WIAW: Confessions & Weekend Eats

Confession:  Our cable and internet got hooked up yesterday and I spent the whole afternoon on the couch watching reality TV, surfing the internet, snacking, and avoided unpacking.

Confession:  After receiving a dozen emails, I finally figured out how to renew my domain.  Life’s a Bowl will be around for at least another year.  Huzzah!

Confession:  Last night was our first night staying at our new place.  We spent Saturday, Sunday, and Monday night at my momma’s and I loved it – my old bed is so, so comfy.

Confession:  Despite having a fridge and pantry full of food, we ate out almost every meal this past weekend.  It was easier to stop somewhere between truck loads.

Confession:  We’ve been using paper products {paper plates, paper bowls, paper cups} and plastic silverware since Friday.  Eating and trashing is easier than eating and washing.

Thanks Jenn for hosting another tasty link-up!

Friday {Packing Day}


a banana & an English muffin {half with almond butter, half with grape jelly + an egg + cheese}






the Goat Cheese Medallions from Trader Joe’s are delicious


boxes & burgers

Saturday {Moving Day}


grapes, eggs, & toast – the first time using our griddler for something other than chicken or steak{!}




Panera for me {chicken noodle soup in a bread bowl + a Greek salad} & Five Guys for him

Sunday {Moving/Unpacking Day}



a {unpictured} That’s it. Apple + Blueberries fruit bar& Starbucks Oatmeal with nuts + dried fruit




{unpictured} Caesar salad, a buffalo burger, & fresh fruit



Chocolate Cookie ice cream from a local ice cream shop that opened 3 weeks ago – their ice cream is all-natural, made using milk from grass-fed cows, & 3 waffle cones cost only $7!

Question:  What’s your favorite flavor of REAL ice cream?  Frozen yogurt doesn’t count 😛  A good vanilla made using vanilla beans is simple, but it’s so deliciously rich.  If there are mix-ins, I like mint chocolate chip, cookies & cream, and cookie dough.

Question:  What’s your favorite fast food joint?  Panera is my favorite, I’m a sucker for their bread bowls.

— Allison


Whatcha Think?

  1. I’ve got a griddle like yours and I totally need to use it more often. Those eggs look perrrrrrrfect!

  2. Looks like some awesome eats! Now I’m craving white cheese puffs and goat cheese (not together).

  3. Those white cheddar corn puffs from TJ’s look amaaaazing… and dangerous! 😉

  4. Wait… THREE waffle cones for under $7?! Where is this place? lol :) My favorite ice cream is mackinac island fudge! Ohhh man so yummy. Now I’m craving some 😉

  5. OMG I feel so guilty when I go out to eat when I KNOW I have a ton of food in my fridge, EXAMPLE: Tonight!!! I wanted to go out to sushi, but then I talked myself out of it because the amount of food in my house, YEAH, I could definitely make a few meals out of all of it! So I saved myself a little money 😉 But… That doesn’t mean I won’t go out to sushi tomorrow, AHH HA AH!

  6. Does coconut ice cream count for favorite flavor?? I mean it IS still full of fat (good kinds of course) and sugar soo…it’s just not “regular” ice cream. HA. If yes, my favorites would be classic vanilla (so you can load ANYTHING and everything onto it) and COOKIE dough!! Loving all the Starbucks photos. 😉


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Whatcha Think?