Thinking Out Loud: Third Snow Day

I love snow days just as much as the kids do, BUT we’re on snow day #3 (we also had Monday off in honor of MLK, Jr. Day) and I’m getting antsy.  I’ve scrubbed both bathrooms, cleaned the kitchen, dusted the whole apartment, done all the laundry, been to the gym each day, watched countless hours of the news, gotten caught up in the drama of One Tree Hill and Breaking Bad, and pinned way too many things that I’ll never make

I’d like to be back in the classroom, with my ridiculously silly and sweet students, talking about the weather (ha, ironic timing?!) and solving multiplication problems.  My butt feels flatter than a pancake and if you look at our couch you can quickly see where Charlie and I have been cuddling.  This morning I had another bowl of my current favorite oatmeal and felt inspired to make a batch of Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Treats so I’ll be walking to the grocery store later.


Thanks for letting me share my random rambles Amanda!

Thought #1:  I may be getting tired of snow days, but I still love the snow.  And my current computer background.  And my spring countdowns.  Hey, hey, hey Molly!

Spring 2014 Countdowns

Thought #2:  Last night I made Mini Mexican Meatloaves (recipe coming soon!) that were inspired by these Mini BBQ Cheddar Meatloaves by Iowa Girl Eats.  Meatloaf is one of the few leftovers that I enjoy (chili too) and think it actually tastes better the second day.  Guess what we’ll be having for dinner tonight 😉

Thought #3:  I Juan-na say “YES!” whenever Juan Pablo says “Allison, do you accept this rose?”  When I was at my momma’s house on Sunday she asked if I was watching this season of The Bachelor – I said yes, duh.  It’s no surprise that JP appeals to all ages…  I need to find my momma Latin lover.

The Bachelor Juan

Thought #4:  Over the weekend I outlined my workouts through November.  Crazy, right?  The crazier thing is that I’m not feeling overwhelmed whatsoever.  In the past I’ve felt the need to strictly adhere to a training schedule but this year my mindset is different.  If I want to change something or switch days, that’s O.K.  I’ve already made changes due to prior commitments, working late, needing an unplanned rest day.  The schedule is a guideline and I like having an idea of what’s ahead.

Thought #5:  What do you call the things that you wear on your feet when you workout or go for a run?  Shoes or sneakers?  I haven’t bought a new pair of running sneakers since the spring and after Sunday’s long run my feet were screaming.  Any recommendations for running websites/stores with sweet deals?

Thought #6:  On Monday I met Sarah to see the movie “her.”  We were so early that the credits from the movie before ours were still rolling.  First-time experience for me!  It drives Ryan bonkers that I don’t like getting to the theater early.  Ideally, he likes to arrive 10-15 minutes early, buy a drink (we usually bring our own popcorn), pick the perfect seat, and watch all of the previews.  On the other hand, I prefer arriving right at show time because we all know that movies don’t start for 10-15 minutes, buy a drink, and grab any open seat just as the movie is about to begin.

Thought #7:  Some of the terms that people have searched for on LAB are quite…  Hilarious?  Strange?  Those are just from the past week, there are even better ones in the yearly summary.  And you don’t even wanna see the spam comments.  Air Jordans?  Everyday.   Sorry, I don’t have a lacrosse tattoo but that would be sweet.  I have no idea who or what “zeichnungen” is.  If you’re running in any of the same races that I am I hope you say “Hi!” if you see me!  And Rice Krispies searcher, come back soon since I’m making a batch of Peanut Butter Rice Krispies today.

LAB Search Terms

Thought #8:  I made some major updates to LAB last year but I’m in the mood to change a few things, again.  Only stipulation: I don’t wanna spend a bazillion $$$.  Any recommendations for what to do or someone to contact?

Thought #9:  Jessie and I exchanged messages about coordinating a Skype date.  Minor detail: I don’t have Skype.  Throughout college Ryan and I would occasionally iChat but to be honest, I hated it.  Seeing his face made me miss him even more.  I’m gonna look into downloading Skype today – I assume that it’s in the Apple Store?

Sorry But You Aren't My Skype

Thought #10:  These snow days have made me start to think about summer plans.  Since schools are closed throughout the summer I need to find a summer job…  Tutor?  Nanny (again)?  Server?  Retail (again)?

— Allison


Whatcha Think?

  1. I feel you completely! I’m bored out of my mind…and tomorrow is a professional day so we won’t see the kids at all!

  2. I am more than a little jealous about your third snow day! If you’re really really bored, you could go clean my apartment 😉 (sort of kidding, sort of not).

  3. Can you believe that I’ve never gotten to experience the apparent brilliance that is the snow day? We never get them up here in Canada… apparently we’ve just gotten very good at living in the arctic tundra. And the shoes vs. sneakers thing reminds me of the soda vs. pop issue. I call them shoes when they have to do with running. I always think of trendier statement shoes when I think of sneakers.

  4. Random lists are the best kinds of lists. I’m ready for it to be spring, too.

  5. I saw Her this weekend too- thought it was pretty good. Also I would cry if I got to the movie at show time- I’m early to everrrrything haha

  6. Ahh can’t lie hun…I’d love a snow day right now haha. I love the boys but between awful temps and horrendous commutes to and from, I wouldn’t mind a day off! Hopefully you guys will head back tomorrow! I always like arriving early to the movies, too, but that’s mostly because of the previews. I like seeing what’s coming out soon :)

  7. Maybe you should find a summer job in a running store a la Alex/Sarah and then you will be in business with running shoes on the cheap + employment! 😉
    Pretty awesome that you have outlined your workouts that far out! I still follow a loose schedule in my head but I don’t like to write it down because doing so makes me feel guilty if I end up needing to change something. Seriously just the act of deleting a class in my iPhone calendar to replace it for a different workout is enough to bother me!
    Leftover meatloaf is amazing! In fact I have some in my fridge right now at home 😀

  8. I cannot tell you how relieved I was to hear that you hated skype-ing with your husband. When my boyfriend was studying abroad, skype-ing was so hard on me!! I would be doing okay, then see him and be depressed. Everyone thought I was weird. I am not alone! Finally :) The searches cracked me up …”lighting a church fellowship hall”…interesting.


    • I’m so glad that someone else understands too! My friends thought I was crazy becuase they all loved video chatting with their significant others. It was such a tease for me. Boo.

  9. I love the what word do you use game! I say shoes, sneakers feels very European to me. Sorry the Bachelor is just one show I can’t get in to.

  10. Yeah, winter is getting boring. I love snow too but not when it’s overwhelming and extremely cold all the darn time. I don’t get snow days unfortunately although we did get one “Cold” day at work so that was nice… but it was still a work-from-home type of deal so it wasn’t even a totally legit off day. Meh.

    Also, wow for scheduling your workouts through Nov! I can’t even think that far ahead so props!

  11. Love all the countdowns on your computer screen! I am looking forward to warmer weather…I’m not really a full-on summer person, but I do love spring and something warmer than the sub-temps we’ve been having lately. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

  12. I still can’t believe you guys are on snow day number 3. At this point they might as well make it a full week off except then the poor kids won’t be getting out of school until August! Making countdowns on my computer are my favorite. Mine are all about how excited I am to go home again… whoops.

  13. First of all One Tree Hill is my all-time favorite tv show and second how could anyone Not like Juan Pablo! My girlfriends and I all watch together every Monday and take bets on who will cry first lol. And I’ve recently made some design changes to my blog and did them all myself. I really like how they turned out but it took some time to learn how to do it.

    • That’s awesome that y’all watch it together! I’m a grandma and oftentimes fall asleep before the episode is over, but it’s just as good Tuesday morning 😉

  14. Can’t wait to get the meatloaf recipe, they looked so good!

  15. Haha! I loved this. I am obsessed with Juan Pablo too. I literally count down the days until Monday and hype myself up before the show.

    Loving all those search term. Hilarious.

  16. I am currently unemployed, so everyday is a snow day. I feel like I’m going nuts!!!! Didn’t realize Virginia got so much snow!!

  17. I’m so jealous of all the random search terms! All mine are pretty normal … still waiting for a flyball one of these days ;). I JUST downloaded Skype, too … it was banned on my work computer and I finally loaded it onto my own computer. It’s fun!

  18. I too have to find a summer job. I worked at our local fair last year as a supervisor and that was pretty good on pay but proved to be a little more stressful than I expected. Seriously.

  19. I’d take a snow day over a cold day! we had three cold days in our district last week because the actual temperatures were double digits below freezing coupled with 45 mph winds. brrrrrrr…….
    some people go crazy over cold pizza, but I love cold meatloaf. hello midnight snack. can’t wait to try your recipe when you share! :)


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