Favorite Finds: Candy Grams

Happy Valentine’s Day Weekend!  Over the years I’ve heard numerous stories about how/when Valentine’s Day first started, so this morning I decided to research it for myself.  The History Channel has a fun Valentine’s Day page.

History of Valentine's Day

Let’s rewind…  In 2010 {my junior year in college} I had a 4-day weekend and planned to fly home.  Ryan planned a romantic evening for us, including dinner at Farmers & Fishers, which is now Farmers Fishers Bakers.  Unfortunately, much like this past week, DC shut down due to snow {which then traveled north up to me in Boston} so my flight was cancelled.  I still need to try Farmers Fishers Bakers!

In 2012 we took the train up to New York City – it was Ryan’s first time riding a train!  One of my girlfriends gifted us our engagement pictures and we couldn’t refuse her gracious offer.  The weather wasn’t cooperative {misty, biting wind}, but we had a fabulous time exploring the city, seeing my friend, dining at Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse, and we still love our engagement pictures!

Last year was our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple.  We ordered takeout from Morton’s and watched a movie.  It wasn’t big, but it was perfect.  Regardless of where we are or what we do, what matters the most is that we’re together.

This year our Valentine’s Day celebration is extending over two days, so I’ll wait to share my recap on Monday.  One thing that I will share is one of my gifts to Ryan.  I’ve seen the idea numerous times throughout the blog world and it’s plastered all over Pinterest {especially around Valentine’s Day}…  Candy grams.

Candy Gram Candies


  1. Write/type what you want to say.  If you’re stuck, there’s tons of inspiration online.
  2. Buy candy.  Wegmans is our local grocery store and they have a ton of candy{!}.  Both large bars or snack sized pieces will work, it’s personal preference.
  3. Edit the message to substitute candy for words.
  4. Write the message on a poster board or if typed, print the message.  I printed one sentence per piece of computer paper – larger text makes it easier to read and adds more space between lines so no words get covered by a piece of candy.


  • Paper *to outline ideas*
  • Candy
  • Poster board/computer paper/colored paper
  • Tape or glue

Ryan absolutely loved his gift and kept saying “This is so creative!”  Candy grams would be fun for other holidays too since the messages are personalized.

Favorite Pinterest Finds

Candy Heart by Kitchen Concoctions

Candy Heart

Candy Heart 2

Candy Bar Card by Repeat Crafter Me

Candy Heart 3

Candy Heart by Just Another Day in Paradise

Candy Heart 4

Candy Heart 5

Candy Heart 6

Question:  What’s your favorite candy?

Question:  Ryan and I are cooking together tonight and figured out what to make for dinner, but still don’t know what to make for dessert…  Suggestions?!

— Allison


Whatcha Think?

  1. This is awesome – so Valentine’s-y.
    I don’t think I have a favorite candy… I usually like candy bars more than sugary candy. How about some brownies for dessert? 😉

    • We ended up postponing the dinner we planned to cook together for another weekend, but brownies always are a tasty choice! Especially with some vanilla ice cream and berries 😉

  2. “Regardless of where we are or what we do, what matters the most is that we’re together.” <- so true. There are so many people stressing out about finding the "best" gift and spending lots of money [and possibly nerves] on the "perfect" night out. But in the end isn't it lovethat matters most? And that will be there no matter what we give each other or do. Oookay, enough of that rambling.
    The Candy gram idea is totally sweet – literally – and I can't wait to see yours. Fingers crossed I'll have a Valentine next year because now I really want to make my own for somebody.
    Depending on what's on the menu dessert some suggestions would be ice cream sundaes [with heart sprinkles for Valentine's], chocolate fondue or fruit crumble – and not just because I posted a recipe yesterday but because they're one of my favourite desserts.

  3. What a super cute idea : )

    My favorite candy right now is Peanut butter Doves.
    Hmm….for dessert? Cookie ice cream sandwiches? I made some on our last snow day.

Whatcha Think?