“It looks like a toddler…”

I started writing this post this morning during the hour that I was sitting at Starbucks.  Maybe it was due to the fact that I hadn’t eaten anything since 9PM last night because I had to fast for a glucose test.  Or maybe it was because I was waiting for the AC tech because our AC broke the day we moved in…  Regardless, my fingers couldn’t stop pounding the keys.  P.S. Oprah always is full of wisdom and it oftentimes comes when it’s needed the most.


I was taking my anger, disappointment, and frustration out on my keyboard.

But after I woke up from a nap I deleted that post.

The post started with me talking about how Ryan’s been traveling the past three weeks for work and I’m six months pregnant so we spent Friday frantically packing.  I then went on to talk about how the contractor that our landlord hired didn’t complete anything during the two weeks between our walk-through and our move in date.  Nor did he “know” that we were moving in the same day he finally decided to paint.  And I don’t even want to talk about the paint job…  As one of our friends said “It looks like a toddler painted this house.”

It does.  There’s not a single straight line of paint throughout the entire interior of the house.

But in time, it’s gonna be beautiful.

Over the weekend I was so caught up in all of the things that were going wrong.  The house was sloppily painted.  Friends who said they could help us move cancelled at the last minute.  The AC broke.  Outlets and light switches were missing covers.  We found water damage in the master bathroom.  Parts of the outside wood paneling are rotting.  And the list goes on.


Despite Ryan reassuring me that everything would work itself out as it always does, I broke down.

I felt angry, frustrated, disappointed.  How did we not see these problems before?

After spending hours in the house by myself this morning, blaring Zac Brown Band, and cleaning from top to bottom, I’m starting to see the potential.  I broke through the negative thoughts and began thinking about the positives in my life.  How lucky I am to be married to such a strong man – someone who can see the good despite the bad and didn’t complain once the whole weekend.  How appreciative I am of our friends who spent their Saturday doing manual labor for us.  And how thankful I am for my momma who housed Ryan and I over the weekend.

I have a roof over my head.  I have a wonderful family.  We have generous friends.  And I’m pregnant with our miracle baby.

Life is good.  I can’t waste my time worrying about the bad and need to focus on the good. 

I need to focus on the possibilities and turn them into realities.  I can envision myself cooking meals in the kitchen.  Ryan and I eating dinner in the dining room.  Playing games with family and friends in the living room.  Going for walks throughout the neighborhood.  Hosting cookouts on the back patio.  And in just three short months, bringing Baby Szed home.

Free by Zac Brown Band

With a lot of hard work, this place has the possibility of being great.

There’s so much potential.

Thankfully, our landlord agreed to reimburse us for any work that we do on the house.  He’s taking care of the water damage and the outside of the house, while we’re planning to patch and {re}paint.  We’re going to start this weekend and actually are looking forward to it.  There’s something so satisfying about DIY projects and I know that whatever we do will look better than our current toddler painted townhouse.

Question:  What helps you to see the good in bad situations?

Question:  Have you ever painted a room?  Share any tips/tricks!  My dad and I painted my bedroom when my parents split in high school.  Three walls were electric blue and the wall behind my bed was bright yellow.  I never would choose that color combo again, but the experience of painting it myself was fun!

— Allison


100 Happy Days: Day 1 – Day 8

Read about why I’m doing the 100 Happy Days challenge here.  Sign up to participate yourself or join me – for just a day or the remainder of the challenge – the more the merrier.  Don’t forget to tag your pictures with #100happydays and #lifesabowlhappydays.  Stay connected with Life’s a Bowl on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Below each picture I copied the caption, minus the hashtags #obvi.

100 Happy Days Challenge Header Evidently Charlie made me happy a lot last week.  He’s been great company this summer, especially while Ryan has been away for work.  He’s such a charmer and cuddler ;)

Day 1


I love that he loves laying on my baby belly ♥  Today marks day 1 of the 100 Happy Days challenge…  I thought it would be a fun way to countdown to Baby Szed’s due date.  Day 100 is November 13th.

Day 2


So much to be happy about today.  Today marks 26 weeks pregnant!

Day 3


Spent this past week in Philly!  I LOVE{d} having the opportunity to travel with my husband {Charlie too} on a business trip and spend the days touring.  Back to VA to start packing for our move next week!

Day 4


What a WONDERFUL night!  Had a blast celebrating the newly engaged couple and seeing old friends!

Day 5


I’m incredibly thankful for everything my husband does for me and our growing family.  He’s the hardest worker that I know, is extremely modest, puts the biggest smile on my face, still makes my heart flutter after 5 years, and is gonna be a great dad…  So much love ♥  And yes, he’s showing off my baby bump!

Day 6


Be the person your dog thinks you are.  Give lots of kisses, seize the day, always be ready for adventure, stick by the ones you love, and love unconditionally.  Love my first baby, my fur baby

Day 7


Listening to the pouring rain, culling on the couch, and catching up on the DVR.

Day 8


Happy to have a rich blue sky today after yesterday’s downpours – it’s a beautiful day in Virginia.

Question:  What’s made you happy lately?

Question:  Do you like listening to the rain?

— Allison


8 Random Thoughts 8.6.14

Thought #1:  I’m always on my phone and typically my battery dies by mid-afternoon.  Last weekend I planned to meet my sorority little at The National Portrait Gallery {I’ve lived in the DMV for 25 years, but this was my first visit} and just when I was about to leave, I realized that my battery was at 6%.  Bust.  I finally took the plunge and bought a mophie juice pack case.  The price tag is a little steep {$80-120}, but the benefits outweighs the cost and I don’t have to recharge my phone all day.  Winning.


one of the current exhibits at The National Protrait Gallery, “American Cool

Thought #2:  This week Charlie and I joined Ryan at one of his work trainings.  We left last night after rush hour traffic and Charlie did great on his first road trip! He’s totally loving the fancy hotel life.  I’ll hate to see how he is when we have to go home.


Thought #3:  I *think* we chose a car seat and stroller.  There are wayyy too many options.  My biggest factors are: 1) it’s safe 2) it’s not ridiculously expensive 3) it’s not too heavy 4) we can use it for Baby Szed AND future babies and 5) I’d like a jogging stroller that has an adapter for the car seat and to use when she’s big/old enough.

Thought #4:  I’ve been a Starbucks gold member since 2010 but today was the first time I tried one of their breakfast sandwiches, the Reduced-Fat Turkey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich.  I thought it was tasty and I’d buy it again, but the texture was a little rubbery.  Apparently I’m not the only person who thinks so…  People are totally bummed that Starbucks changed their old sandwich –> Starbucks Turkey Bacon Breakfast Fail via Business Insider.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  Right?


Thought #5:  Watching all of the moms with their babies at the pool has sparked baby fever.  Everyone keeps telling me to enjoy the freedom that I have now and I definitely am {perks of being a teacher and having a summer break!}, but I can hardly wait.  At this time next year Baby Szed will already be 8-months-old!

Thought #6:  On Sunday Ryan and I met our new landlord for a walk-through.  Our new place needs some cosmetic work, which our landlord is having fixed this week, but structurally everything is in good condition.  I’m excited to be moving into a bigger place, but I’m most excited about moving back to our old town!  To walk down the paths, skip rocks across the ponds, to watch the leaves change color and cover the ground, for snow to coat the rooftops, and to be closer to some of our favorite people and places.  I make it sound like the town we currently live in {15 minutes away} didn’t have fall or winter last year, ha.


Thought #7:  I love people watching and this morning at Starbucks there was quite a crowd.  My mind wanders and I start fabricating stories about their lives.  Does the guy sitting in the back corner pouring all of the Equal packets into a venti cup go to multiple stores until his cup is full every day?  I wonder if the girl sitting next to me who asked “Oprah probably doesn’t even drink coffee!  Do you think she’s even been to a Starbucks?” secretly works for the O Network?  Has anyone ever told the lady talking to her lawyer about “doing whatever it takes to not go back to prison” that she looks identical to Yoga Jones from Orange is the New Black {minus her pink tips}?  And whoever gave the homeless man coffee and food has a generous soul.  Someone needs to start a Humans of Starbucks like Humans of New York.



Thought #8:  Today marks the first day 0f my 100 Happy Days challenge.  I read about the challenge a while ago, but I thought it would be a fun way to countdown to Baby Szed’s due date {day 100 is November 13th}.  Wanna join me?  Post pictures via social media and tag them with #100happydays and #lifesabowlhappydays.  Like Life’s a Bowl on Facebook or follow me on Instagram and Twitter to see my pictures.

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 10.35.01 AM

read more about the 100 Happy Days challenge or sign up to participate

Question:  Have you watched Orange is the New Black?

Question:  Have you done the 100 Happy Days challenge?

— Allison