Thinking Out Loud: Plot Twist

Today I’m joining Amanda’s Thinking Out Loud link-up for the first time, whoop whoop!  The timing couldn’t be better, I’ve got a lot of random thoughts running throughout my mind…

Thought #1:  I started writing a WIAW post yesterday morning but ran out of time before my appointment and by the time I got home in the evening all I wanted to do was to check out from the world.  Perhaps I’ll share it this weekend – WIAW: Weekend Edition?

Thought #2:  The article “16 Signs You’re A Little (Or A Lot) Type A” via Huffington Post couldn’t be more accurate.  I shared it on Facebook and was surprised (maybe I shouldn’t have been?) that a handful of others could relate.  I wonder if “Type A” personalities are more attracted to others with “Type A” personalities?  With the exception of spouses…  Ryan is the totally opposite, he’s a more of a “Type Z,” ha!


Thought #3:  The dance group that we watched Sunday morning at the NBC4 Health & Fitness Expo did a snazzy routine to the song Timber and every time I’ve heard it since, I just wanna dance.  But for the sake of my own reputation, I hold back the urge…  Unless I’m in my car because no one can see you dancing in your car, except when you’re stopped at a red light.  Rrrighhht.

Thought #4:  I went to the dermatologist for another round of laser treatment on my melanoma scars yesterday morning.  It isn’t the worst pain that I’ve ever felt, but it definitely isn’t pleasant.  I’ve heard it described as feeling like someone is snapping a rubber band on your skin.

Thought #5:  When you order a drink with whipped cream, do you:

a)  Eat the whipped cream first?

b)  Swirl the whipped cream into the drink?

c)  Save the whipped cream for last?

d)  What are you talking about?  I don’t order whipped cream on my drinks.

For whatever reason, my momma and I always enjoy watching people drink their drinks at Starbucks.  She prefers to scoop off the whipped cream first, but I prefer swirling it into my drink – it makes the drink super creamy!


Thought #6:  Monday is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. which means this weekend is a 3-day weekend.  I don’t have any grand plans, but I’m really looking forward to a totally relaxing day…  Maybe a yoga class?  A trip to the nail salon?  A haircut?  Watching hours of Netflix?  Some baking?  Yes, yes, yes, yes.

Thought #7:  I registered for another spring race.  Last fall I registered to run the Parks 10K, but due to various reasons I couldn’t run so they issued me a credit to use towards a future race.  I’ll be running the Reston 10 Miler on March 2nd – it works perfectly because I have 11 miles planned for that weekend!

Thought #8:  This week I’ve been addicted to Cheesy Sweet Open-Faced Wafflewiches.  Salty, sweet, creamy, crunchy…  Perfection.  Too bad I ate the last two waffles for breakfast this morning.


Thought #9:  I’m still teaching everyday at my former elementary school and I’m loving it – the students are wonderful!  In the mornings I’m with 4th graders and in the afternoons I’m with 3rd graders.  We’re currently working on multiplication in both grades and I’ve tried almost every tip/trick in the book but it’s still not sticking…  We completed a multiplication table earlier this week and it was the first time they noticed any patterns.  Small steps are better than no steps.

Thought #10:  Plot twist!

Plot Twist

Question:  Do you have a “Type A” personality?

Question:  Whipped cream – enjoy it first, swirl it in, or save it for last?

— Allison


Whatcha Think?

  1. I LOVE that quote! Wow! That is SO awesome!!!! Love your random thoughts, they were interesting, and I am now gonna take a good read at that huffington post article! I dont actually like whipped cream (dont hate me ;P)! Thanks so much for the post :)

    • We took a personality test like that when I took AP Psych in high school, but I don’t remember the results… I doubt that they said anything different though. No worries, I don’t care for whipped cream that often – only on hot chocolate (or pumpkin pie!) 😉

  2. Ooo whipped cream is a serious issue. I’m an interval scooper… I’ll scoop a little off the top to start with, then drink, then scoop a little more, then drink… rinse, repeat. That way I have whipped cream all the way until the very end 😀 And I seriously love that ‘plot twist’ bit — definitely the perfect response to having something unexpected come up, which doesn’t sit [completely] well with my Type-A-ness, but it’s something I’ve been trying to work on.

    • Ha, yet another way to enjoy whipped cream! I don’t care for it typically, but I do love it swirled into hot chocolate or on top of a piece of pumpkin pie!

  3. I saw your status yesterday and totally related to being Type A. Aaron is totally the opposite! Is that how you and your husband are? We are different on like every part of the spectrum haha. I don’t like whipped cream at all so I never eat it! I always get mad at myself when I forget to tell them no whipped cream, too. lol There have been many occasions that I make Aaron eat it off before I enjoy my drink.

    • Yes, Ryan is definitely the complete opposite. We think it’s a good thing though, helps to keep our relationship balanced 😉 I don’t care for whipped cream all that often, but I do love it on top of hot chocolate or a slice of pumpkin pie!

  4. Type A. Through and through. My husband is as far from opposite as possible. Perhaps opposites attract?
    Whip Cream…never been a super big fan of it in my drinks…but if it is there, I swirl it in.

    • I’m not a psychologist, but I’d say the saying “opposites attract” is usually right. My husband is the complete opposite but we think it’s good – it helps to balance out our relationship. I’m not a huge fan of whipped cream either, but I do love it on top of hot chocolate!

  5. I’m totally 100% type A. It’s scary. My friends aren’t for the most part but a few are and I feel like most of my blog friends are. I like to eat the whipped cream first, especially if it’s the homemade kind. Actually I don’t even like canned whipped cream, it has to be the extra sweet, extra dense stuff. And assuming I’m able to run by then, I want to do that race with you!!

    • Oh goodness, I’m the complete opposite in terms of whipped cream… I prefer the stuff in a can – light and airy! Although, you’re probably more of an expert than I am. I don’t have it all that often, just on hot chocolate or with a slice of pumpkin pie 😛

  6. I’m absolutely a Type A, while Eric is not…maybe romantically we’re attracted to Type B’s to balance out our obsessive personality? 😉
    And I don’t drink coffee, so I couldn’t tell you what I would do with the whipped cream…but from what I remember of having whipped cream on hot chocolate, I would save it to the end. Yup, that sounds right.

    • I’d agree with that – Ryan is the complete opposite but we think it’s a good thing, adds balance to our relationship! I don’t typically have whipped cream on my drinks either, just when I order a hot chocolate.

  7. Totally Type A over here too. Sigh. But hey, Hermione Granger made it cool to be a Type A. And as for the whip? I eat it off the top. I hate it when it melts into the drink because then you can’t taste it, and I love whipped cream I could eat it all by itself. And do, on occasion :)

    • I’m not a huge whipped cream lover (prefer the stuff from a can versus homemade) so I don’t have it often, but when I do, I love it swirled into hot chocolate – so decadent!

  8. Like I said on Facebook, this Type A story is SO me! Kevin is also Type A, so maybe it works both ways :). Most of the time it’s great because we understand it each other … only occasionally we get on each other’s nerves – ha! On the whipped cream – CLEARLY the right answer is to either stir it in or save it for last. Eating it first makes the rest of the drink a let down!

    • More power to y’all! I actually think that it’s good that Ryan’s the complete opposite… I’m not sure I could handle living with another “Type A” because I like being in control 😛

  9. I’m stoked for the 3-day weekend though I need to work (as a sub) to pay the bills.

    Okay, as for whipped cream… I usually don’t get it, but I like to have it separate from the coffee or drink. I drink the coffee, dip my straw in the whipped cream and repeat.

    • Do y’all have school on Monday? I was under the impression that all schools were closed, at least public… I don’t usually order whipped cream either, only on hot chocolate!

  10. I, without a doubt, have a Type A personality as well. My husband is also the complete opposite…that’d be an interesting study to see if opposites, in that regard, attract! :)

  11. I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with this scary melanoma stuff. I hope you know the blog world is another source of support along with your fam and your man (and pup!)
    That is so funny about the whipped cream. I don’t get it in my drinks – I never have, I guess it’s a calorie thing – but if I did I think I’d swirl it into my drink to evenly distribute the deliciousness.
    Type AAAAAA = me.

    • Thanks so much Caitlin! It’s definitely a roller coaster of emotions, but knowing that I have a great group of supporters makes it easier :) I don’t usually order whipped cream, but it’s a decadent treat when drinking hot chocolate!

  12. I definitely have a type A personality, so I’ll be checking out that article for sure!
    I don’t usually buy drinks at coffee shops, but if I get a frappuccino or something, I usually don’t get whipped cream. But stirring it in sounds dreamy!
    Hooray for 3-day weekend!

  13. I need to try one of these wafflewich things!! And I hate whipped cream, none for me! :)

  14. Sorry about the whole dermatologist stuff. :(
    Whipped cream… I would be answer d. I know, no fun. lol
    Those wafflewiches look yummy!! :)

  15. Type A all the way! Too much so…it gets in the way many times. I wish I was more easy going with some things. No whipped cream for me! Maybe I’m missing out on something???

  16. When I got whipped cream on drinks when I was younger I would ALWAYS eat that first. HA!


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