Favorite Finds 1.18.15

rGood morning and happy Sunday, y’all!  It’s a deary day here, but we’re planning to make the most of it and have a lot on the agenda.  One of which is running five miles.  I have my sights on a 10 mile race in early March so I’m slowly trying to increase my mileage.  So far, so good.  Although, my knee gets a little wonky when I do speed work.

This is my first Favorite Finds post of 2015 – woo hoo!  I’m in the midst of reorganizing my Pinterest boards so they’ll be a little more straightforward.  I apologize in advance if some boards are empty or pins aren’t in the correct category.  I hope to finish soon.

Favorite Pinterest Finds

Home CrossFit WOD: 600 Reps by Blonde Ponytail:  I’ve never done a CrossFit workout, but this one looks easy enough…  The exercises that is, not the 600 reps {ha!}.  It would be great if I could get my workout done while Evie naps and not have to wait until Ryan gets home from work.  I don’t have kettlebells at home, but dumbbells should work fine.

Oreo Peanut Butter Popcorn by Crazy for Crust:  When I started breastfeeding I got a hankering for cookies, particularly {chewy} M&M sugar cookies and Oreos.  At the time, Pumpkin Spice Oreos flooded the supermarket shelves, but when we went back for more they were out of season so we moved onto Cake Batter.  Don’t buy them, they’re addicting and you won’t wanna share with anyone.  This popcorn incorporates three of my favorite foods so I have no doubt I’d love it.

Oreo Peanut Butter Popcorn

Organic and Original Clothes and Shoes for Baby by Growing Up Wild:  Cute onesies and booties are stapes in Evie’s wardrobe – the easier to take off for a diaper change, the better.  These {organic} onesies and coordinating booties are both adorable and environmentally friendly.  Plus, I’m a sucker for bows and headbands.

Elephant Onesie

Quote:  With all of the changes that are going on in our lives, it’s easy to get caught-up in things that are out of our control.  This quote is a great reminder that we can’t control everything.

Spaghizza by Money Saving Mom:  I’ve seen a few pictures of spaghetti pie on Instagram lately, so I had to do some research.  It’s essentially a baked pasta dish {think lasagna, minus the ricotta} with all of the classic pizza ingredients.  What’s not to like?


Frozen Olaf Valentines {Free Printable} by One Creative Mommy:  It’s no secret that kids {and some adults} these days are completely obsessed with the movie Frozen.  These Valentine’s Day cards are sure to be a hit.

Frozen Olaf Valentine

Top 27 Places In The US That Foreigners Are Craziest About Visiting by Rosey News:  Before looking at this, I thought I was pretty well-traveled.  I’ve been to all of the states on the east coast, down south, a few out on the west coast, and a couple in the middle of the country…  But after looking at this list, I’ve realized that I have a lot more traveling to do.  There are so many beautiful places that I have yet to see!

Top 27 Places Foreigners Go Crazy For

White Kitchen by little house BIG PLANS:  My mom designed the kitchen in my childhood home and it was simply gorgeous.  Floor to ceiling white cabinets, white/wood paneled appliances, white granite counters, white and blue wall paper and accents.  The kitchen in our current house has white cabinets, but black granite and dark gray floors, so it’s not very bright.  Oh, what I would give to have a custom-built kitchen.

White Kitchen

— Allison


5 Things to Help You Stay Healthy in 2015

Healthy has many different meanings.  To some, healthy is a physical quality, while others believe it’s a combination of both the body and the mind.  It could mean an overall feeling of happiness.  It could mean illness-free.  It could mean reaching a goal weight or fitting into a certain pair of pants.  Regardless of what healthy means to you, we all can agree that striving for a healthy lifestyle is a positive thing but may look different on one person from the next.

5 Things to Help You Stay Healthy in 2015

In honor of the new year and to help you take a step in the right direction, I’ve created a list of five things that can help you stay healthy in 2015…  Plus one bonus item for all of the other new parents.  Some of the items are pricy so let’s pretend money isn’t a factor.

1.  Fitness Tracker {$100 – $150}

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 7.38.32 AM


There are numerous fitness trackers on the market nowadays and each has its own little something that the others don’t.  Bracelets, clips, watches, there’s a style to fit every lifestyle.  Some of the most popular ones that I hear about include: Garmin Vivofit, Fitbit, Nike+ FuelBand SE, Polar Loop, and Jawbone UP.  Most of them calculate activity level, calories burned, and steps taken, while some can also track distance, heart rate, and sleep quality.

Last Christmas I received a Nike+ FuelBand SE.  As someone who loves numbers {I’m a sudoku addict} and has a competitive personality, it’s been a great accessory.  I enjoy reviewing my stats on a frequent basis, comparing my numbers to past weeks, setting goals, connecting with friends, and engaging in friendly competitions.  I just synced back up as of January 1st and think it’ll be a great motivator to work towards my pre-baby fitness level.

2.  Road ID {$17.99 – $29.99}



Whether you wear it on your ankle, wrist, or loop it through your shoe laces, a Road ID is not really a health gadget, but rather a safety must-have.  There are only so many miles a person can run on the treadmill before going crazy and must hit the pavement.

No one enjoys thinking about the risks involved with running outside {or any outdoor activity}, but the reality is that accidents happen.  Whenever I leave the house Ryan tells me to have fun and “be safe.”  A Road ID can’t prevent accidents from happening, but it can provide important information if something ever was to happen and someone found you.  You can personalize your ID band to include: badges, an inspirational message, and vital health information.  You can even get one for your pup.  I don’t have a Road ID, but I plan to order one in the immediate future.

3.  JUNE by netatmo {$99}

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 8.56.44 AM


I never heard about JUNE before I researched items for this post.  But wow, it sounds really cool!  Like many, I enjoy sitting outside by the pool or at the beach in the summer, but with my history of melanoma I tend to be more cognizant about slathering on the sunscreen.  Despite my best efforts though, I occasionally still burn.

JUNE measures sun exposure and provides real-time advice via smartphone.  It can suggest the best SPF lotion based on your skin and UV levels, when lotion needs to be reapplied, if you should cover-up, or when it’s time to move into the shade.  Plus, it looks like a nice pendant bracelet.  My only hesitation is that I wouldn’t want to have a white stripe around my wrist because that’s where the band was positioned.

4.  Brita Sport Bottle {$9.99}



We found these Brita Sport Bottles at our local grocery store and have been using them for over a year.  I use it daily when I’m out running errands, at the gym, and we even took them with us on our cruise this past summer.

The bottles are BPA free, dishwasher safe, and remove chlorine while leaving a healthy amount of fluoride.  The filters last for approximately two months or 40 gallons.  Just imagine how much money you’ll save when you stop buying plastic water bottles – the average person consumed an average of 300 bottles per month!  Plus, when it’s time to replace your filter you can simply drop it off or mail it out so it can be recycled.

5.  Withings Aura {$299.95}



Did you know, you sleep for about 1/3 of your life?  That’s a lot of time spent with your eyes closed.  Although, as a new mom I’d like to challenge that statistic.

The Withings Aura helps users monitor and improve their sleep quality.  Users place a discrete pad under their mattress that monitors sleep cycles based on body movement, breathing cycles, and heart rate.  Concurrently, the Bedside Device analyzes sound, temperature, and light throughout the bedroom and notes any changes in the quality of sleep.  The following morning, users can review their sleep data which is graphed to show their different sleep stages {light, deep and REM}, as well as information such as duration of sleep, time it took to fall asleep, and number of wake-ups.

And one last thing that can help new parents in 2015…

Mimo Smart Baby Monitor {$199.99}



I don’t think this gadget necessarily is a must-have, but it could be fun to try.  The Mimo Smart Baby Monitor measures baby’s respiration, body position, skin temperature, breathing, and activity such as when he/she wakes up or rolls over.  Additionally, it monitors sleep activity which is what I’d be most interested in since some nights Evie will sleep for six hours straight, while other nights she’s flipping and flopping like a fish out of water.  One thing that I wonder about is the monitor when the baby rolls over – is it uncomfortable?  Does it stay attached?

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, there are no affiliate links, and I received no compensation whatsoever.  I created this list based on personal experience and products that caught my eye.

Question:  What app/gadget helps you to stay healthy?

— Allison


In 2015 I will…

Happy New Year!  Whether you flaunted your very best pajamas or donned your most sparkly dress, I hope you had a wonderful and safe evening.  It was like any other night at our house and I was in bed at 8PM.  I set an alarm on my phone for 11:55PM so I could watch the ball drop, but sometime before then my phone died so it never rang.  Whoops.

Last year I created a list of 14 goals in honor of 2014, but in all honesty, I revisited that list maybe twice.  Some of the goals were lofty {I definitely did not run a marathon} and the list was lengthy.  Plus, we received some very surprising, life-changing news in March which threw a wrench in my plans {in the best possible way!}.

2015 Goal Make It Happen

Over the past five years I got engaged, graduated from college, moved back to Virginia, became a fur mom, developed a love for running, switched careers, got married, and became a mom.  I’ve got a feeling that 2015 is going to bring all of those things together.

This year I’m keeping the same mantra “make it happen” as last year, but I’m focusing on just five simple goals.  They can be interpreted in a variety of ways and that’s the intention.  They’re meant to be flexible.

2015 Goal Adapt

2015 Goal Connect

2015 Goal Disconnect

2015 Goal Laugh

2015 Goal Trust

To be continued…

— Allison