10 Random {Fitness and Food} Tidbits 9.2.15

Tidbit 1:  I covered the most miles I ever have in August, but I have a strong suspicion that I’ll cover even more in September.


Tidbit 2:  Last month I created a challenge for my local MRTT group.  It helped people to stay accountable, was a great source of motivation, and people felt comfortable sharing their gripes and groans, as well as their successes!  This month I’ve created another challenge that’s open to the public.  It’s not too late to join!  Click on the following link to join the Facebook event → September Strength Challenge.

Tidbit 3:  Tonight I’m going to coaches training for Girls on the Run.  I’m so excited to share my obsession for running and healthy living with a group of girls this fall and hope to inspire the same passion within them!

GOTR logo w circles



Tidbit 4:  It’s only September, but I’m already starting to outline my 2016 race schedule.  We have a handful of weddings next spring and I’d love to coordinate a few destination races.

Tidbit 5:  Our fabulous {seriously awesome} real estate agent sent us this delicious Edible Arrangement last week.  Between the three of us, it lasted for three days.  If anyone else would like to send us a fruit bouquet, we’ll graciously accept it with open arms!


Tidbit 6:  Next week I have an appointment to look further into what’s triggering pain in my knee.  I had a MRI done two weeks ago {the night we arrived in Ohio} and it showed that I have damage to my patella.  Boo.

Tidbit 7:  The Marine Corps Marathon is less than two months away, 53 days away to be exact.  I’ve got an 18 miler on Saturday, a 20 miler, a 22 miler, and a few shorter runs between me and the finish line.  “Shorter” is a relative term during marathon training, ha!

Tidbit 8:  Figs were on sale for $4.99 at Trader Joe’s last week!


Tidbit 9:  Dinner last night was delicious, or as Ryan said, it was “pretty good” which he then translated for me into “frickin’ awesome!”  I tweaked a few different Chicken Enchilada Casserole recipes and added my own touches to make it exactly what I wanted.

Tidbit 10:  I received samples of the Quest Protein Powders in Vanilla Milkshake and Peanut Butter in my Bulu Box {review coming later this week!}.  I’ve heard great things about both flavors, but have no clue what to mix them with…  Suggestions?

Question:  What races {national or international} are on your bucket list?

Question:  What’s your current favorite fruit?  Figs, figs, pineapple, figs, cantaloupe, figs.


— Allison


#liveinprAna Review and Discount

Last week I completed the #7daystretch with prAna and Sweat Pink and it could not have come at a more opportune time.  In the beginning of the week I was feeling completely overwhelmed with the move.  The challenge was a daily reminder to slow down, that I could only do so much at one time and not everything would get done in a day.  So throughout the challenge I not only stretched my body, but also my mind and soul to show how I truly #liveinprana.


Monday: Get up and stretch ‘dem legs! Show us your favorite quad and/or hamstring stretch{es}!


Tuesday: Backbends.  Any backbend.  All backbends. Show us how you get bendy!


Wednesday: It’s our mid-week stretch it out.  Show us what’s getting you through your hump day.


Thursday: Show us a #tbt to a time when you stretched outside of your comfort zone.


Friday: Happy #freefriday y’all!  We want to see what makes you feel the most free.


Saturday: Saturday side stretch! Show us your fave side stretch{es}!


Sunday: What are your favorite ways to restore your mind, body, and soul?


You can read the full description of each picture on Instagram.

So in honor of our beautiful #7daystretch, here are 7 things you might not know about me…

Thing 1: I’m crazily obsessed with… lifting each other up.  When I asked Ryan to fill in the blank for me he said fitness or healthy living.  I’d agree with both of those things, too!

Thing 2: I have a collection of…  Hm, I don’t collect anything.  Maybe running shoes since I have more of those than anything.

Thing 3: I am secretly {but not so secretly} in love with… peanut butter and coffee.  I’ve been known to make a mad dash to the store in my pajamas if I wake up and realize we’re all out of coffee.

Thing 4: When I was 7, I wanted to be… a marine biologist.  Sea World can do that to you.

Thing 5: If I could do one thing today, it would be… finish organizing everything in our new house.  Clutter and random piles drive me nuts.

Thing 6: I’ve always dreamed of going to… Greece.  I’ll keep dreaming.

Thing 7: My favorite way to travel is by… cruise ship!

Now it’s your turn to join in on the fun!  Leave a comment below with one, two, or seven things that I didn’t know about you.


Onto the clothes.  As a tall girl, I struggle to find pants that are long enough.  Oftentimes I’ll think that I’ve found the perfect pair based on the look and cut, only to try them on and have them fit like capris.  Confession: I’ve purchased a pair {or two} of pants in short and worn them as capris.

prAna is every tall girls dream.  Pants in regular size have a 32″ inseam, whereas the tall pants have a 36″ inseam.  That’s FOUR additional inches!  And guess what…  I even had to roll my pair of Halle Pants so they didn’t drag.



I’m being serious when I say that these pants fit.like.a.glove.  They had just enough flare at the bottom, but not too much.  The thighs were a little loose, but not baggy.  And the waist had two buttons, plus a drawstring that gets tucked inside.  The waist was just a tiny bit too big, but I was able to easily fix that by tying the drawstring a little tighter and they didn’t sag or give me that awkward front bulge.



Some neat things about the Halle Pants are they’re super flexible, water-resistant, reinforced at the knees, and there’s a hidden zipper pocket on the upper right leg.  Not to mention, they can be worn across seasons because you can roll up the pant legs and snap them into capri length.  There’s a very good chance that I’ll be ordering another pair so I don’t wear these out too quickly.  Apple picking and fall hikes, here I come!

P.S.  Want to order a pair of Halle Pants or a different style for yourself?  Don’t forget to take advantage of the discount!

LiveInprAna Discount Code

Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by prAna through my affiliation with FitApproach.  All opinions are my own.

— Allison


Quad + Hamstring Stretches and Backbends

I’ll admit that I’m not good about making time to stretch.  When I get to the gym, I jump right into my workout.  Or if I’m running outside, my feet start going as soon as they hit the pavement.  And then when I finish, I feel rushed to get home, shower, and move onto the next thing.  I have good intentions, but struggle with the execution.


If you’re sitting behind a desk all day, try to make an effort to periodically stand up, stretch, and shake out your legs.  Even if that means taking a short walk to the water fountain or bathroom, I’m willing to bet that you’ll feel better when you return.

Today I’m sharing four of my favorite quad and hamstring stretches…  My weekly mileage is quickly increasing {the Marine Corps Marathon is exactly two months away!}, so stretching has become more important than ever.

The first two stretches target your quads and the second two focus on your hamstrings.  Hold each stretch for 15 – 30 seconds and repeat 2 – 4 times.  To get the maximum benefit from the stretch, good form is key.  Modify when necessary.

Side Lying Quad Stretch

Standing Quad Stretch

Tipover Tuck Hamstring Stretch

Modified Hurdler Hamstring Stretch

And in honor of today’s challenge, backbends.  This challenge really pushed me out of my comfort zone…  I am not a naturally bendy, graceful person.  Charlie evidently wasn’t impressed with my form.

Bridge Pose

Cobra Pose

Camel Pose

Dog Tilt Pose

As always, consult a medical professional before beginning any new activity.


It’s not too late to join in on the  #liveinprana #7daystretch fun!  To follow me through the daily challenges, you can find me on Instagram @lifesabowl and Twitter @lifesabowl.

Here are the daily prompts for the remainder of the week…

Tuesday, August 25: Backbends.  Any backbend.  All backbends. #benditlikebackbend. Show us how you get bendy! #7daystretch #liveinprana #sweatpink @FitApproach @prAna

Bonus: It’s #transformationtuesday y’all, whether you’re bendier than you used to be, more adventurous, or even faster, we want to see! #7daystretch #liveinprana #sweatpink @FitApproach @prAna

Wednesday, August 26: It’s our mid-week stretch it out, show us what’s getting you through your hump day. #7daystretch #liveinprana #sweatpink @FitApproach @prAna

Bonus: It’s #workoutitwednesday.  Show us how you worked it today! #7daystretch #liveinprana #sweatpink @FitApproach @prAna

Thursday, August 27: Show us a #tbt to a time when you stretched outside of your comfort zone. #7daystretch #liveinprana #sweatpink @FitApproach @prAna

Bonus: Show us your favorite stretchy pants (shorts work too). #7daystretch #liveinprana #sweatpink @FitApproach @prAna

Friday, August 28: Happy #freefriday y’all!  We want to see what makes you feel the most FREE. #7daystretch #liveinprana #sweatpink @FitApproach @prAna

Bonus: Show us how you are celebrating #forearmfriday!  Forearm planks, dolphin pose, forearm stands, or maybe just forearms on the table? #7daystretch #liveinprana #sweatpink @FitApproach @prAna

Saturday, August 29: Saturday side stretch!  Show us your fave side stretch(es)! #7daystretch #liveinprana #sweatpink @FitApproach @prAna

Bonus: #sunsalutesaturday.  Show us how you are saluting the sun today! #7daystretch #liveinprana #sweatpink @FitApproach @prAna

Sunday, August 30: What are your favorite ways to restore your mind, body, and soul? #7daystretch #liveinprana #sweatpink @FitApproach @prAna

Bonus: Show us your favorite zen space.  Where do you find peace & tranquility? #7daystretch #liveinprana #sweatpink @FitApproach @prAna #sundayzenday

LiveInprAna Discount Code

Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by FitApproach and prAna, but all opinions are my own.

Question:  Do you stretch regularly?

Question:  What are your favorite quad and/or hamstring stretch{es}?

— Allison