MIMM: Charlie’s First Swim

Hey y’all :)  So much has happened over the past four months – I ran another half marathon, we found out that WE’RE EXPECTING {such a BIG surprise! – our little “miracle”!}, friends and family have gotten married, we traveled to Boston with friends, the school year ended, we hosted a gender reveal party {team pink!}, we went on a Caribbean cruise for our “babymoon,” I accepted a new job for the 2014 – 2015 school year, and oh yeah, we’re moving next month.  Thank goodness for my OCD color-coding tendencies, otherwise I might have forgotten about some of the wonderful things that we’ve done or have coming up in the future.

I never planned to take a break from blogging but life kept happening and one day turned into two, two days turned into a week, a week turned into a month, a month turned into four months, and today is already Monday, July 21st.  That baffles me.

IMG_9258 Rather than trying to recall everything that has happened, I think it would be easiest just to move forward and I’ll sporadically share highlights from the past four months as “Throwback Thursday” or “Flashback Friday” posts.  Kapeesh?  Kapeesh!  Good.  <– I started saying kapeesh a LOT with my students this year.  I’m not why, when, or how it started, but they loved it – I’d say “Kapeesh?” after I gave them a set of directions and they responded energetically “Kapeesh!” if they understood {and oftentimes even if they didn’t}.

I can’t think of a better way of jumping back into blogging than linking up with Katie for Marvelous in My Monday!

Ryan and I approached this past weekend with a “go with the flow” kind of attitude.  We didn’t have any concrete plans, so we did whatever sounded good in the moment…  I baked a batch of black bean brownies, he surprised me with “just because” flowers, we went out to lunch, visited my momma, stopped by our new townhouse for measurements, picked our own fresh fruit and veggies, sat outside at a small town tavern, spent Sunday Funday swimming at our cousin’s house, and ordered pizza for dinner.











IMG_9231 Question:  What have YOU been up to the past four months?  Share a highlight!

Question:  Does your dog love or hate the water?  This was Charlie’s first time in a pool…  I wouldn’t say that he loved it, but he didn’t hate it either.  I think with more exposure he’ll become more comfortable.  He was fast as a bullet!

— Allison


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  1. Happy to have you back! Hope you keep up blogging and share about your little miracle baby! Past four months- got certified to teach and have a job teaching group fitness! Love it! And now I’m on summer break just enjoying the time and going on vacations.

    • Thanks Heather! I definitely will share about our miracle baby, but it’s hard to put everything into words. Soon :) And congrats on your certification – that’s awesome!!!

  2. I TOTALLY get how a blogging hiatus can unintentionally happen! In the month of May we moved into a new house, I graduated, and we got married. Needless to say I wasn’t around in the blogosphere for a while :)

    • Woah – sounds like May was busy, but treated you well! Hope you’ve enjoyed the first few months of marriage and living in your new place 😀

  3. I am all about disappearing and living and then coming back for recaps every so often 😉 I’m also all about kapeesh. I use it daily with the boys, and they love it 😛 I drooled over those chips this weekend on Instagram! Sounds like the perfect way to spend a weekend to me :)

  4. If Charlie was any cuter, I’d probably die!!! So many marvelous things in your life right now!! Where is your job?? Still in VA?

  5. SO HAPPY YOU”RE BACK!!!!! That’s all I have to say…for now 😉

  6. Welcome back! I am currently on a blogging break– just about 10 days right now but it’s been really nice– Summer is taking over my time spent in front of the computer

  7. I really love your blog and am loving that you’re back into the blogging routine again. This is a totally random question, but what kind of dog do you have? He is absolutely adorable and we are looking to hopefully get a dog soon (adopt if we can!).

    Oh and congrats on the baby! So exciting!

    • Thanks so much, Erin 😀 Charlie is a poodle – he’s about 11.5 pounds so he’s just a bit bigger than a traditional toy poodle.

Whatcha Think?