MIMM: Blurry Memories

Last week sped by but I have a feeling that this week is going to go by much.much.slower.  Tuesday was Christmas Eve, Wednesday was Christmas, Thursday we saw Anchorman 2, Friday I spent my afternoon at the salon before friends came over for dinner and the Bull Run Festival of Lights, Saturday we celebrated my BFF’s birthday, yesterday we saw American Hustle…  And then in the blink of an eye, it’s already Monday.

IMG_4488 Charlie doesn’t do mornings, or Mondays

I was scheduled to take the VLCA exams this afternoon but considering that I haven’t studied,  I postponed the tests (without penalty) until Friday morning.  Yesterday evening I outlined grand plans for my week ahead – wake up, eat breakfast, workout, eat lunch, study, snack, study, eat dinner, study, go to sleep, and repeat.  With the exception of some fun on New Year’s Eve, obviously.

How did today go?  Well, I’ve eaten, worked out, washed all of our laundry, walked Charlie, watched wedding shows…  And I have not even begun to study.  Gah!  I never have been good at studying at home.  In elementary school and throughout high school I went to a tutor after school before I went to practice, in college I studied and wrote papers at a local coffee shop, and nowadays I prefer to stay late at the office to finish any work and write blog posts at Starbucks.  My brain has coded home to be an anti-work zone.

IMG_4507 upped my weights so my body was sufficiently pumped at BodyPump

In an effort to procrastinate even longer, below are some marvelous moments from the past week (a few that didn’t make it into my Christmas recap are also included).  A lot of the pictures – especially the ones from the light show since we were instructed not to stop along the route, as well as from Seasons 52 because the room was extremely dark – are oober blurry.  Maybe in 2014 I’ll start using one of my fancy cameras?

Thanks Katie for hosting another marvelous link-up!

IMG_4147 the world’s best chocolate chip cookies made by my uncle (which he may start selling online!)

IMG_4202 salty & sweet breakfasts have been the theme lately

IMG_4242 Charlie loves playing fetch at my momma’s house because her wood floors are like a slip ‘n slide

IMG_4252 I always have had & always will have chubby cheeks, they’re my signature

IMG_4294 it doesn’t get much cozier than sitting by the fire with a warm drink & snow socks

Bull Run Festival of Lights 2013 Bull Run Festival of Lights – pretty, but not worth the $20 admission fee

IMG_4316 my teacher feet will be happy the rest of the winter

IMG_4320 an ornament for each year that Ryan & I have been together (a new tradition)

IMG_4423 Dilbert & Doonesbury for life

IMG_4446_2 birthday mani + pedi

IMG_4436 I may not stay awake to see the ball to drop on NYE, but at least I’ve got glitter on my nails

Lauren's Bday at Seasons 52 good food, good service, great company, & fun memories

Question:  Does any place near you do a light show?  This was my first experience.

Question:  Have you ever eaten at Seasons 52?  What’s your favorite dish?  The menu changes seasonally so we try to go once each season!

— Allison


Whatcha Think?

  1. Aww those cheeks! I had them too (still do 😉 )….too cute!! Those slippers look so comfy, too! I should get a pair like that to wear around the boys’ house! It’s old and drafty and really cold right now haha. Good luck with the studying! I think I was the opposite of you in school…I had to study at home/in my room because I got too distracted anywhere else 😛

  2. Fun weekend! The light show looks really cool! There’s probably something like that around my area, but we just haven’t looked into it. Maybe next year!
    And I can totally relate about studying at home— so many distractions! Like reading blogs..whoops.

    • I’ve lived in the same area since kindergarten, but this year was my first light show experience. Maybe they’re a new thing? Or I’ve been living under a rock 😛

  3. We saw Anchorman 2 last weekend, too. I was pretty reluctant to go but was surprised by how funny it actually was – I laughed a lot. Steve Carrell’s character (Brick) totally makes the movie :)

  4. Wow, those slippers look so comfy! I haven’t seen Anchorman 2 yet, but I heard mixed reviews…I saw American Hustle a few days ago and really liked it, although I thought it was a tad too long.
    Working from home, I’ve had to teach myself how to actually work during the day! Some days are easier than others :-p

    • We thought Anchorman was good, but some parts were a bit too silly… I can only take Will Ferrell in small doses. I agree about American Hustle, it was good but some scenes could have been shortened.

  5. Soooo I’m the queen of procrastination. My apartment never looks cleaner than finals week. Oh well, as long as it gets done eventually, right? 😉 I want a pair of ugg slippers so badly, but my target ones are still in pretty good shape for now so I guess I’m stuck with them for awhile longer haha

  6. I live in DC too (got my hair cut at Paul Mitchell too last year…3 flippin hours but turned out great).

    I am so curious about Seasons 52 and want to go but want recommendations of what to get. I am low budget so I hate when I am disappointed and menus freak me out so I like to just have someone suggest a dish or two.

    Any suggestions? Might see if they are open for New Year’s day lunch or brunch.

    • I definitely recommend trying Seasons 52 – I’ve never heard a negative review from anyone that has been! Their flatbreads are great, the salads are tasty, their seafood dishes are delicious, and my husband is a fan of their pork/steak :) I can’t remember a dish that we’ve tried and really didn’t enjoy…

  7. We have a light show drive-thru thing like that too… it’s down by the lake & the pictures look almost exactly how it looked last year. They also have a place to stop with reindeer & the kiddos can see santa.
    LOVE Seasons 52 & miss it so much (none in WI). My favorites were always the farmer’s market vegetable platters & the chile rellenos – fantastic. Miss that place so much, such a great concept.
    Have a great NYE!

    • I wish we could have stopped along the way, I bet the pictures would have been better, ha. I think we’ve chatted about Seasons 52 before?! I’ve never tried the chile rellenos (actually, never ever have tried them anywhere) but thanks for the recommendation!

Whatcha Think?