Becoming a Brownie

Yesterday was an experience that I’ll share with my future daughters (assuming I’m not cursed with 3 boys).  Lesson learned: school is a learning experience, not just for the students.

When I was younger, my momma was my hair adviser – she told the hairstylist exactly how much to cut off and if my bangs were still too long.  Bangs made it easy to know when a haircut was needed.  I stuck with the same, plain, stick-straight hairstyle through 6th grade until I became more adventurous and added layers and highlights.

Nowadays, I’m still very low maintenance when it comes to my hair…  My hair routine?  I don’t have one. I wash my hair daily, sometimes twice if I workout in the afternoon.  Use shampoo and conditioner.  Rarely use a blow dryer, #wethairdontcare.  Prefer it to be silky and smooth, not crunchy and sticky from styling products.  And most often it’s pulled back with bobby pins or in some sort of ponytail because I hate having hair in my face.


When we were sitting in the family room waiting for Christmas Eve dinner to be ready, someone found a business card on the floor for Paul Mitchell The School – a beauty school located in one of our local malls.  Sometime within the past month my momma randomly stopped in and had her hair washed and blown dry.  She explained that since it’s a beauty school, the “Professionals in Training” (students) do all of the washing/cutting/styling/etc. while the teachers walk around and oversee their work.  She was happy with the result, the price, and said that she’d go back.

Seeing that I’ve been in need of a haircut for the past month (don’t think that I don’t see you split ends!) and my momma gave me a 20% off referral coupon, I was sold and made an appointment.



When I arrived at The School I was met by two front desk attendants who checked me in and told me to wait for my stylist.  A few minutes later a young lady who didn’t look a day over 18 introduced herself and walked me over to her station.  Since I didn’t plan to do anything drastically different, just a trim, we chatted for only a minute before she signaled for her teacher to come over.  The two of them discussed the plan and I was asked to sign a paper.  I didn’t read what the paper said, but I assume that it said something like the salon is not responsible for any hair catastrophes…  Thinking back now, I probably should have read the fine print.

I asked the student how much a haircut cost and when she told me the price (no more than what I typically tip my hairstylist) I asked how much color would cost.  I’ve debated going darker for a while, I did once before and loved it, but the cost has deterred me…  She told me the price and again it was extremely reasonable so I bit the bullet and before I knew it, we were looking at swatches and picking out a color.



Everything after picking out a color is a blur.  Color was applied, I sat for about 20 minutes for the color to take, and then the teacher came over to check-in.  I immediately could tell by the look on her face that she was less than impressed with the student’s work but I wasn’t surprised…  My hair looked like a beehive, all stuck together on the top of my head.  The teacher said that the color was not applied in “the Paul Mitchell way,” by dividing my hair into 4 sections, which made it difficult to tell whether or not the color was distributed evenly.

We were back at step 1.  The student rinsed my hair and I sat back in the chair for a second round of color, but this time both the student and the teacher simultaneously worked together.  The whole time my heart was beating out of my chest because my hair looked black, ACK!  I was worried that two rounds of color was going to make my hair twice as dark as I had wanted.



Thankfully once my hair was rinsed and dried, the true color was revealed and I loved it.  It’s definitely brown, not black, and my natural highlights shine through.  Unfortunately because the whole process took over 3.5 hours and the school was closing, there wasn’t time for a trim (the reason I originally made the appointment).


So y’all are probably wondering…

Would I go back?  Yes. 

Would I get my hair colored there again?  Yes, the price can’t be beat and I don’t trust myself to color my own hair.  Although, I wouldn’t go there to get highlights becuase they’re more complicated.

Would I get my hair cut there?  Yes.  Again, I wouldn’t go there to get a drastic cut done, such as cutting off a few inches, becuase it’s easier to notice a mistake on shorter hair versus longer hair.

Am I happy?  Yes.  I love the color and think it looks much better than my original color!

Keep in mind, it’s a school.  Students don’t know everything, that’s why there are teachers.  School is a learning experience…  For both the students and the customers.

Question:  What’s your typical hair routine?

Question:  Have you ever done something to your hair that you’ve later regretted?  Yup, I’ve tried to cut my own bangs a few too many times and every time they look worse than before.

— Allison


Whatcha Think?

  1. The darker colour looks great! Honestly, I’ve had hair catastrophes…but I recovered from each ;)

    I’ve had hair as short as a couple of inches long, and hair as bright as a Troll (it was fire red and orange).

    I recently went back to brown…Currently, I’m loving it :)

  2. I got highlights a few times at a beauty school, and although a couple times they were good, the last time I went I ended up with the entire top layer of my hair completely blond, and everything underneath my natural, very dark brown hair color. I ended up going to a professional salon to get it all dyed back brown, and am loving having my natural(ish) color back, at least for a while. :)

  3. I seriously love the color. It looks SO good!!

  4. She managed to do a really good job – the colour looks great!

  5. That color looks beautiful on you!! I have always been a little afraid to try out the beauty school near my house, but if I ever decide to get my hair colored I’ll probably try it!

    • Thanks Emily! I’d recommend reading reviews and/or talking with someone that’s been there before… Just in case. Some mistakes are harder to fix!

  6. Love the brown on you! I’ve debated going darker, but I’m just too chicken. Thinking maybe temporary color before I go permanent. You’re very patient! I would’ve been kind of annoyed after 3.5 hours!

    • Thanks Lindsay! The color is only a semi-permanent so it’ll wash out after about 6 weeks. I liked the idea of it washing out versus growing out – no roots :P

  7. That color looks BEAUTIFUL on you! Welcome to the brunette club, my friend <3

  8. it looks SO GOOD!!! i went brownie and liked it for a little bit, but in the end, it didn’t suit me. it looks great on you though!!

  9. The color looks fabulous!!! I’ve never been to a hair school to get my haircut because I tend to stick with the same stylist.

  10. It looks good. You should go back and see if they’ll do your trim!

  11. oh my gosh– I got butterflies reading this. I had a botched hair cut when I was 14, cried everyday for a solid year and have sworn never to do anything crazy with my hair as a result. :)

  12. I love the darker color on you! Glad it ended up working out ok for you, minus not getting the trim done. I’ve never gone to a hair school, think I’d be nervous since I’ve had a bad experience with getting a short (& even shorter than I’d wanted) haircut in the past. I shed many tears over it. lol

    • I never would get a short haircut (or highlights) by a stylist-in-training. There are just too many things that could go wrong. Sorry you had to experience it!

  13. First of all you look great! But I would have lost my mind sitting for 3 1/2 hours! I have a hard time doing an hour massage– sitting is so hard for me!

  14. Your hair looks so cute!!! I love it! What a fun change for a new year :)

  15. You are GORGEOUS girl! xoxo
    I love that you are brave and did this. With my curly hair, I don’t have the nerve. One bad cut and I’m a chia pet!

  16. Love the new colour!!! My unruly mane never cooperates for me! Oh the woes of curly hair!


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Whatcha Think?