Thinking Out Loud: Momma’s Birthday

First and foremost, I need to say happy birthday to the most important woman in my life…  Happy Birthday, Momma!  I love you so much!

DSC00448 on the Cape for my cousin’s wedding, summer 2013

Per tradition, the birthday boy/girl gets to choose where we dine on his/her birthday and this year my momma picked J. Gilbert’s.  We all love it – the seafood is my favorite, Ryan and Danny love their steaks, and my momma loves their bar (they make a mean cosmopolitan).

I’ve enjoyed Amanda‘s Thinking Out Loud link-up the past two weeks (read: week 1, week 2) so I’m letting my random thoughts flow again this week.  Sticking with the birthday theme…

Thought #1:  Chocolate or vanilla cake?  Chocolate or vanilla frosting?  Vanilla cake with vanilla icing. Unless it’s chocolate lava cake…

Thought #2:  What do you call it – frosting or icing?  I use the terms interchangeably (see above), but through a little investigation, I learned (via this post) that there are some who believe that there is a difference.  They say that frosting is thicker (butter/cream base), icing is thinner (simple sugar base), and even add a third into the mix, a glaze.


Thought #3:  If you could go back in time to any age, what would it be?  I’m actually very happy with my current age so I’ll stay at 24-years-old.  If I had to choose a different age, I’d prefer to fast forward than rewind.

Thought #4:  What’s your most memorable birthday party?  My momma spoiled my brother and me when we were kids.  Pinatas were essential, lots of food and cake was consumed, and oftentimes there was some sort of talent.  One year I had a puppet show which was pretty cool, but my absolute favorite party was my Power Ranger themed birthday.  I was super psyched to have the pink and green Power Rangers make an appearance!  We were instant best friends (ironic that pink and green are still my favorite colors?).

Thought #5:  Would you rather be surprised or in-the-know on your birthday?  I love surprises, but I’m nosy and as soon as I start to suspect anything, I start digging and looking.  Not to mention, when I’m on the flip-side (planning the party), I have a hard time keeping the surprise a secret…  I’ve been known to spill the beans.

Surprise Birthday

Thought #6:  Ice cream cake – yay or nay?  Yay!  The chocolate crunchies between layers are my favorite – I wish I could eat them straight from a bowl with a large spoon.

Thought #7:  How do you feel when you unwrap gifts in front of a crowd?  Awkward.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m incredibly grateful and thankful to receive the gifts, but unwrapping them in front of a crowd can be overwhelming.  Like that time my momma gave me lingerie at my bridal shower where both my friends and her friends were in attendance…  I turned 50 shades of red.

Bridal Shower

Thought #8:  What’s your favorite birthday tradition?  Birthday dinner.

Thought #9:  Do any celebrities share the same birthday?  There are a handful of hunky men who share my momma’s birthday but more women share my birthday.  Check your birthday here.

Thought #10:  Do you sing “Happy Birthday”?  Even if you’re out in public?  Yes!  We’ll be singing tonight 😉

Question:  Answer one or more of the thoughts above!

— Allison


Whatcha Think?

  1. So many of the same answers! I’m a vanilla cake girl, feel SO awkward opening gifts in front of people, and call it frosting on cupcakes but icing on things like cookies when it’s thinner. Alsooo I was just thinking yesterday about how I feel like 24 is the best age to be, so I am glad you enjoy it and I’m looking forward to my “glory year” haha. Happy birthday to your mom!

  2. Oh man, this is filled with too many ideas about cake! You have made me very hungry (and I still have to go run 9 miles this morning before I can have any more food), and I LOVE cake! Now I will dream of cake for my whole run! :) Definitely agree with you, vanilla with buttercream. As for frosting, I am from England, and they call everything icing, but I think you are right that if we wanna be all official about it, icing is more like a glaze…like royal icing, and frosting is the big, fluffy stuff we all love to devour….well I know I do….by the spoonful 😛 great post!

  3. Happy Birthday Mama Bowl, can I just say her outfit + the neon pink pumps…EVERYTHING. What a fashionista?
    So have we talked before about J Gilbert’s? I feel like maybe we have. It’s my FAVORITE RESTAURANT and it’s so bizarre that there’s one in my town and one where you live. Bizarre and awesome. I know you’ll love it. Their Cosmo IS good and their seafood is TDF!

  4. Happy Birthday to your momma! And I love the birthday themed thoughts 😀 For me… definitely chocolate cake, but I prefer whipped cream over frosting. Ice cream cake? Definitely. I used to always get that kind of my birthday until they slapped an allergy warning on it :( Aaaand I’m super happy being the age I’m at — no going back in time for me.

  5. Of course, Happy Birthday should always be sung, even in public! :]

  6. Ice cream cakes are the best!! Love the crunchies and the layer of fudge in the middle (if it’s a dairy queen cake). I’ve been known to get a huge piece of ice cream cake and then just eat that part 😉 I love chocolate cake with vanilla frosting on my birthday, and I suck at keeping secrets when it comes to parties. I get way too excited and can’t stop dropping hints and whatnot haha

  7. Happy birthday to your mom! I totally think I have that dress she’s wearing hahaha

  8. Happy Birthday to your momma!! Hope you guys enjoy your dinner out! My most memorable party was by far my 21st–my parents rented out the top of one of my favorite bars in college and literally EVERYONE I knew came, it was crazy and by far my favorite birthday to date. :) Also, ice cream cake YES. I.Love.It..

    PS-One of the things I miss most from college/DC is Georgetown Cupcakes. That picture is torture.

  9. I am a red velvet girl, but if I had to pick – vanilla with chocolate frosting.

    I also hate surprises, for anything lol.

Whatcha Think?