Two Words Tuesday: I’m Puffinin’

Hey y’all!  I’m currently sitting in Starbucks eating an apple and chocolate peanut butter bar, sipping a tall blonde, and procrastinating going to the gym.  I’ll most likely stay here for about an hour, the drive home will take another hour-ish, and by the time I get home it’ll be after 7 p.m.  And by then all I’ll want to do is curl up on the couch with a bowl of Spicy 4-Bean Chili Soup (new recipe, picture below!) and binge on Scandal.

This week I’m back to subbing at my old elementary school for a 3rd and 4th grade special education position.  To say that I’m enjoying the opportunity would be an understatement.  The staff is friendly and helpful, the students enjoy being there, and I’m slowly learning my way around – both academically and physically.  I’m scheduled to be there through Friday and then there’s two weeks of winter break, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be back in January.  A girl can hope!


Random :: When you were in elementary school, did you give your teachers Christmas presents?  A mom and her son are sitting at the table next to me brainstorming ideas – the conversation is quite comical!  So far the son has suggested coffee, pencils, money, and food.  Coffee because “teachers always have a cup in their hand.”  Pencils because “students always chew off the erasers.”  Money because “teachers are poor.”  And food because “teachers always are going to the break room for food.”  Smart boy 😉

I’m planning to participate in Jenn‘s tasty link-up tomorrow and bombard y’all with recipes since I teased you last week.  Or should I just share one recipe and save the others for another day?  In reality, it’ll depend on how much time I have…  I’m hoping to workout before school since the chances of me sweating tonight are dwindling by the minute.


sincerely grateful


beautiful surroundings


morning monkey


complete madhouse


puffy muffin


great company


beautiful sunrise


Christmas… enthusiast?


Gingerbread Brownies


decadent sundae


semi-homemade soup


start training


hearty warmth


feelin’ elfie


awesome surprise!

Question:  Have you run in the Cherry Blossom race?  Are you running it in 2014?

Question:  What’s your favorite cereal?  Puffins, obviously.  And Cherrios because they’re a classic.

— Allison


Whatcha Think?

  1. Peanut Butter Puffins are AWESOME…and dangerous!! 😉

  2. Love your green leggings! 😉

  3. Oh my gosh! I freaking LOVE puffins…talk about addictions! (But seriously, Barbara cereals are my FAVORITE!)

  4. We’ve got the same purse! AND we both teach special ed.

  5. Haha love that picture of Charlie :) and how did you score those puffins lucky duck?? I love puffins! Definitely one of my favs…along with the many flavors of cheerios 😉

  6. I LOVE puffins! The chocolate/peanut butter ones are my fav. I went through a stage where I ate them every night after dinner!

  7. I’ve been thinking that I need to pick up a box of peanut butter puffins – it’s been way too long since I’ve had any!

  8. I really can’t remember if I got teachers gifts. I think I might have gotten a few of them something – only the ones who didn’t throw me in detention!


  9. Wait…your gingerbread brownies al a mode’ looking incredible! I officially am craving something warm, chewy, and decadent now. Andddd what do I have? Gum. haha, I can’t wait to whip up something this weekend now 😉


  10. Haha on the teacher gifts, my kindergartner and 3rd grader got their teacher’s gifts and they do include a coffee mug :)

Whatcha Think?