker for surveys!

    That pic of Charlie with the muffin hanging out of his mouth is priceless! I feel so guilty about not paying more attention to my little guy, Tiger…I’m hardly ever home and when I am, I’m always running around like a madwoman! I going to try to make it a point once I get back from my trip this week to spend more time with the shedding little furball!

    • Haha – it took me a minute or two to catch onto your soap opera titles but now that I get them, they’re pretty good 😛 Enjoy your time with Tiger!

  4. Charlie is soo adorable :) He would put a smile on my face all the time too!

    My Before 30 goal is to run a 50-mile ultra. I mean that sounds like a totally reasonable thing to do, right?? Maybe you should do it too!

  5. Happy belated birthday to Charlie! I hope he will forgive me for missing it. 😉

    Haha I loved the story about your friend’s car running out of gas. My friends and I got into some funny situations when we first got our licenses too. One time we drove to Taco Bell at lunch and we took too long getting back, so we jokingly texted a friend that we got into an accident, and by the time we got back to school, our teachers and friends were all freaking out lol!

    If my life were a soap opera, I would call it “Short-listed”… because I’m short. 😛

  6. I went through a hair dying phase. No lie- it’s been ever color that is a “natural” hair color for someone at some point in my life.

    1. Trading places- I’d like to be Ellen for a day.
    2. Sundae- I don’t like sundaes. Froyo toppings though? Fruit and a little chocolate- like peanut butter cups.
    3. Pumpkin
    4. Fall, Christmas
    5. I’ve never had a facial…
    6. Ellen.
    7. Sweet and Salty please.
    8. Costa Rica rocked but my next choice would be New Zealand.
    9. I’m currently addicted to SUITS and have been watching it on Amazon Prime. Otherwise Shark Tank or Impractical Jokers.
    10. One thing to do- the one thing you want to but aren’t sure you “can”.

    Thanks for including my Allison! Have a GREAT week!

  7. I have a sunshine award that I need to accept as well from awhile ago!

    I’ve only watched a few episodes of Dawson’s Creek too. I tried to get into it since all of the seasons were on Netflix, but I just couldn’t. Someday maybe!

    NSYNC or Backstreet Boys is SUCH a hard choice.

    Dream Vacation? Disney! Haha.

  8. Can I just say again how adorable Charlie is!? I love when you post photos!


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