10 Random Tidbits 2.17.15

Tidbit 1:  We were forecasted to receive 5 – 8 inches of snow overnight, but we woke up this morning to see no more than 4 inches.  Bummer.  If any of you New Englanders want to send us some of the 7+ feet y’all have received we’d gladly take it off your hands!

Tidbit 2:  We all watched Ryan shovel the front walk this morning before he went to work.  Little Miss is in awe of the snow – it’s precious.


Tidbit 3:  Did you catch Sunday’s post?  It’s one that you don’t wanna miss – a tasty {no bake} recipe and a delicious giveaway.  The giveaway is open to US residents and the winner will be announced on Thursday.

Tidbit 4:  The flowers Ryan gave me for Valentine’s Day are blooming beautifully.  I especially love lilies.  And peonies.  And tulips.


Tidbit 5:  Saturday morning Ryan and I went to a Stroller Strides partners class in honor of Valentine’s Day.  It was a lot of fun having all of the spouses join and complete the exercises with us!  By the end of the day Ryan felt the burn from all of the squats and asked me why we still have a gym membership, ha!

Tidbit 6:  I may not be the best baker, but I can read directions on the side of a box.  This devil’s food cake with whipped vanilla frosting and dark chocolate hearts didn’t disappoint.


Tidbit 7:  My goal this week is to get Little Miss to nap in her bassinet.  She loves movement so she naps great in her car seat and carrier, but getting her to nap at home {without wearing her} has been a challenge.  She’s a deep sleeper at night, but a light napper during the day.

Tidbit 8:  On Sunday we took a drive through the mountains and followed the Potomac River into Maryland.  Ryan and I started taking day trips when he visited me at school in Boston and I’m glad we’ve kept them going.  We’ve mapped out a handful of trips we hope to take this spring!


Tidbit 9:  Every time I import pictures into iPhoto I end up with duplicates.  I’ve read online that it could have to do with my iCloud settings, but I have iCloud turned off.  Help?!

Tidbit 10:  I planned to share how I’ve been making the greatest boiled eggs the past few weeks, but it appears that my tricks aren’t so original.  How to Make the Perfect Boiled Egg, Every Time, Every Way by Greatest sums it up perfectly.

Question:  Did you celebrate Valentine’s Day?  We celebrated, but kept it low-key.  We exchanged gifts Friday night {because it’s hard to hide a cake} and Saturday we went to the Stroller Strides partners class and dinner + a movie at home.

Question:  Do you have any secret tips to make the greatest boiled eggs?

— Allison


10 Random Tidbits 1.15.15

Tidbit 1:  I can’t believe we’re already two weeks into 2015.

Tidbit 2:  This morning one of my daily emails featured an article about fresh baby food delivery services, “Yummy in the Tummy: The District’s Freshest Baby Food Delivery Services.”  This would be awesome for parents who want make their own baby food, but are too busy to make it themselves.  The food is pricy, but it’s farm fresh and delivered directly to your house or office.

Tidbit 3:  Aren’t they precious?  Since the day we brought her home, Charlie has adored his little sister.  He always greets her when we come home, has to know where she is, and loves to give her kisses.





Tidbit 4:  Have you heard of the app Sit or Squat?  I laughed at my mom when I saw it on her phone, but now that we have a baby I don’t think it’s so silly…  Sit or Squat uses your location to find the closest, cleanest public restroom and allows users to view, rate, review, and add bathrooms.  Public restrooms can be absolutely disgusting – there’s toilet paper all over the floor, the sinks are continuously running, there are no paper towels – but desperate times call for desperate measures!

Tidbit 5:  I’ve been watching Ellen most afternoons because it’s Evie’s feeding and nap time.  I laugh throughout almost all episodes!  One day I will be in the audience – preferably one of the 12 Days of Christmas episodes.

Tidbit 6:  The Crock-Pot has become my favorite kitchen gadget lately.  Last week it was Southwestern Bean & Rice Stew and yesterday it was Chunky Crock-Pot Chicken Noodle Soup.  I’m all about wicked easy, one pot, hearty dishes during winter.


Tidbit 7:  After a week of debate, I’ve decided to purchase a race pass through our local running store instead of running the R’nR USA Half Marathon.  R’n’R USA will always hold a special place in my heart since it was the weekend we found out that we were expecting, but we’re trying to be a bit more frugal with our money since the baby was born.  Plus, the race pass will allow me to run four local races rather than just one.

Tidbit 8:  Yesterday we were out of coffee.  Thank goodness for an awesome friend who saw my desperate plea on Facebook.  She delivered and saved the day!  Coffee is necessary when your baby is going through a growth spurt and in the early stages of teething – she’s drooling like crazy!


Tidbit 9:  Running out of coffee made me think…  Why are there no coffee delivery businesses?  There’s a pizza shop on nearly every corner.  I’m sure I’m not the only parent who would appreciate it.

Tidbit 10:  Our family is going through a lot of changes.  Fortunately, they’re all positive but it’s still overwhelming.

— Allison


Evie: 3 Months Update

Dear Sweet Baby Girl,

I’m typing this while you sleep on my lap.  For the past week you’ve refused to sleep anywhere other than on me after your middle-of-the-night feeding.  The week of Christmas you gifted your dad and I one of the best presents new parents could ask for – sleep.  But you’ve since rescinded that gift.

Your senses are on point because you wake up every day at 2:30AM on.the.dot.  You let out a short cry to let us know that you’re awake and your dad occasionally has to give me a gentle shove because I hope that I’m just dreaming of a crying baby.

After a quick diaper change, we move downstairs for a feeding before you quickly drift back into dreamland and spend the next few hours sleeping on my chest or lap.  I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I’d love a few more hours of sleep, but I enjoy the quiet time together.  You look so angelic with your hands crossed under your chin.





We think that you’re in the midst of a growth spurt because you’re a hungry, hungry hippo.  It feels like as soon as we finish one feeding we’re starting another.  We’re still breastfeeding and you love to latch on, whether it’s to eat or just for comfort.  Over the past month your dad and I have learned how to differentiate between your hunger, tired, and boredom cry – something that we never thought would be possible.

Just until recently we cradled you whenever we walked with you in our arms, but now you prefer to be carried upright.  You’re intrigued by everything, especially mirrors and lights.  You’ve made tremendous progress of holding up your head and pushing up on your arms.  Your dad and I joke that you’re going to walk before you crawl because you like to put pressure on your legs and they never stop kicking.  He calls you “kickin’ chicken.”


We received our first snowfall this past week and it was magical.  Your eyes were open as wide as your delicate eyelids would allow and you couldn’t take your focus off of the glistening white blanket.  You were in awe.

You’ve become what your dad and I like to call a “faker.”  Throughout the day you’ll occasionally let out a short whine, regardless of whether you’re in our arms or you’re laying in one of your rockers.  At first we thought it was the beginning of a cry, but we caught on quickly.  After you let out the short whine you look around to see if anyone heard it and then will then coo or smile.

Over the past month you’ve met more of your dad and my friends, spent time with your grandmomma when I went to the gym, were a great shopping companion amid the holiday chaos at the mall, sat on Santa’s lap, celebrated your first Christmas, starred longingly into your aunts and uncles eyes, and slept through your first New Year’s celebration {so did I}.  You love bath time, but hate when it ends and when you have to get dressed.


Your dad and I say it daily, we’re amazed by how quickly you’ve changed.  It seems like just yesterday we brought you home and were worried if we were doing anything right.  We still worry, but I think we’re starting to feel a bit more comfortable.  Charlie too.

You are so loved.

XO, Momma & Dad

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— Allison