Two Words Tuesday: Cold Day

Good morning!  I should be in school, but rather I’m curled up on the couch with a cup of coffee watching The Bachelor, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and Vanderpump Rules because…


We have a cold day.  Or a wind day.  Whichever works.  It’s probably not necessary, but I’ll take it.  Most of the surrounding counties are also closed or have a 2-hour delay…  With the exception of DC, who’s schools actually opened earlier than usual so students didn’t have to wait outside in the bitter cold.  The news reported that DC officials decided to keep schools open because approximately 70% of students depend on free and reduced meals.  I bet the students are totally bummed, but thinking about kids at home (possibly alone while their parents work) in the freezing cold, unfed, is heartbreaking.

The temperatures are not nearly as cold as they are in the mid-west, but they’re predicted to be record-breaking for the DC/Maryland/Virginia area.  Over the past few days animal shelters have offered to take in dogs/cats/small pets, shelters have offered additional beds, and even local agencies have been delivering warm soup and hot drinks to the homeless.  It’s touching reading about all of the support being provided to those in need.  Even small acts of kindness can have big impacts!

Since I wasn’t planning on having a free day, I don’t have anything exciting planned…  The gym for a run and BodyFlow, some cleaning, blog work, and maybe a nap?


sunflower newbie


crave cappuccinos


long morning


eye catching (it’s a cereal, I promise!)


Christmas cleaning

Christmas Ornaments 2009-2014

yearly memories (yes, I bought a 2014 ornament because they were on sale!)


hearty barley


training began

Charlie Vet

much hesitation

Charlie had to go to the vet last night for a shot.  Maybe it’s his carefree personality or maybe it’s because he hasn’t had anything terrible happen to change his mind (thank goodness!), but he loves the place!  Opportunities to socialize, treats are freely given out, and everyone coddles him.  From his perspective, there isn’t much to dislike…  Except the shots.

Question:  What’s the weather like in your part of the world?

Question:  When do you take down your Christmas decorations?

— Allison


Whatcha Think?

  1. It’s FREEZING in Atlanta. Everyone is making it like Southerners are sissies for closing schools, but there are a couple of reasons why they did it. One is that the school buses can’t handle those temperatures and in our county a majority of kids ride the bus. Two, the heating systems in the schools are not equipped to handle these temperatures. Three, those little ones standing at the bus stops would have been awful. My guess is that they will either delay school tomorrow or close it again since we won’t’ hit above freezing tomorrow until some time in the afternoon. I agree with you, those kids are safer in school up there. This weather is CRAZY! Stay warm and enjoy your day in. :)

  2. Honestly, I was irritated yesterday when I heard about the schools around here closing because seriously – this isn’t Indianapolis or Wisconsin where it’s -40, and I feel like people are overreacting to WINTER. Uhhhh… what are they expecting? However, I was also thinking like the DC schools: there are so many kids in these areas who are BETTER OFF at school. The kids who would be sent to school with no coat on? Well, instead of getting to school cold but being in a warm school building with a guaranteed meal for the day, they are at home all day, still with no coat, and who knows what other conditions. My mom & sister work in PWC, and I know there are plenty of kids who rely on school to take care of them… and my heart breaks for them. I hope they are finding ways to stay warm today!

    • I was surprised by the decision, but I’ve noticed (most recently as an adult and as a teacher) regardless of whatever the county decides, some people will agree and others will disagree. It’s hard to please everyone!

  3. They closed schools yesterday and again today. My roommate is a teacher and I think she’s starting to feel locked up in the house. I work from home so no “cold days” for me, but I’m hoping she’s getting a glimpse of how I feel sometimes by always being at home. (Though probably not based on something she said yesterday. lol)

    • Considering we just got back from a 2-week winter break I’m ready to be back in the classroom. Any longer, the students are going to forget what we worked on before the break!

  4. Even the university and college in my city have cancelled classes today – which I’ve only seen happen maybe once before in the last 6 years? You know it’s cold when…
    And that’s cute that Charlie loves the vet’s office! Atticus likes going there….until they put him on the examining table. Then he gets the look of slight panic in his eyes (I can’t blame him – the last time we were there we were getting a stitch removed from his eyelid)

    • Oh goodness, that would cause me to panic too! Charlie isn’t a fan of anything dealing with his face – when they check his teeth, look into his eyes, his nose…

  5. Its freezing here in Charlottesville but no snow! Enjoy the unexpected day off! :)

  6. Oh Charlie. He never fails at making me smile! 😉

  7. Cold cold cold! Every single school around Pittsburgh is closed today and has a delay tomorrow. I’m in four layers (including a sweater and fleece) and have a hat on right now…and I’m still cold! Definitely can’t wait for the weekend…going to be back to the 50s here :) And we took down our Christmas decorations on Sunday…Joe made me…I’m still pouting

  8. I’m in Maryland and we had a two hour delay but it was just as cold at 9:30am as it was at 7:30am for the kids. I’m just saying…

    • The wind is what makes it unbearable – it cuts right through your clothes! Thankfully Charlie doesn’t want to be out there for too long 😉

  9. Charlie is just the cutest!! He looks like a stuffed animal :)

  10. The weather here in the midwest is absolutely frigid. It was around -22 the other day & I think today we FINALLY ended up breaking zero! Schools have been cancelled the last couple days & I think they’re cancelled again here tomorrow. Brrr.
    So cute that Charlie loves the vet – my dog freaks the hell out whenever we head that way! LOL

  11. love those adorable ornaments!!
    i took down my Christmas decorations yesterday……because my brother was there to reach them so I wouldn’t have to stand on a chair, otherwise I could have left them up for who knows how long. haha.

    • Thanks – it adds a sweet, personal touch to the Christmas tree! We thought it would be a fun tradition to start and hope that our (future) kids will enjoy it too :)

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