WIAW: The Rainbow Minus Blue

This has nothing to do with food, but did y’all see the episode of 60 Minutes this past Sunday?  In the first segment they interviewed Amazon.com’s CEO Jeff Bezos and he revealed that they’re currently crafting delivery drones.  Drones.  Yes…  Drones.

How it would work: you place an online order, one of the fulfillment centers would receive and process your order, and a drone would deliver your package within approximately 30 minutes.  Cool or creepy?  I can’t decide.

Drone Spoofs

I’m pretty sure that it was the first time I’ve ever watched 60 Minutes and I’m also pretty sure that after those 60 minutes were up I felt 60 years older.  Kidding, but for whatever reason I’ve always thought of it as a show geared towards older people.  Similar to how Grape Nuts cereal is for older people…  But evidently I like both of those, strengthening Ryan’s opinion that I’m a grandma.

Yesterday’s Elf for Health challenge was to eat the rainbow.  Overall I did fairly well, with the exception of blue – blue was the one color that I struggled to incorporate.  The only blue foods that I could think of were blueberries, blue corn tortilla chips, and blue cheese crumbles.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have any of them so I did the next best thing…  I ate a lot of blue packaged foods, ha!

Thanks Jenn for hosting another tasty link-up!


Trader Joe’s coffee (brown) + Silk Vanilla Soymilk (white)


Chobani Blackberry Greek Yogurt (purple) + chia seeds (black)


Gala apple slices (red/yellow), turkey bacon (brown), & pumpkin pie pancakes (orange) with dates (purple) topped with Greek yogurt


Ranch Tortilla popchips (yellow)


green beans (green), clementines (orange), a turkey (white) sandwich with guacamole (green) on sourdough bread (white), & popchips


a banana (yellow)


cinnamon Greek yogurt (brown) with Rice Chex (white)


sauteed spinach (green) + artichokes (white) + carrots (orange) with tomato sauce (red), leftover Thanksgiving turkey (white) with melted brie cheese (white), & mashed acorn squash (yellow)


oatmeal brown sugar break & bake cookies (brown)


Question:  What’s your favorite blue food?  My momma said blue M&M’s – smart woman 😉

Question:  What do you think about Amazon’s announcement?

— Allison


Whatcha Think?

  1. Lots of colors! I don’t really like turkey, but turkey with melted Brie cheese sounds really good! I would say blueberries, but other than that I can’t think of blue foods. Lots of died blue but not blue on their own.

  2. I also watched that 60 minutes. The only reason was because it was on between football games my husband was watching. Just tried those pop chips over break…love em!

  3. My favorite blue food is definitely blueberries. Or, as I posted on Instagram yesterday..my “blue” Zevia cola! 😉

  4. I didn’t end up with anything blue or purple – I wish I had thought of dates, I actually have those! And Hannah’s idea was pretty smart 😉

  5. I’m going with M&Ms.. and would you believe I actually enjoyed a couple at work yesterday, but they were the Thanksgiving colors! Rude. lol

    • I don’t think that I’ve ever seen the Thanksgiving M&Ms… But I’m not surprised that thye have some since they have every other holiday. Christmas and Valentine’s Day are my favorite :)

  6. I missed out on blue, too!!! How were the Popchips?

  7. Great job on eating the rainbow! Love how you labeled it all out. :)
    My favorite blue food would have to be blueberries.

  8. MMMMM your breakfast looks awesome! I love mixing Chobani and chia seeds :)

  9. Girl your eats are amazing! Your pics are wonderful! I can’t get over those pancakes. I did not do this well for the challenge yesterday, haha:) Just found your blog through WIAW and I love it! :)


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Whatcha Think?