Thinking Out Loud: 94 Years of Friendship

THANK YOU all so much for your messages and support the past couple of days!  It still feels like a dream – like I’m gonna wake up one morning, go to school, and find out that it isn’t real.  Oh gosh, I hope not.  Also, thank you for emailing me your interest in guest posting on LAB.  If you haven’t already contacted me and are interested, email me at

Last night I fell asleep while staring out the window, watching the snow fall and a dusting start to coat the ground…  This morning I woke up to a fluffy, white, winter wonderland!  I know that many people are eagerly awaiting for spring to spring {admittedly, I was too a couple of weeks ago}, but the snow is so beautiful and peaceful!



Thanks Amanda for hosting another link-up!

Thought #1:  Farmers are very smart people.  Their predictions were accurate this week…  I wonder if we’ll get a second snowstorm later this month?


Thought #2:  I’m curious if this nut butter really is “wow” worthy?


Thought #3:  Running in new sneakers is one of the best feelings.  Pure comfort and joy!


Thought #4:  We’re crazy no matter what.


Thought #5:  A wonderful Walmart find.  Except, I’m not allergic to chocolate…  Or diamonds.  *Cough, cough.*


Thought #6:  I don’t make egg {or chicken or tuna fish} salad often enough.  Peas and diced carrots/celery are my favorite veggies to mix-in.


Thought #7:  Current favorite jam…


Thought #8:  My BFF sent me this video this morning {read more about their story here}.  It immediately made my heart melt and makes me think of us when we’re 100-years-old!

Thought #9:  Breakfasts this weeks have all included cottage cheese + peanut butter + honey {sometimes raisins too}.  On top of pancakes, slathered on a bagel, or mixed into oatmeal – a delicious combo!


Thought #10:  I’m still so excited that it happened!  Good timing too, because now I’m paid regardless of whether we’re in school or at home for a snow day 😉


Question:  What combos are you currently craving?  Peanut butter with jelly? Or honey? Or chocolate?

Share the 94 Years of Friendship video with your BFF!

— Allison


Whatcha Think?

  1. Love that video….and I also love chicken and tuna salad!

    • My momma used to make tuna salad all the time, but never egg salad… So it was always a treat when I’d be at my BFF’s house and her mom made it for us!

  2. Mmm food in general! Caitlin somehow didn’t pack enough snacks today and is sitting here trying to figure out what she can forage for while the boys are snoozing! Peanut butter and jelly or chocolate sounds pretty tasty though…perhaps I shall see what I can find in the kitchen 😉

  3. Craving? I’m not really sure. I think carrots. I’m pretty sad about my hot chocolate that was just finished. I could go for at least 3 more today. I’m still so excited for you too! Those old ladies are adorable. I hope I’m still BFFs with some of my good friends when I’m that age!

  4. Peanut butter and chocolate! And certainly the stickers make the faux peanut butter wow-worthy :) Love your new sneaks, and those ladies are so funny!

  5. Nooo PB for me, thank you much… but if we’re talking almond butter, then with jelly… with honey… with chocolate… with dried fruit… with bananas… with my FACE. I haven’t been able to get enough AB in my life lately, and I’ve probably had it combined with each of those things I mentioned already today 😀

  6. So excited for you!!! :) You are going to be amazing! Love that video…and I just started running in those exact shoes!!!

  7. That video is the cutest thing ever!! Totally made my evening :)
    I’m so excited for you, Allison! I wish you all the best in your journey ahead. It’s awesome to see that you’ll be living your dream!
    Combos I crave: PB with banana. Always. And that Wowbutter?? Anything that tries to be peanut butter but isn’t is not worth any wows.

Whatcha Think?