Two Words Tuesday: In Other News

Before anything, I have to share something from my dream last night.  I don’t remember where I was, what I was doing, or who I was with, but I do remember that I was brushing my teeth and when I looked into the mirror…  I had a big.fat.honking gap in between my two front teeth.  What a nightmare, GAH!

I’ve been considering Invisalign for a while, but I’ve put it off since I’m not Miss Moneybags.  Last week my momma kindly told me that my teeth are starting to look squished and I should get a retainer, which I interpreted as “You had braces three times.  Three times!  Get those things checked out ASAP!”  Mothers will always tell you the truth, whether it’s good or bad.

In other news…

Don't Hate Me Because I Have a Snow Day There isn’t any snow on the ground yet, but the forecast is predicting 4-8+ inches.  If we get anything over 3 inches it’ll be the most snow that we’ve received in one snowfall in the past three years…  Wahoo!

As excited as I am to have my 3-day weekend extended another day (maybe even tomorrow too?), I’m kinda bummed because a) we’ve already used up all of our snow days so now we have to take away holidays and b) I don’t get paid when we’re not in school.  Silver linings: I can go to BodyFlow this morning, Charlie has a buddy at home with him (almost) all day, and I can continue watching One Tree Hill.  Thanks for the recommendation Sarah!

In other news, again.  Snapshots from my 3-day weekend…

IMG_5191 Valentine explosion

IMG_5193 dreamy combo

IMG_5200 bread & barley

IMG_5206 lotsa lights

IMG_5209 great texture

Frozen Movie Poster SEE IT!

IMG_5217 perfect combo (Brown Bag Popcorn with dark chocolate chips + melted peanut butter blobs)

IMG_5223 lovin’ runnin’

IMG_5229 cozy afternoon

IMG_5235 sunbathing buddy

IMG_5238 Virginia sunset

IMG_5241 weekly haul

IMG_5251 (I) love lamp

Her Movie Poster skip it

Question:  Do you have/have you had Invisalign?  Braces?  An expander?  I’ll never forget when I had to wear an expander and my parents had to tighten it.  It was definitely my least favorite part of the whole braces experience.  Although, rubber bands were a close second, especially when they popped in my mouth.  See the picture below if you have no clue what I’m talking about.

Braces Components Question:  Would you rather start school in August and end in May?  Or start in September and end in June?  I’ve always started school a day or two after Labor Day so I’m used to that schedule.  I can’t imagine sitting in a classroom in August – not only would it be hot, but some of the best days of summer are in August!  Although, Molly agrees to disagree…  Good thing she moved to Texas 😉

— Allison


Whatcha Think?

  1. Oh my gosh so glad you had that reaction to Her! I thought it was so stupid. Aaron claims he liked it but I think it was just because I thought it was dumb! Have a good snow day. I ‘m with you on the getting paid thing. I like being closed, but then my paycheck doesn’t, ha, so 2 hour delays are the best for me :)

    • Haha I honestly don’t know how I feel about it… It was so… Strange? Not sure how they were able to create a 2-hour movie of a man dating his OS. It baffles me.

  2. Retainers … just another word for child punishment. Granted, I should have worn mine more consistenly back then so I’d have better teeth today but who liked them, really? Being able to pick their colours didn’t make any difference. Invisalign would probably be a good idea for me, too, but like you I’m not made of money and so far there’s no rich boyfriend in sight, either ;). Kidding.
    I really want to watch Frozen but going to the cinema alone is just half the fun so I’ll have to wait until it’s released on DVD. Which will be … April 3rd?! Too long still.
    By the way: your gloves are cute!

    • I wore my retainers – they were clear plastic, similar looking to Invisalign – so I didn’t have any choice of colors. I did love picking out the color of my bands though 😛 Hot pink + lime green were my go-to colors, unless there was an upcoming holiday… Although, I never used black. Halloween was silver + orange, Christmas was red + green, etc.

  3. I’m totally weird I realize, but I love looking into the “meaning” of dreams. I don’t actually believe it, but it’s interesting that some people study this stuff! Here’s what I found: “To dream of a gap in your front teeth represents insecurities about not being as good as you’d like to be.” Well, I think you’re pretty great!!! And I kinda want Invisalign, too … until I figured out that my insurance doesn’t cover it and it’s expensive! And it sounds like kind of a pain! Here’s the very-unscientific-looking website I used:

  4. Start in august and end in may for sure! I was usually bored by then anyway since it was too hot to do much outside and by may I was sooo ready to be done! Enjoy that snow day hun :) Charlie’s got a great partner in crime today 😉

    • Oh I definitely get antsy at the end of the school year, but I’d much rather sit out by the pool than in a classroom on a steamy August afternoon 😛

  5. That cupcake popcorn sounds insanely good!

  6. I may be one of the rare few that would rather start in September. That’s just because it’s still cold in May in New England and I grew up always starting before Labor Day… I was always jealous of people who didn’t start till after! Love that you’re loving running, and CANNOT WAIT to run with you!!!

  7. I heard horror stories about the expander!!! I’m so glad I never had one. I freaking hated wearing those rubber bands and I’d play with them w/my tongue. Awful habit!
    I love your weekend scenes. That bread and soup looks like heaven and omg vanilla cupcake popcorn? Except your popcorn with the dark choc and PB looks absolutely heavenly.
    Lastly, that Vday explosion almost made me vomit.

    • Haha I played with the rubber bands with my tongue too… Until they slipped off the bracket or popped in my mouth. The Valentine’s Day explosion was a bit much. Stay away from Target for at least another week and maybe everything will be gone and switched over to St. Patrick’s Day 😛

  8. That vanilla cupcake popcorn sounds amaaaazing! I need to hit up Target SOON.

  9. Love all the photos <3

  10. OMG One Tree Hill is my absolute favorite show, ever.


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