Thinking Out Loud: If they only knew…

Thanks to two snow days and a 2-hour delay, this week has flown by!  Last night I worked my first team night at the running store.  Team night is when a local high school’s cross country/track team comes in to get fitted for shoes for their upcoming season {and receive a super sweet discount!} – the store was the most crowded it has been since I started working, but it was a lot of fun!


Thanks Amanda for hosting another link-up!

1.  Truth: I used to refer to the treadmill as the “dreamill,” but this past winter I’ve had a change of heart.  It’s always there for me, it’s never covered with ice/snow, the temperatures are consistent, and the hills are…  Nonexistent.  Plus, it’s a great chance to catch up on trashy TV {i.e. Bravo}.


2.  Yes, yes, yes.  Runner’s World is so smart.  This is exactly why I run.


3.  Did you celebrate National Pancake Day?  If you missed out but still want to celebrate this weekend, check out Tuesday’s Favorite Finds: National Pancake Day post.


4.  Or if pancakes don’t tickle your fancy, what about muffins?  These Wheat-Free, Dairy-Free Morning Glory Muffins would be great to make and freeze for a quick weekday breakfast.


5.  Today I took a personal day because I had two different dermatology appointments.  PSA: Get yourself checked!  Melanoma doesn’t discriminate!


going back in April to have the mole that’s circled removed & tested

6.  Speaking of health, I want to talk more openly about my “health hiccups” on the blog this year.  By doing so I hope to connect with others who have gone though/are going through similar situations, share my experiences, and inspire others to keep a positive attitude.


shared via Instagram this morning

7.  I love when “throw everything together and hope for the best” dishes turn out to be delicious!  These meatballs contain a few ingredients that may make you question my cooking ability.  I want to make them once more before I share the recipe, but in the meantime, I need help naming them…?


8.  Another “throw everything together and hope for the best” recipe…  Except, this one has a name.  Three Bean Bell Pepper Chili.  With a side of dog.


9.  I overheard a group of high school girls chatting and one of the girls said “Ugh, I’m starving!  I overslept this morning and didn’t have time to eat breakfast or pack a lunch.”  Her friends suggested she go get a sandwich, but she ended up buying a banana and pretzels because “I need to fit into my bathing suit for spring break!”  Wish I {could have} said something.


10.  And an obligatory snow picture.  Everything looks so tranquil covered in snow.  I wonder if we’ll see another storm this season?


Question:  Do you ever jump into conversations if you overhear something that grabs your attention?  Yes, I do BUT I think it really depends on the situation and topic.  Chatting about coffee in the line at Starbucks?  Sure, I’ll jump in.  But a conversation between high school girls and body image, that’s a tough one.

Question:  Snow – sick of it or hope for more?

— Allison


Whatcha Think?

  1. Sorry about the health hiccups, that really sucks. I have IBS, but have had much more success with less issues eating Paleo, many fermented foods, probiotics, & kombucha.
    Snow… SO over it!!!! :/

    • Probiotics have definitely helped to calm my IBS symptoms. I love too many of the “no-no” Paleo foods to strictly follow it, but glad to hear it helps you!

  2. Ooooh your team nights are what we call spike nights. They’re some of my favorites, mostly because we get pizza during them 😉 I’m glad your appointment went well. It’s so true that we don’t think much about skin cancer as a result of tanning- we only think about how “good” we look when our skin is bronzed. And now I want more pancakes because I missed national pancake day. Maybe brunch this weekend is in order…

    • It’s hard deny it, we all love looking bronze. A little sun isn’t bad, but slathering on the oil and baking is it makes me think of a chicken roasting in the oven…

  3. I think I may have something in common with you on the HA health hiccup :-( I should have a better idea in about a week and a half though.
    As for jumping into conversations – I’ve lived in an all-female dorm and then attended an all-female university, so I’ve overheard A LOT of bad convos in my day. I chose to stay out of them, but you can’t help but feel bad.

    • Sorry for my super delayed response, Sam. I hope that you got some good news, or at least some insight into what was going on with your body.

  4. Chili recipe please??? Sounds amazing!

    • Sorry for my super delayed response, Nikki! I honestly don’t remember what I threw into the pot that day, but I’ll try to remember to write down the recipe next time :)

  5. aw, this is so inspirational 😉 Love this post


Whatcha Think?