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Guess what…  We had school yesterday!  Throughout the day Thursday I exchanged messages with a few of my teacher friends and we all agreed, the decision was a toss-up.  The temperatures were forecasted to be the coldest they had been all week, but the streets were finally ice/snow free.  Around 7 p.m. the county announced that schools would open with a 2-hour delay.  I heard parents rejoicing and students cursing in my head – it was a symphony of sound.

The day was short – I taught for an hour – but it was fun.  All of the students wanted to share their snow day stories… A handful did Rainbow Loom all day every day, a few baked/cooked, a lot played in the snow (only one got a concussion), and none of them studied their multiplication facts.  (un)Surprisingly they begged for no homework over the weekend.  Sorry kids, your pouty faces were adorable but your arguments were weak.

IMG_5523 waffles last weekend, the BEST french toast this weekend

This morning I woke up at 5 a.m.  My body is like clockwork everyday, weekends included.  I watched an episode of 20/20 (because it featured a local news story) and an episode of 100 Days of Summer.  Both were okay, nothing great.  But what was great was the french toast that I ate and the website that I found while browsing Pinterest

Have y’all heard of Greatist?  I’m sure you have, I did a while back but never checked it out.  Big mistake, BIG mistake.

We bring you the best content in the health space. Not only is every fact cited by a scientific study and every article approved by multiple experts, but everything we do is written in a friendly and relatable tone. Greatist is your trusted, healthy friend, inspiring tons to make healthier choices everyday.

– About Greatist, What We Do

I pinned a TON of great(ist) articles, but here are just a few.  I definitely recommend that y’all check out the website for yourselves.  I signed up for the free daily email 😉


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27 Easy Ways to Sleep Better Tonight

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I’ve got 7 miles to run this morning (on the treadmill, sidewalks are still covered with ice) and Ryan’s coming with me to do weights – he hasn’t been to the gym for months because of his ankle surgery so it’s a pretty big deal!  Hopefully something good is on TV or y’all are sharing lots of interesting pictures on Instagram because I’d rather brave the cold than run that long on the dreadmill if given the choice.

Question:  Have you looked at the Greatest website?

Question:  What’s your favorite pick-me-up when you’re low on energy?  I’m not sure if I’m getting sick or just exhausted from a lack of sleep, but my energy tank is running on low this morning.

— Allison


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  1. I definitely need to check out that website!
    (I would have begged for no homework too)

  2. I’m about to check out some of those greatist links! Kids are hilarious with their snowday recaps. I teach private music lessons, and my students have had a bunch of days off school recently. I always ask them if they used all of their extra time practicing…some tell me yes, but I know the truth! Rainbow loom, video games, and friends were the only things really on most of their minds.

  3. LOVE Greatist! They are killing it with their articles.

  4. Ohhh love crock pot recipes! Must look at those!

  5. i love Greatist as well….. Our Sup’t just emailed us to tell us to plan on 2 hour delays all of next week. WTH! I seriously need this time with my kids to prepare for upcoming tests. I know I’m a loser, but it makes it so stressful. The worst part… i STILL have to go in normal time :-(
    I was also up at 6 this morning….good time for blog/pinterest reading!

    • Hope you didn’t have a 2-hour delay every day… I can relate to how frustrated/stressed you were – at this rate, we’ll be in school until July!

  6. So many links…so little patience. I MUST SEE THEM ALL NOW! I chug water when I am feeling blah, and I like to go for a walk too. I found when I was eating too much bread it made me a slug…so..I stopped eating bread haha. Random fact.

  7. I love greatist too! It’s like cool facts x 100!! Ya know?

  8. I am dragging in energy as well, but good for you for getting over to the treadmill for 7 miles!!! I love all those articles you posted. Thank YOU!

  9. Just found your blog! I love it! I have read a few Greatest articles, but now I think I should check out some more!

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