Foodie Paradise: Reading Terminal Market

First, thank you all for your supportive messages on yesterday’s post.  It’s a bummer that so many of y’all have also had frustrating moving experiences, but it’s encouraging to read about how you’ve made the best of the situation.  I’m really looking forward to painting this weekend – a few friends have offered to help so it’ll be one big painting party :)

We spent last night at my momma’s house again, but brought Charlie home with us this morning.  He’s very curious and seems a little nervous, but he is thoroughly enjoying sliding around the hardwood floors/stairs.

Last week I recapped our trip to Philly, but I left out the {delicious} pictures from Reading Terminal Market.  Reading Terminal Market is an enclosed public market on the bottom level of the Philadelphia Convention Center in Downtown Philly.


The market is open daily and there are about 100 merchants that sell baked goods {the donuts are to.die.for}, unique cheeses, farm fresh produce, local meats and seafood, ethnic and specialty groceries, overstuffed hoagies and various platters, homemade ice cream, fresh flowers, kitchen ware, and an assortment of knickknacks.






















P.S.  Do yourself a favor, don’t skip the Pennsylvania Dutch merchants – all of their products look, smell, and taste amazing!  But FYI, apparently they’re not at the market Sunday through Tuesday so double check before you go.

Question:  Have you visited Reading Terminal Market?  Who’s your favorite merchant?

Question:  What’s your favorite donut flavor?  Is it donut or doughnut?  My favorites are classic vanilla frosted with sprinkles, cinnamon cake, and jelly filled with a little powdered sugar on top.  And I use donut and doughnut interchangeably.

— Allison


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  1. I love Reading Terminal Market, but it always overwhelms me. Have been there 3 or 4 times, and still couldn’t tell you my favorite, but I’ve tried many delicious things.

  2. Omg, now I’m super bummed that we couldn’t make it to the terminal over 4th of July weekend :( Joe and I both really wanted to since we were only 30 minutes from Philly, but we figured it would be crazy, so we didn’t push it, since one of the friends we were staying with is pregnant and not a fan of being on her feet for long periods of time. Definitely have to head back again soon!!

  3. I am headed to Philly for the day next week with my son! I think we may need to check out Reading Terminal Market since we are all about the food!

  4. That most definitely looks like paradise to me! I’d just like to camp out there for a few hours 😉

  5. Ahhh! I had the chance to go there in March and it was so, so difficult to choose what I wanted to try! I wished for multiple stomachs so I could try everything, but obviously, that didn’t happen, haha. The food was amazing though, and I loved the candles I got from Bee Natural!

  6. I’ve never been to Philly, but WOW… all that food!! I don’t even know where I’d begin! 😉
    Hmm… favorite donut… probably anything creme filled. :)

  7. This place looks AMAZING. I am legit drooling over those giant cookies with CANDY ALL OVER THEM!! This reminds me of Pike Place market in Seattle, I cannot get enough of that place. I’ve been there SO many times, but it’s always a must when I wander the streets of downtown Seattle!


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