Hypersonic Speed Mode

It’s a busy beginning of the week!  Since we were only in school for one day last week, and yesterday was a half day (Mondays always are – perk of teaching elementary school!), we’re trying to squeeze in as much as possible today and tomorrow.

The second grading period ends tomorrow, and Thursday and Friday are teacher workdays, so teachers are in “gotta get it done, no talking just working, hypersonic speed mode.”  Or at least that’s how one of my students described it yesterday.  Meanwhile, the students are looking forward to another long weekend…

Ryan and I didn’t have any exciting plans over the weekend, but as I keep saying, a low-key January is appreciated after a busy holiday season.  I also wasn’t feeling 100% so “easy” was exactly what I needed.









August Osage County







Question:  Would you rather have a 3-day weekend starting on a Friday or ending on a Monday?

Question:  How do you take your coffee?

— Allison


Whatcha Think?

  1. Hmmmm, I’d rather have a 3-day weekend ending on a Monday! I feel like Friday is always much more lax around my office (although that will change when I begin my new job in 2 weeks). Also, coffee- hazelnut coffee, almond milk, usually iced, 1 pack of truvia and honey!

  2. Wow! Lots of fun happening on your weekend. I’ve never heard of half days for students on Mondays! Jealous of that. Good luck getting everything in! I know it can be rough squeezing things in but hope you get what you need to! Enjoy the long weekend (ish for you ha. without kids is a plus though for those work days!). I would say I think I like having Monday off more? I’m not sure!

    • Really? I’ve always had them so I’ve never thought differently… Even when I was doing my student teaching in Boston, the elementary schools had half days. Definitely a perk 😉

  3. BAAHAHA Charlies little boots! SO CUTE!! I reallllyyy want to see that movie, it looks sO GOOD! I LOVE BLACK coffee..black as night!

  4. Def 3 day on a Monday! No one does anything in the government on Friday…shhh. As for coffee, I always order an Americano with one squirt of sugar-free vanilla syrup. My other favorite is chai tea with soy milk :)

  5. I’d totally rather have a Saturday-Monday 3-day weekend because Fridays always are pretty easy to deal with anyway. Everyone at work is in a pretty good mood and it just feels like a more fun day. Definitely my favorite weekday and I’m not just saying that because of the fact that it starts the weekend (though it prob wouldn’t feel the same during the day if it were not for the weekend starting!)
    How was August: Osage County? I really want to see it…I love Meryl Streep and EWAN!!!

  6. Starting on a Friday! I love knowing Thursday is my last day of the week 😀 I second all of those requests for our next place, too, especially the workout room, which would obviously need to be furnished by someone else since I have no bike or treadmill, which would definitely need to be in there 😉 Stay warm down there, girl!

  7. Wowwww and I was complaining that I had two hour delays and it cut my teaching time short…… What are these ‘teacher work days. ?? I don’t get those!

    • Our county has them at the end of every quarter – a day or two for the teachers to be in school without students to finish report cards, write progress reports, and/or attend meetings.

  8. awww what a cute puppers :) I want to put booties on my Little Bear so badly, but out here in LA the weather is about 75 and sunny every.single.day. We need rain like crazy out here!
    And I love Fridays, so I guess I’d pick the Saturday – Monday thing! I just hate Mondays…

  9. DEFINITELY starting on a Friday. I don’t know why but I hate when short week start on Mondays.

  10. haha i have the same requests every day! we should play lotto more! and we had a three day snow day as well. I like having monday off though.

    • Every time we play the lotto I get antsy waiting to hear the winning numbers and then when we lose I tell myself it’s a waste becuase it’ll never happen… Yet, I want to play more. Ohhh, the thrills of life 😛

  11. hahahah your house wishes are what I want for my next apartment ( kidding, but a girl can dream right?)

  12. Friday for sure!!!

    And we are getting MORE snow after having had off all of last week!

  13. First off, thank you for sharing Charlie and his little booties haha, so precious. I like your simple and tasty breakfast ideas, sometime simple is all we need. Congratulations on upping your mileage! I would send the exact same list, and make make room for a cabinet dedicated to a nut butter collection (because I am crazy). And now I want to treat myself to some flowers from Trader Joes!

    Cheers to a beautiful Wednesday lovely lady! :)

  14. I like Mondays off better than Friday!

    Also that 5 miles pic is super cool! Love the graphics you used. Glad you had a nice low-key weekend. That’s what winter is for, eh?

  15. I know how you feel with the end of the grading period. That was last week for me too. Crazy doesn’t begin to describe it. Thankfully things are calming down now and settling into the swing of things.

    I don’t care if I have Friday or Monday off. Any 3 day weekend is a good weekend. :)

  16. I’d much rather have a three day weekend begin on Friday. I love Mondays too much to sacrifice them to the weekend!! lol

Whatcha Think?