Back in School Monday – Friday

Last week was a doozy.  Not in a bad way, it was actually quite wonderful!  Doozy in the sense that I was constantly on-the-go – caring for Charlie and my gimpy husband, moving from one activity to the next, driving from one place to another.

3-3:30 a.m. wake-up & drag Charlie with me out of bed

3:30 a.m. respond to emails while watching Scandal

5 a.m. make breakfast & brew a cup of coffee – cinnamon coconut was the flavor of the week


6:30 a.m. pack lunches – we ate many peanut butter sandwiches + pretzels with hummus

6:45 a.m. take Charlie outside & get distracted by the beautiful sunrise


7 a.m. shower & dry my hair – a new but welcome change, I usually leave the house with wet hair

7:30 a.m. race out the door only to realize I forgot my keys – it happened three times

8 a.m. stop at Starbucks for a skim peppermint cappuccino


8:15 a.m. walk into school, unpack, & chat with teachers

8:50 a.m. teach 4th grade math

10 a.m. planning period

11 a.m. teach 4th grade science

12:00 p.m. eat lunch


12:25 p.m. go outside for recess – the boys play basketball & the girls go gaga for rainbow loom

1 p.m. teach 4th grade social studies

2:15 p.m. teach 3rd grade math

3:10 p.m. hand out stickers, assign homework, stack chairs, & pack-up


3:20 p.m. students are dismissed

3:40 p.m. leave school

4:30 p.m. meet my BFF at the gym


5:45 p.m. sit in traffic for about an hour-ish while chatting with my momma & listening to Pandora

6:30 p.m. shower my boys with kisses

6:45 p.m. make & eat dinner – Spicy 4-Bean Chili Soup was eaten three nights in a row


7:30 p.m. shower

8:00 p.m. watch Scandal, again

8:05 p.m. eat dessert – ’tis the season for everything molasses


8:45 p.m. fall asleep on the couch

10 p.m. wake up to Ryan tickling me

10:05 p.m. fall asleep (again) while watching House Hunters        

…repeat Monday – Friday

That has been my schedule for the past 7 days, plus a few day-to-day variations.  Despite how busy it is and how much driving I’m doing, I’m loving it!  The only thing that I miss about working from home is having access to a full kitchen.  Within just 7 days I’ve started to develop relationships with the students and I really enjoy the other teachers and administrators.

The next two weeks I’m on winter break, enjoying all of the Christmas and New Year’s festivities…  As well as catching up with friends who are in town for the holidays, studying for the VCLA (Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment), planning math/science lessons, and outlining future blog posts because my absence is evidence that I don’t have time to write Monday – Friday.

Question:  What’s your Monday – Friday schedule like?

Question:  If you’re a blogger, do you write your posts in advance?  I never have because I tend to write about whatever pops into my mind that day, but that will have to change if I want to post more often than on the weekend.

— Allison


Whatcha Think?

  1. I used to always right my posts right before I posted them, but now I right about 90% of them on the weekends because otherwise I have ZERO down-time on week nights :( .

    • Sounds similar to my situation! I’m thinking that I’ll at least draft a few ideas and put the finishing touches on them in the mornings while I eat breakfast :)

  2. WOW … 3-3:30am? Man, I thought my 4:30-5:30am wake up calls were brutal. I don’t know how you do it! I don’t pre-write my blog posts (OK, well, I write them once I finish work around 11pm, and then publish when I wake up the next morning, so I guess I pre-write by 5-6 hours!), but I have been thinking about moving more towards that – for some posts, at least. It would help me be more organized, get some more meaningful content in (avoiding those nights when I can’t really think straight and just want to get something out), and help me sleep more when I need to!

    • I don’t wake up that early willingly :P I haven’t been sleeping well lately, but thankfully I haven’t been dragging throughout the day. And I’m impressed that you work until 11 p.m. – usually I’ve been asleep for a couple hours by then, ha!

  3. Is that a slow cooker? If so, then awesome – I love mine. Either way, that dinner looks delicious. And I like your workout pants!

  4. Wow are you insane!?!?! You get up at 3???? I feel terrible about my life right now. Can’t believe you have the energy to do all that! Jealous

    • Ha, sorry! That wasn’t my point! I’d sleep later if I could… There’s nothing to do that early in the morning, the rest of the world is still asleep!

  5. I do schedule posts, but not all the time! :)

  6. 3 a.m! You are super woman. This post kind of makes me miss going to school :) And I don’t write my posts in advance unless I know they’ll take me a little longer or if I know I’ll forget something. Hope you had a great weekend :D

    • I love being a teacher but I did not love being a student… I’m eager to get my master’s degree, but I’m not looking forward to writing papers and taking exams again :P

  7. That’s quite the schedule! I don’t usually write posts ahead of time… the earliest I write them is the night before, especially if I have to work a full day the next day. Otherwise, like you, I like to write what pops into my head & is going on at the moment and/or fairly current.

  8. whoa— five hours of sleep!?!? you are my hero!! :)

Whatcha Think?