10 Random Tidbits 1.30.15

Tidbit 1:  Ryan brought home my favorite tulips and Oreos over the weekend.  The best part – the Oreos were buy one, get one free.  The worst part – we’re already on the last row of the second pack.  If you haven’t tried the Birthday Cake Oreos yet, don’t.  We’ll eat them for you.


Tidbit 2:  TGIT returned last night!  Finally.  Hooray!  Who watched?  Don’t share any spoilers in the comments below, I didn’t get to watch because it started after my bedtime…  I’m hoping to find some time to catch up today during naptime.

Tidbit 3:  We love giraffes and thanks to Evie’s favorite book Giraffes Can’t Dance, all giraffes are now named Gerald.


Tidbit 4:  Evie and I have attended Stroller Strides classes for the past two weeks through a free class pass and we’re so excited to be joining as members in February.  Not only is it a good workout, but it’s a great opportunity for us to meet other local moms and their babies, and weekly play dates, monthly moms night out dates, and educational events.

Tidbit 5:  Some of the best recipes start as accidents.  I planned to make stuffed peppers but ended up with too much filling, so I made an Unstuffed Pepper Casserole.  The best part – it only requires four ingredients, plus bell peppers…  So I guess that’s really five ingredients.


Tidbit 6:  I went bananas for this That’s Bananas! 31 Creative Ways to Cook With Bananas roundup by Greatist.  I started to pin the recipes, but quickly realized that I was pinning every recipe…  I foresee banana bread in my near future.

Tidbit 7:  Our sweet baby girl came down with her first cold last week.  We were using a bulb syringe that the hospital gave us, but our pediatrician suggested that we purchase a NoseFrida the Snotsucker.  The thought of putting a tube in her nose and sucking grossed me out, but I quickly got over that once I saw how well it works.  Not to mention, it’s more gentle on her itty-bitty nose.



Tidbit 8:  I mentioned yesterday that I haven’t figured out how to blog with a baby yet.  Well, I’ve come up with two possible solutions: work at Starbucks {she typically falls asleep soon after we get into the car} or stand at the kitchen counter while wearing her in the carrier.  I did the latter yesterday while typing this post.

Tidbit 9:  I’m in need of some new workout gear {aka “the mommy uniform”}.  Whenever I’m shopping and something catches my eye, I search for my size, add it to the pile, and keep looking throughout the store.  But when it’s time to pay, I end up putting the items back or telling the cashier I’ve changed my mind.  I have no trouble purchasing baby clothes though.


Tidbit 10:  I recently learned that our favorite soymilk brand also makes dairy-free yogurt.  Has anyone tried it?

P.S.  Today is my momma’s birthday!  We’re lucky to have such a caring, supportive, and loving momma and grandmomma in our lives.  We love you so much! XO

— Allison


8 Random Thoughts 8.6.14

Thought #1:  I’m always on my phone and typically my battery dies by mid-afternoon.  Last weekend I planned to meet my sorority little at The National Portrait Gallery {I’ve lived in the DMV for 25 years, but this was my first visit} and just when I was about to leave, I realized that my battery was at 6%.  Bust.  I finally took the plunge and bought a mophie juice pack case.  The price tag is a little steep {$80-120}, but the benefits outweighs the cost and I don’t have to recharge my phone all day.  Winning.


one of the current exhibits at The National Protrait Gallery, “American Cool

Thought #2:  This week Charlie and I joined Ryan at one of his work trainings.  We left last night after rush hour traffic and Charlie did great on his first road trip! He’s totally loving the fancy hotel life.  I’ll hate to see how he is when we have to go home.


Thought #3:  I *think* we chose a car seat and stroller.  There are wayyy too many options.  My biggest factors are: 1) it’s safe 2) it’s not ridiculously expensive 3) it’s not too heavy 4) we can use it for Baby Szed AND future babies and 5) I’d like a jogging stroller that has an adapter for the car seat and to use when she’s big/old enough.

Thought #4:  I’ve been a Starbucks gold member since 2010 but today was the first time I tried one of their breakfast sandwiches, the Reduced-Fat Turkey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich.  I thought it was tasty and I’d buy it again, but the texture was a little rubbery.  Apparently I’m not the only person who thinks so…  People are totally bummed that Starbucks changed their old sandwich –> Starbucks Turkey Bacon Breakfast Fail via Business Insider.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  Right?


Thought #5:  Watching all of the moms with their babies at the pool has sparked baby fever.  Everyone keeps telling me to enjoy the freedom that I have now and I definitely am {perks of being a teacher and having a summer break!}, but I can hardly wait.  At this time next year Baby Szed will already be 8-months-old!

Thought #6:  On Sunday Ryan and I met our new landlord for a walk-through.  Our new place needs some cosmetic work, which our landlord is having fixed this week, but structurally everything is in good condition.  I’m excited to be moving into a bigger place, but I’m most excited about moving back to our old town!  To walk down the paths, skip rocks across the ponds, to watch the leaves change color and cover the ground, for snow to coat the rooftops, and to be closer to some of our favorite people and places.  I make it sound like the town we currently live in {15 minutes away} didn’t have fall or winter last year, ha.


Thought #7:  I love people watching and this morning at Starbucks there was quite a crowd.  My mind wanders and I start fabricating stories about their lives.  Does the guy sitting in the back corner pouring all of the Equal packets into a venti cup go to multiple stores until his cup is full every day?  I wonder if the girl sitting next to me who asked “Oprah probably doesn’t even drink coffee!  Do you think she’s even been to a Starbucks?” secretly works for the O Network?  Has anyone ever told the lady talking to her lawyer about “doing whatever it takes to not go back to prison” that she looks identical to Yoga Jones from Orange is the New Black {minus her pink tips}?  And whoever gave the homeless man coffee and food has a generous soul.  Someone needs to start a Humans of Starbucks like Humans of New York.



Thought #8:  Today marks the first day 0f my 100 Happy Days challenge.  I read about the challenge a while ago, but I thought it would be a fun way to countdown to Baby Szed’s due date {day 100 is November 13th}.  Wanna join me?  Post pictures via social media and tag them with #100happydays and #lifesabowlhappydays.  Like Life’s a Bowl on Facebook or follow me on Instagram and Twitter to see my pictures.

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 10.35.01 AM

read more about the 100 Happy Days challenge or sign up to participate

Question:  Have you watched Orange is the New Black?

Question:  Have you done the 100 Happy Days challenge?

— Allison


WIAW: The Best {Gluten Free} Chocolate Chip Cookies

Have you ever eaten a mouthful of peppercorns?  They’re those tiny black bombshells that most people grind up to make fresh pepper…  Except me.  Today I took it to a whole new level of crazy and ate what was probably close to 1/8 cup {which sounds even more badass than 2 tablespoons} because I hate letting food go to waste.  Especially meatballs.

When I flipped the plastic cover off and started twisting to grind the kernels, the whole top popped off!  Peppercorns spewed EVERYWHERE – into my bowl, onto the counter, bouncing across the hardwood floors.  It was a spicy mess.  Just when I thought that Charlie would eat anything off of the floor, I was wrong.  He wanted nothing to do with the menacing kernels.

This week my momma and I are having quality mother-daughter time while Ryan is traveling.  Sleeping in my Lily Pulitzer inspired room, having someone to watch The Bachelorette Season Finale with, eating dinner outside on the deck, and being introduced to THE BEST gluten free chocolate chip cookies…  The #estrogenparty has been fabulous!

Thanks Jenn for hosting another tasty link-up!

Breakfast yesterday was a bowl of apple pie oatmeal with a side of newspaper, specifically the style section.  Sudoku puzzles make me feel like a wizard, crossword puzzles make me feel dumb.


apple cinnamon oats + plain Greek yogurt + diced apple + drizzle of maple syrup

I had a tutoring session at 9:30AM so on my way over to the kiddo’s house I stopped by Starbucks for some “teacher fuel” <– that’s what my students from last year called it.


a banana & a decaf Coffee Light Frappuccino

Between tutoring and a lunch date with my momma, I swung by the gym and did in 45 minutes of cardio.  I don’t remember the elliptical being that hard…?  The backs of my legs are feeling it today.

Lunch was a treat.  My momma and I have been going to the same hole-in-the-wall sushi joint since I was in high school and neither of our orders have changed.  Miso soup, ginger salad, and the #3 lunch special {California Roll, no roe + Cucumber Roll} for me, miso soup and shrimp tempura for her.


exchanged the California Roll above because it had mayo {blah} for one with real crab

We had no afternoon plans and since it was a nippy 68*F we decided against the pool.  If you’re familiar with the DMV {DC, Maryland, VA} area, you’ve probably heard that the new Silver Line on the Metro started running this past weekend.  There are a total of five new stops and a few of them are right near my momma’s house so we decided to take a test ride and go on an adventure.

After spending 10 minutes figuring out how to get a parking ticket to dispense and another 10 minutes getting my momma a Metro card, Dumb & Dumber finally made it onto the train.  It was hilarious, we couldn’t stop laughing at ourselves and neither could the Metro employees!

We took the Silver Line to the Eastern Market and sampled our way through the outdoor stands before perusing the shops inside.  It was my first time visiting during the week {my momma’s first time ever}, but I was surprised by how few vendors there were compared to the weekend.






While walking I munched on an apple and some peanut butter sandwich crackers.  We eventually wandered into a baby store, passed by the Capitol Building, and then walked over to Union Station to catch the Metro home.




Beef burritos were what we planned to make for dinner, but after our big adventure we both agreed to save the cooking for tonight.  I ended up making an orzo dish and served it with a small salad, cheesy tortillas, and a helping of organic ketchup because I currently can’t get enough of the stuff.  It was very random, but satisfying.


orzo + artichokes + peas + Trader Joe’s frozen turkey meatballs + spices

And since I have to end every day on a sweet note, dessert was eaten while watching Extreme Weight Loss.  OH.MY.GOSH.  A little secret…  Trader Joe’s makes THE BEST gluten free chocolate chip cookies.  Although I typically prefer my cookies to be full of gluten, dense, and chewy, these were delicious – buttery, crispy, very chocolatey, and no icky gluten free flour aftertaste. My momma says that she’s been buying them from years…  I don’t know why she’s now just sharing them with me.


cottage cheese + banana slices + THE BEST gluten free chocolate chip cookies

Question:  What’s your favorite gluten free cookie?  Homemade or store-bought?

Question:  Extreme Weight Loss or The Biggest Loser – which do you prefer?  I think that I like Extreme Weight Loss better?!  I know that’s a bold statement considering I’ve only watched it once, but I like how the trainers focus on one person and his/her goals, not a group of people.  Also, the weight loss doesn’t seem as dramatic and the contestants seem to be provided with more knowledge than on TBL.

— Allison