Friday Funnies 10.17.14

Happy Friday!  I’m at training today so I thought I’d share a few funnies that have made me laugh out loud recently…  Because sitting in six hours of training for state standardized testing feels more like 600 hours.


Elementary math, you make no sense – sure, let’s teach them fractions before multiplication?!?!


If we get Baby Szed a BMW at birth, what will she expect on her 16th birthday?


“What is this contraption?  What is that annoying sound?  Get me outta here!”


My brother sent me some Halloween costume ideas – I love the troll and wrecking ball.


This defines the third trimester of pregnancy perfectly.


“Oh, you’re out of toilet paper?  Your loss, my gain!”


As Ryan said, there needs to be a volume 2 for understanding pregnant women.


Darn you pumpkin creepers.


No, it’s not a mistake, he confirmed it.  Only dads can be in charge of the house, sorry moms.


Spoiler alert!  I better start getting ready…


Girlfriends provide great support when you’re feeling down.


Watch out Jim Carrey, your job is in jeopardy!


It’s only the first quarter, we’ll learn the other two syllables by June.

Silly Apple Seed Eater

The phrase “Eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” really screwed me, literally.

Question:  What’s the silliest thing you’ve seen recently?

Question:  Have you picked out your Halloween costume?

— Allison


100 Happy Days: Day 18 – Day 40

Read about why I’m doing the 100 Happy Days challenge here.  Sign up to participate yourself or join me – for just a day or the remainder of the challenge – the more the merrier.  Don’t forget to tag your pictures with #100happydays and #lifesabowlhappydays.  Stay connected with Life’s a Bowl on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Below each picture I copied the caption, minus the hashtags #obvi.

100 Happy Days Challenge Header

Charlie made me happy a lot day 1 – day 8.  Then, the focus shifted to Baby Szed day 9 – day 17.  And this time it seems to be an even mix between family, home repair, and back-to-school stuff.  This week is an overflow of pictures because I didn’t share last week.  Whoops!

Day 18

Day 18

Painting and eating crumb cakes.  Thanks BUNCHES for the sweet find, Sarah!

Day 19


Two weekends moving, two days painting, two days without a shower…  We’re totally moved out!  Looking forward to making happy memories in our new house.

Day 20


        First, my student picks me flowers.  Then, an elderly lady stopped me in the grocery store to tell me “You look so pretty.  You’re going to have a beautiful baby.  Bless you.”  So happy to be surrounded by beautiful people!

Day 21

Day 21

A Day late, but happy National Dog Day!  We love you lots, Charlie

Day 22


Hard to believe how quickly time passes…  Four years ago I was about to begin my senior year at Boston University.  Two years ago we picked up our marriage license.  Both are very happy memories!

Day 23

Day 23

Pregnancy is a beautiful, incredible thing.

Day 24

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

My momma felt bad that I was still at school so she came to help…  Until the custodian kicked us out.  After a week of 12+ hour workdays, I’m happy to have a 3-day weekend!

Day 25


Charlie mustache you a question…  Shall we shag now, or shall we shag later?

Day 26

Day 26

Supposed to increase my calcium intake…  The things I do for this little girl already.

Day 27


Adding some va-va-voom to his perm.

Day 28


Happy to have met my student and to have finished the first day of school without anyone having a meltdown!

Day 29

Day 29

He looked like such a stud

Day 30

Day 30

30 weeks pregnant today and I can still {barely} see my toes.

Day 31

Day 31

I’ve had a lot of “Ms. Szed, what if…?” questions this week.  TGIF!

Day 32


Pictures of cute baby giraffes make me so happy.  Ironically, all of the stuffed animals that our generous friends have given us have been…  GIRAFFES!  Her themes are: giraffe and pink.  Baby Szed is already maxing out the growth chart so it’s fitting.

Day 33

Day 33

I love bread butts.  Topped with garlic hummus and pepper jack cheese.

Day 34

Day 34

Fueling momma and baby for our workout!  Luna Bar you made my day with this new-to-me flavor…  I’m sure Baby Szed will be a Luna lover like her momma {and dad}!

Day 35

Day 35

Squee!  My momma sent me a baby shower invitation!  I LOVE IT

Day 36


It’s been a hard week, but I’m happy to be at the gym for the third day in a row.  Gym time = me time.  Time to mentally checkout.

Day 37


First can of pumpkin this season – happy morning!  Made Pumpkin Oatmeal Fritters.

Day 38

Day 38

Happy {funny} Friday!

Day 39


Rainy weekend happiness.

Day 40


The master bedroom looks beautiful and our periwinkle storage room is starting to look like a baby girl’s nursery ♥  Happy to be almost done!

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Question:  What’s made you happy lately?

Question:  What’s the last good thing you’ve done to help someone else?

— Allison


Elf for Health {Round One}

This is my second year participating in Elf for Health and I’m enjoying it even more than last year!  Elf for Health is a 4-week challenge program that began on November 25th and goes through December 22nd.  Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean and Elle from nutritionella have spent I don’t know how much, but it must have been a LOT, of time coordinating inspirational and motivational challenges.

Elf for Health 2013 Challenges The Elf for Health challenges encourage participants to try new activities, reach for things that were once thought to be unattainable, help those in need, give back to the local community, implement organizational strategies, and various other health-related tasks.  But most importantly, the challenges foster a supportive community where women (and men) can connect with others who share similar passions and/or struggles.  The interactions begin virtually, but oftentimes develop into real life friendships.

Monday, November 25th – Go Meatless


Tomato Mozzarella Pizza Quesadillas – you’re gonna want this recipe…

Tuesday, November 26th – Unsubscribe


Unroll.Me lists all of your subscriptions & allows you to instantly unsubscribe from whichever you don’t want

Wednesday, November 27th – New Workout


cardio + a new weight routine

Thursday, November 28th – Make a Phone Call


my momma went to Colorado to help my brother move & they got stuck behind a herd of cows!

Friday, November 29th – Track Water Intake


no need to find filtered water or buy bottled water, Brita now has water bottles with filters

Saturday, November 30th – Treat Yourself

Treat Yourself

on Saturday Ryan & I treated ourselves to a day of disconnect (no computer, no phone) // on Sunday Ryan had to travel for work so I treated myself to a stroll around the grocery store & a mani + pedi

Sunday, December 1st – 100 Burpees


a positive attitude (plus a tasty lunch planned for afterwards) made 10 sets of 10 went by quickly

Monday, December 2nd – Hand-Written Note


Trader Joe’s has the cutest & most affordable cards

Tuesday, December 3rd – Eat the Rainbow


blue was definitely the hardest color to eat (evidence here -> WIAW:The Rainbow Minus Blue)

Wednesday, December 4th -Make-Up Free


wet hair, no make-up, & glasses

Thursday, December 5th – Workout Buddy


Ryan & I have done this workout a lot lately, it’s a guaranteed good sweat

Friday, December 6th – Operation Beautiful


I scattered notes throughout the campus where my momma works & left her one on her card

Saturday, December 7th – Fridge & Pantry Purge


our fridge & pantry are always organized, so I wiped down the drawers/shelves

Sunday, December 8th – Gratitude List

I'm Grateful For

there’s always something to be grateful for

Question:  If you’re participating in Elf for Health, what was your favorite round one challenge?  Mine (last year too) was the Operation Beautiful challenge.

Question:  What are you grateful for?

— Allison