WIAW: Apple Spice Walnut Pancakes

This isn’t going to be the most kosher WIAW post, sorry. Today I’m sharing a recipe and talking about glitter and rainbows (figuratively speaking). I’ll start with the former and for those of you who wanna skedaddle before the later, just X out after the last pancake picture.
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Thanks Jenn for hosting another tasty link-up!

Breakfast the past few mornings has consisted of coffee, fresh fruit, and pancakes. No real surprise. But, I’ve added some spice to my life by playing around with a few different recipes. I’ve added cottage cheese, omitted eggs (because we were out which has become a frequent occurrence lately), mixed in spoonfuls of Crock-Pot Chunky Cinnamon Applesauce, tried topping them with the very traditional toppings of butter + pure maple syrup, and this morning I added walnuts.

The batch without eggs was my least favorite. The base consisted of white whole wheat flour + cottage cheese + pumpkin puree and a few other ingredients. They weren’t awful, actually they were fairly tasty and had a pie like consistency – dense, moist, crisp around the edges – and I think I’ll try baking the batter next time.

Yesterday I picked up a variety of nuts from the bulk bins at Wegmans. Cashews are Ryan’s favorite, we both love peanuts, and I’ve been craving walnuts so those made the cut too. For whatever reason, I thought that nuts, candy, etc. from the bulk bins was more expensive than buying the stuff in bags or tins… I was proved wrong. Three bags of nuts for only $5.10, heck yeah!

This morning’s pancakes were my favorite so I’ll share a recipe for those. I’m somewhat surprised that the applesauce I made last weekend has lasted as long as it has because last year we polished off the tub within just a few days. The silver lining of Ryan traveling for work – I don’t have to share the applesauce! Since we had less than a serving left, I thought pancakes would be the perfect farewell meal… Until my next batch. And maybe then I’ll get around to sharing that recipe?

Now for the not so glamorous stuff, the glitter and rainbows (aka digestive and bowel problems). Did you know that a lot of men don’t believe that women fart or poop? Apparently, we just shoot out glitter and rainbows. Whelp, sorry to say that my husband knows a different truth.

Over the summer I had a few health hiccups that I promise to discuss soon, but none of them dealt with my digestive system. Ever since I met with the doctor at Georgetown and started a new prescription, my IBS symptoms have been fairly absent. I’ve had cramps on occasion, but they haven’t been anything close to the pain that I’ve experienced in the past… Until last Friday. I woke up feeling alright, ate breakfast and soon after my stomach started to hurt – cramping in my lower abdomen, nauseous, headache, and I started sweating – and the cycle continued throughout the weekend every time I ate. It was so bizarre.
Reading about health problems online can be risky and should be done with discretion. If your throat hurts WebMD may tell you that you have strep or the flu, when in reality it could just be allergies or the common cold. Health issues are not black and white, there’s a lot of grey area. With this in mind, I scrolled through a handful of different IBS related articles and reminded myself to take things with a grain of salt.
One website said that my intestines could be bleeding since the pain occurred after every time I ate. This could be true but not likely. Another website said that my intestines could be twisted. Again, possible but even less likely. I then started reading about the most common IBS trigger foods. Most of the websites listed the usual suspects such as dairy, raw and coniferous veggies, gluten, artificial sweeteners, beans and legumes, alcohol, chocolate, red meat, and garlic… Garlic?!
Ironically, earlier in the week I had a hankering for garlic (probably after seeing a delicious recipe on Pinterest) so I bought a jar of minced garlic and had been adding it to almost all of my savory eats. Ah ha, I was causing the pain to myself! I’ve never been an “all or nothing” kind of eater – except when I was advised by my doctor to try a gluten free diet – and think moderation is the key to life, but this experience has shown me that there are always exceptions. I now know that garlic and my stomach are not friends.
Question: How did you break the ice with your boyfriend/fiance/husband about “glitter and rainbows”? I most definitely will regret sharing this story publicly, but it’s only right since I asked y’all. The first night Ryan ever visited me in Boston we were laying in bed watching a movie. FYI: my apartment in Boston was no bigger than a closet and could only fit a twin bed. As usual, I fell asleep during the movie but suddenly was awoken when I pooted… I was MORTIFIED! Ryan and I laughed until we cried and he’ll never let me live it down.
Question: What food do you love to eat but your stomach hates?

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