Thinking Out Loud: Three Calendars

Thought #1:  This is a must read –>  The 20 Important Facts Dog Lovers Must Never Forget.  All of the pictures will make your heart melt.

Dog and Little Girl

Thought #2:  I wanna find a cute {preferably low/open back and neon} chevron dress this spring.  Dress it up with a pair of wedges or keep it simple with a pair of flip flops.  I can feel the warm weather just thinking about it.

Chevron Dress

Thought #3:  This has been my ringtone for the past couple of months.  I definitely send/receive more text messages than phone calls, but I always love hearing the my phone ring!


Thought #4:  A bagel slathered with Greek Cream Cheese, sliced strawberries, and a drizzle of honey has been my favorite {repeated} breakfast this week.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Thought #5:  An ad for Gluten Cutter appeared on my Facebook sidebar Tuesday night.  The website claims that it “is a digestive aid exclusively formulated with… plant based enzymes that specifically target and break down gluten as well as other hard-to-digest foods into simpler forms that your body can digest.”  Thanks, but no thanks.

Gluten Cutter
Thought #6:  Life is crazy busy.  I have no complaints {I’m loving it all}, but there’s a lot going on.  Teaching full-time, tutoring twice a week, working at PRR, studying for the elementary ed licensure exams, training for spring races, and somehow maintaining a social life.  Thankfully, I’ve got a handful of awesome guest posts and a few fun giveaways scheduled!


Thought #7:  Speaking of work…  Working at a running store has its perks.  I’m OBSESSED.

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Thought #8:  I’m currently using not one, not two, but THREE planners.  One is for school, one is for my personal life, and then I also use the calendar on my computer/phone.  I really should merge them all into one, but I’d rather not see “Art Enrichment” or “Science Lab” on my personal planner and there’s no need to know my workout schedule during the school day.

Organized Someecard

Thought #9:  I planned to review the Sunshine Burgers that I received {courtesy of Fit Approach – thanks!}, but my schedule postponed those plans.  I’ll definitely share my thoughts soon.  What I will say is that they didn’t disappoint.  Although, some of the flavor combos were…  Interesting?!


Thought #10:  Grey’s Anatomy AND Scandal return next Thursday.  Thank goodness for DVRs, otherwise I’d miss all of my favorite shows since they’re scheduled for after my bedtime…  I should consider moving to a state in the Central Time Zone.



Thanks Amanda for hosting another link-up!

Question:  What’s your favorite veggie burger?  Have you ever tried a bison burger?

Question:  Who’s your favorite character on Grey’s Anatomy?

— Allison


Valentine’s Weekend 2014

cuddles.  snow.  surprises.  candy.  flowers.  take-out.  workouts.  shopping.  movies.















Sleepless in Seattle










Question:  What’s your favorite “classic” chick flick?  Have you seen Sleepless in Seattle?  Watching Meg Ryan made me wanna watch You’ve Got Mail

Question:  What are your favorite pizza toppings?

— Allison


WIAW: Buttered Oatmeal

Hey y’all, happy Wednesday!  I’m home sick today and have spent the past 30+ minutes scrolling through Eric Stonestreet’s (Cam from Modern Family) Instagram account – I’m laughing out loud, he’s hilarious!

Eric Stonestreet Instagram

I started feeling crappy over the weekend, Monday I felt refreshed and rejuvenated, but then yesterday it came back…  With vengeance.  My head aches, I feel nauseous off-and-on, and I have a strange spotty red rash that starts on my right hand, travels up my arm, and spreads over the trunk of my body (front and back, but only on my right side).  Ooof.

I went to the doctor after school yesterday and he thinks I caught a virus, but the rash threw him for a loop.  He wrote me two prescriptions and I scheduled an appointment with my rheumatologist for next week.  Today is a cuddle on the couch, movie marathon, comfort food, kinda day…  Don’t feel sorry, I’m hoping that it goes away just as quickly as it came!

IMG_5609 I always feel awkward in the “open in the back” gowns, but it gets even worse: paper belly shirts

Yesterday I was a bad blogger and only took pictures of my breakfast.  But you’re not missing much because most of my eats were pretty plain, brown, and unexciting.





IMG_5603 Breakfast:  homemade vanilla cappuccino, apple slices, & vegan pancakes topped with cottage cheese + sunflower seeds + dark chocolate morsels *the pancakes were good, but not worth sharing (yet)*

Lunch:  a grapefruit, carrots, P28 Bagel with strawberry jam, & pretzels

Snack:  chamomile tea, a banana & Peanut Honey Pretzel Luna Bar

Dinner:  stir-fried veggies & cinnamon oatmeal topped with cottage cheese + Rice Krispies + butter(s)

Dessert:  rice cakes with Greek yogurt

Butter on oats?  Yup.  It was magical!  I don’t usually use butter, but I crave it when I’m sick.  Buttered toast, buttered noodles, and then last night’s first-timer…  Buttered oatmeal.  I cooked the oats as I normally do, topped them with a few spoonfuls of cottage cheese, Rice Krispies, about 1/2 tbsp of peanut butter, and 1/2 tbsp Earth Balance butter.  The butter melted into the Rice Krispies and covered the oats – it tasted deliciously sinful.

Thanks Jenn for hosting another tasty link-up!

Question:  Do you add honey and/or milk to your tea?  I prefer my tea plain or with just a little sugar and a drop of milk.  Ryan prefers adding honey, but that’s “not my cup of tea”  ;)

Question:  What’s your favorite buttery dish?  Buttered toast with strawberry jam.

— Allison