Lobster Dinner & Pickle Shots for Breakfast

Happy New Year!  Whether you kept it low-key or went out and donned your most fabulous glitterlicious outfit, I hope that you had a wonderful evening celebrating!

Happy-New-Year Ryan and I debated staying in or going out, but we ultimately decided to stay local since he’s still hobbling around on crutches.  Our celebration started with seeing The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.  Ben Stiller was fabulous, the scenery was beautiful, and the story kept our attention – definitely a movie worth seeing in the theater!

IMG_4545 After the movie we drove over to Wegmans to pick-up dinner fixings.  Ever since we moved into our new apartment I’ve been eying the lobster tank at Wegmans and what better occasion to enjoy a fancy lobster dinner than New Year’s Eve?  Fun fact: Wegmans will steam the lobsters in the store for you!


IMG_4555 While our lobsters were getting their steam bath, we perused the aisles for whatever else we thought we may need and within 10 minutes the lobsters were waiting for us in a brown paper bag, wrapped in tinfoil.  When we got home all we had to do was steam the broccoli, cook the potatoes (a la microwave), set the table, unwrap the lobster, and pop the bubbly.




SONY DSC Around 10 p.m. I slowly started drifting so I asked Ryan to wake me up just before the ball dropped…  But he fell asleep too!  We both woke up at 12:12 a.m., shared a belated New Year’s kiss, and crawled into bed.  Wild and crazy New Year’s Eve celebrations may be behind us (or there may be a few more in our future?), but one thing will always remain the same…  I will be asleep before midnight.

Rumor has it that pickle juice is a good hangover cure?!  Thankfully neither Ryan nor I woke up with a hangover so we weren’t taking pickle shots this morning.  As much as I love pickles, I’m not sure that I could stomach them much before noon.

IMG_4564 Question:  How did you welcome 2014?

Question:  Do you have any New Year’s traditions?

— Allison


Whatcha Think?

  1. Pickle juice is actually pretty tasty. I have seen it used several times as a tequila chaser, but I’ve never heard that it’s a hangover cure. Hope you’re new year is fabulous!!

    • Ha, I love adding a splash of pickle juice to my salads (spicy vinegar!) but I’ve never drank it straight… Tequila would be my shot of choice though, so maybe I’ll give it a try 😛

  2. I went to see that movie last night with my family and I agree- it was great! I went in less than thrilled (I wanted to see Saving Mr. Banks) but it was well worth it. Your new years eve sounds perfect to me… I don’t need crazy to have fun :)

  3. It sounds like a nice New Years. We spent the morning snowmobiling at the cabin then went over to a family friends house. They may have had to wake me up right before the ball drop. But at least I was awake the hour before to wish my friends in ky happy new year. I want to find a grocery store that will steam lobster for you! That must make it much easier.

    • The pictures that you’ve shared via Instagram look beautiful! I wish we had a cabin where we could retreat and disconnect from the rest of the world… It sounds so cozy!

  4. Hey where’s the nearest Wegman’s in DC area? I didn’t think there were any!!!! Love that place (:

  5. I celebrated hard with a good friend last night. It was exactly what we both needed after a hectic year. So worth the hangover this morning :)

  6. That is such a great idea to get lobster to ring in the new year! I need to do that for a special occasion. We always stay in and the kids drink sparkling white grape juice. It’s pretty crazy here, too! My son always makes me stay up till midnight with him and then right after the ball drops and we hoot and holler, I crawl into the bed. 😉

  7. Pickles/pickle juice are actually a really great chaser for shots (take it from a pickle lover/a graduate student who hangs out with fraternity brothers)! It totally negates the taste of the alcohol after you take the shot! I’ve never tried it for hangovers, though. That’s awesome that the grocery steams the lobsters for you! Saves you the tough work of having to do it yourself/keep them alive to get them home! Happy 2014!

  8. AW! I love lobster!!! We used to eat Lobsters every XMAS eve! So delicious – but alas, I have not had lobster in forever, probably because it is pretty expensive for what you get, unless you live right on the ocean where the lobsters hang out! LOL.

    We would have LOBSTER RACES! Awwwww the memories!

  9. I was asleep before midnight, too :) A “happy new year!” kiss in the morning from my husband was just as good haha
    Happy New Year, Allison!

  10. I fell asleep around 10:30? Was watching television and woke up around 1am with the TV still on!

  11. This is so random, but that bowl has bees on it and is from Williams Sonoma, right? I have those same dishes! My mom got me started on the collection, but I don’t have the bowls! Jealous!

    • Haha yup. I bought the bowls a few years ago when I moved in with Ryan because all of his bowls were mismatched and it drove me bonkers. I didn’t know that they had other pieces!

Whatcha Think?